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We think we do a pretty good job when it comes property (even if we do say so ourselves), whether it’s helping you find the perfect property, find sold prices in your area or look up your local agent.

But we all know moving isn’t as simple as finding the perfect house and living happily ever after. What about all the other household things like furniture, interior design, mortgages and TV?

Well it turns out ‘there’s an app for that!’

To celebrate the launch of the Apple iPad 2 we’ve scoured the Apple App Store in search of a few apps that will hopefully make house-hunting and your life in general, a little bit easier.

We couldn’t go any further without mentioning Rightmove’s free iPhone app. With access to over a million properties our app lets you search for property in your exact location.

UK Mortgage Calculators
Mortgages can be complicated at the best of times so try out this app that calculates how much you can afford, your monthly payments and compares two mortgages.

calculatorMeter readings
Save money with this meter readings app to closely monitor your household energy and water usage.

Crime map
Before you move check out the crime levels in the area and browse the map to determine crime hot spots and safe areas.

Home calculator
Need help with your home contents insurance? This little app will do the maths for you and calculate your home contents value.

This app makes moving and storage easier…. Select household items from a list and the app will calculate the estimated area needed to transport, store, or move your items.

Around mearoundme
Familiarise yourself with the area you’re looking to buy or rent in with this nifty little app! From bars to banks, it will give you all the intel you need about your new neighbourhood.

Browse through the nation’s favourite furniture store and gain inspiration for your home.

Design your home both inside and out with the Homebase app that gives you easy access to over 30,000 home and garden products.

Sky +
Never miss Eastenders again with the app that allows you to take control of your TV when you’re away (amazing!)

Avoid the queues and order your groceries online with Tesco’s free app.

egg timerJamie’s recipes
Make the most of your new kitchen with Jamie Oliver’s delicious recipes with easy to follow videos.

Egg timer
OK so this app won’t change your life but it will help you to make the perfect boiled egg!

Never go hungry again with this app that puts thousands of live restaurant menus at your fingertips! – who knew a takeaway could get any easier?!

24 Responses to “App-solutely fabulous!”

  1. Peter Dasey Says:

    Are there any aps for the Android market. Just moved from iPhone to HTC desire and can’t find one?

  2. ian mcqueen Says:

    How about doing all of the above but for Android, bearing in mind it outsells the i drone by 50%!!!

  3. Caroline Says:

    Great piece but what about apps on Android? Especially a Rightmove Android app?

  4. Adam Says:

    An Android App would be great as you can’t open property details from the Android browser.

  5. NicNic Says:

    Any apps like this for BlackBerry?

  6. John Says:

    Any chance of an Android App?

  7. David Mountain Says:

    This is a website, rather than an app, but if the quality of the schools is a big consideration in choosing a house, check out:

    Its an interactive map which shows you which areas do well or not so well in the league tables.

  8. Chris Says:

    Just purchased the removal and storage App. What a great tool! very easy to use. thank you

  9. Hamilton Says:

    I’m more interested in Android apps too…

  10. stu Says:

    Yeah, would love an Android app. iphone isn’t the only phone you know

  11. durbanboy Says: android app…shame on you iphone sheep :p

  12. walpoel Says:

    Android app please!

  13. oznewhaven Says:

    Android App please!

    Typical mistake in thinking that everyone owns an Iphone!

    Iphone is a great machine and platform, but most people like myself will be buying Android. And that is a massive buying power.

  14. Rightmove Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all of your feedback.
    We haven’t forgotten about Androids, we simply thought this article was a good way to celebrate the launch of the iPad 2.
    Have you all checked out our mobile site? It allows you to search for property on the go and it lets you sync your saved properties! Check it out by visiting on your smartphone.

  15. Rob Says:

    Can’t wait for the Android app – Mobile version of website not as good as the iPhone application that I use on my iTouch. But I want an android version so that I can use it on my phone when I’m out and about.

    Android app please!!

  16. rich Says:

    The mobile site is nowhere near as good as the iPhone app. Please advise when an Android App will be released on Android marketplace? Thanks

  17. michael C Says:

    Android app please – oh! and the rightmove mobile site won’t let me sign out

  18. Ross Says:

    Android App Please!

  19. Jon B Says:

    I’d love to have an android app, the mobile site is seriously rigid, not what I need at all.

  20. Kevin Says:

    Agreed that an android app is required. It’s just not as nice to use in the browser. When will companies wake up and realise android is the future and has way overtaken the idrone?

  21. Adam Says:

    Android App is a must! The site in the Web Browser isn’t good enough!
    Viva la Android!

  22. Nix Says:

    Another vote for an Android app. The mobile site looks atrocious and simply doesn’t work on my phone and I can’t browse the normal site because it redirects to the mobile one.

  23. paul Says:

    Hurry up with the android app

  24. pat Williams Says:

    It’s now late Feb 2012 and no android app. I don’t care if it adds but right move need to get going. Android is the future of the mass smartphone market. Do it.

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