Nigella voted chef men most want to see slaving over a hot stove this Christmas

Something no doubt women all over Britain already knew, but it’s now been confirmed; Nigella Lawson is indeed the celebrity chef of choice for the nation’s hot blooded males!

When asked which chef they would most like to see in the kitchen cooking dinner this Christmas, 32% (almost 1/3) said Chelsea girl Nigella was the one for them, followed by Jamie Oliver with 21%.

A self-confessed lover of life’s indulgences, Nigella is clearly ticking the right boxes with her “I don’t believe in low-fat cooking” mentality, going straight for that famous way to a man’s heart; through his stomach!

Though technically a cook rather than chef, Nigella has built her reputation around creating decadent food with a distinctly relaxed twist and perhaps more importantly, making us realise that chocolate pasta with caramel can both work and be an acceptable meal (well maybe not, but shhh!).
The nicknamed “Queen of food porn” came out most popular amongst males aged 55-64 years (25%), followed by 45-54 years (23%).

For women however, Nigella was not first choice but third, with cheeky Essex boy Jamie Oliver instead taking the crown.

The millionaire chef, who seems to do no wrong, has become a household name thanks to his various TV shows, cook books, supermarket partnerships, restaurants and kitchenware range. His image, built on family values, getting stuck in and producing good, honest home-made food, not to forget in only 30 minutes, has gone a long way in a society now so reliant on fast and convenient solutions.

With obesity and bad health levels now a strong concern for many Brits, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see that the majority of females who voted for Jamie are aged between 22-34 years (30%), followed by 45-54 year olds (23%) and 35-44 year olds (20%). This level of enthusiasm towards the young chef and his attitude towards food is most encouraging.

Female results

Male results

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