It’s good to zoom!

Our users regularly tell us how important floorplans are in their property search. Being able to clearly see how a property is laid out can make the difference between requesting more details or moving onto the next house in the list.

So what changes have we made?

We’ve improved the way we display floorplans so users can zoom in and drag the floorplan around, so they can see exactly what they want.

zoomable floorplans

How does this affect agents?

There is a simple rule, the larger the floorplan image you load for a property, the better it will be for those viewing it.

There will be no loss of quality to what is on site now. Although the larger the plans are, the greater experience you’ll be able to give to those looking at your properties.

When can the zooming begin?!

Now! All existing floorplans on the site are now ‘zoomable’, provided they’re above a certain size.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

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