How far would you go for your child’s education?

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schoolWith the selection of pupils for schools coming up, the worrying about catchment areas and entry exam results begin. The panic for some however started long ago with many families choosing to move within a convenient distance from their preferred schools years before applying and sometimes even before their child is born.

The recession has also forced some families to take their children out of independent schools and opt for fee-free grammar schools instead. Catchment areas are becoming increasingly stringent. Many establishments now only accept students within a one mile radius and therefore competition for property is also extremely high.

With numerous families moving out of big cities to be closer to local comprehensive yet high-class education, houses in close proximity of good primary and secondary schools and good commuter links are hot property. Family homes within the sought after catchment areas can be significantly higher than those slightly outside, as many parents are willing to pay a considerable premium to live in the ‘right’ postcode.

Are you thinking about making the move to secure a coveted place for your little nipper? Why not check out Rightmove’s map function that allows you to pinpoint schools in your desired area. Select a property that you fancy on Rightmove and then use the school search feature above the map to see which primary and secondary schools are nearby – perfect for seeing if you’d be within those dreaded catchment areas.

Haven’t got a favourite property yet? Have a look at some of the properties available all within a mile of some of the UK’s top grammar schools.

Surrey – Tiffin School

Chelmsford, Essex – King Edward VI Grammar School

Harrowgate, Yorkshire – Harrowgate Grammar

Colchester, Essex – Colchester Royal Grammar School

Reading, BerkshireKendrick School for Girls

Glasgow, Scotland – Jordanhill School

Aberdeen, Scotland – Aberdeen Grammar School

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  1. Zandile Says:

    OK. So let’s rant! 2/3 of the local primary sochols are either CofE or RC. The nearest school to our house (and the only in reasonable walking distance for a small child) is CofE. And so people who don’t live near go to church for a year to get higher priority. 3 years ago, my neighbour applied and didn’t get her son in. We live 0.25 miles as the crow flies from school. Initially, she was allocated a school 4 miles away but luckily got a place at one of the RC sochols only 2 miles away. On that basis, I decided not to apply to the local school as we only had one choice that year. I took a bit of a gamble as we don’t have catchments here largely they just allocate places on the basis of distance from school. Thankfully, the school we chose for our kids has not been oversubscribed although 30 children did apply last year. (Don’t know how many did this year). I have a very good friend who has got her children into an excellent local community school. However, she has already told me that she has now decided to have her children baptised as Catholics (she was a Catholic herself but is not practising) purely so that they get priority for the Catholic high school when that rolls around in around 5 years. In my eyes, people going to church or having their children baptised are no better than the ones that lie on forms or bend the rules by renting a house in catchment just to get a place etc. The year we applied for our son, a friend of mine failed to get a place immediately for her daughter.She applied to a local CofE school, she is a lifelong churchgoer and is very active in her church, attending weekly and running groups during the week. It just wasn’t the church to which the school was attached. The ones that got priority could have gone to church a minimum of SIX times. As it turned out, she was lucky they were top of the waiting list and a place became available before the settling in sessions started. Otherwise she was going to keep her daughter out of school until year 1 (she’s one of the youngest in the year) and find a place then. Things have got a bit better here recently as they have built a school on the big new estate being built since 2001. Yes, ten years to build a school. In the meantime, they all found all the church sochols, played the system and got their kids in there, whilst people much much closer to the sochols failed to get in. I did actually visit the nearby school and decided I didn’t like it as much as the one my kids now go to but how would I have felt had I wanted them to go there? I know VA sochols get funding from dioceses but they are still state sochols and largely state funded. I don’t see that church attendance should be that high on the priority list if it means local children are missing out.Kate recently posted..

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