The weird and the wonderful! – Rightmove’s most unique properties

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We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most unique, oddest and in some cases just down right peculiar property listings on Rightmove.

Whether it be a house covered in camouflage, a medieval tower or a family tomb (we’re still not quite sure what this means!), Rightmove is full of weird and zany properties just waiting for the perfect owner.

A nuclear bunker! - £400,000
A nuclear bunker! - £400,000

A family tomb built in c. 1900 - €47,500
Family tomb in Portugal - €47,500

Camouflage house - €278,200
Camouflage house - €278,200

A 19th Century castle - €3,200,000
A 19th Century castle - €3,200,000

A work of art - £149,995
A work of art - £149,995

There's a dungeon down below! - €1,900,000
Dungeon down below! - €1,900,000

The Old Windmill - £550,000
The Old Windmill - £550,000

A hotel with a medieval tower thrown in! - £2,500,000
A medieval tower?! - £2,500,000

The American dream? Helipad included! - $750,000
The American dream? - $750,000

Once in a lifetime opportunity... A lighthouse! - £1,250,000
Ahoy! A lighthouse! - £1,250,000

4 Responses to “The weird and the wonderful! – Rightmove’s most unique properties”

  1. lena rollins Says:

    do you have any reasonable 2 bed detached properties in france? not too far down south
    kind regards lena

  2. lol Says:

    I find the poor quality and lack of photos for these individual properties astonishing. It is impossible to make out what is actually for sale for some of them and the descriptions hardly give a good idea of what they consist. A 19th Century Castle at 3,200,000 euros with only ten photos and god knows what the tomb is??

    Lena, I would suggest you look for yourself. Since there is no defintion of what “reasonable” means to you and there are hundreds of thousands of properties listed on Rightmove, I don’t think they will be able to reply.

  3. Jean gradwell Says:

    I am looking for an unusual propert in uk

  4. Louise Says:

    Hi there

    Take a look at there is an interesting selection on the website :)

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