Is your front door making a good impression?

Written by Westbury Windows & Joinery

How many times have you said you can’t remember the number of a property but you’ll ‘recognise it when you get there’?

The outside of a home can make a big impact and never more so than the front door itself.  In fact, it has been said that ‘when you open a front door it is like shaking hands with the house,’ so to make a good impression it’s vital that a home has a solid, well maintained door that is in-keeping with the style of the property.

Take 10 Downing Street – arguably the most iconic entrance door in the world; its Georgian six-panelled door with semi-circular fanlight and black iron knocker has been replicated the world over.

And, so well-known, was Hugh Grant’s blue front door in Notting Hill, the owner decided to auction it off, and install a more anonymous entrance, to deter the number of tourists found lingering outside the property.

So if you’re planning on selling your property, it’s important to think about what colour front doors are most popular and will elicit the appropriate response from potential buyers. Should they make a bold statement with colour or opt for something more subtle?

Westbury Windows and Joinery’s research shows that white is the most popular colour for wood front doors or entrance doors in the UK today. Natural stained and/or varnished finishes are the second most popular choice with black in third place.

The next most prevalent were Oxford Blue, Racing Green and Postbox Red followed by paler hues such as greys, Celadon Greens and Duck Egg Blues.

The need to select an appropriate colour for your front door is closely followed by ensuring it is well maintained:


    1. A front door usually needs three coats of paint to ensure that it doesn’t rot, warp, expand or shrink – and don’t forget to paint the edges.
    1. Unfinished edges can also potentially let moisture into the wood and undo the good work of a pristine paint job on the front and back.
    1. A well-kept door should only need repainting every 5-6 years.


A badly kept front door will reflect badly on the property, however a well-fitting, solid timber, high quality door will convey a lot about the rest of the property and could attract more buyers and a more lucrative sale.

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