Welsh island for sale!

Sully IslandJust 400 metres from the Welsh coast sits an idyllic island which could all be yours for just £95,000.

Only accessible by boat or by foot (low-tide only!), Sully Island boasts 14.5 acres and is a truly unique opportunity to own your own island. You’ll be in good company – Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson all have their very own islands dotted around the world.

Sully Island is steeped in history and has seen pirates, Vikings, Romans and noblemen all frequent the area, however these days it’s more popular with the local anglers who visit the popular fishing site.

With spectacular panoramic views, acres of rural landscape and the promise of no nosey neighbours, Sully Island sounds like the ideal setting for a dream home… but regrettably a ‘dream’ home is what it’ll have to remain! Unfortunately for property developers, the island is classified by CCW as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is considered one of the most important assets in Wales’ environmental heritage which means that the island can’t be built on.

But don’t worry we’ve got something that may soften the blow… the owner of the land is said to have the right to commission their very own postage stamps – we can just picture the Rightmove stamp now, crowns and all!

Like the idea of being the king or queen of your very own island? Here are a couple more we found in the UK up for sale on Rightmove.

Ailsa Craig

Ailsa Craig - £2,500,000

Hook Island

Hook Island - £100,000

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