The weird and the wonderful! – Rightmove’s most unique properties

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most unique, oddest and in some cases just down right peculiar property listings on Rightmove.

Whether it be a house covered in camouflage, a medieval tower or a family tomb (we’re still not quite sure what this means!), Rightmove is full of weird and zany properties just waiting for the perfect owner.

A nuclear bunker! - £400,000
A nuclear bunker! – £400,000

A family tomb built in c. 1900 - €47,500
Family tomb in Portugal – €47,500

Camouflage house - €278,200
Camouflage house – €278,200

A 19th Century castle - €3,200,000
A 19th Century castle – €3,200,000

A work of art - £149,995
A work of art – £149,995

There's a dungeon down below! - €1,900,000
Dungeon down below! – €1,900,000

The Old Windmill - £550,000
The Old Windmill – £550,000

A hotel with a medieval tower thrown in! - £2,500,000
A medieval tower?! – £2,500,000

The American dream? Helipad included! - $750,000
The American dream? – $750,000

Once in a lifetime opportunity... A lighthouse! - £1,250,000
Ahoy! A lighthouse! – £1,250,000

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