Lets with Pets – Top Tips for Pet Owners Looking for Rented Homes

Dogs Trust set up Lets with Pets in 2009 in response to the number of dogs being brought to their centres for rehoming due to housing problems.

The scheme aims to show the benefits of letting properties to pet owners, as well as offering free information and support to landlords and letting agencies to make the process simpler. It also provides advice to people with pets looking for suitable rented homes.

With almost half of the UK’s population owning a pet and industry experts predicting  1 in 5 homes may be privately rented by 2016, more ‘pets considered’ rented homes are desperately needed.

With this in mind Lets with Pets has launched the 3A’s campaign to encourage more letting agencies to join the scheme. The campaign asks letting agencies to:

‘Ask’ all their landlords if they would consider letting to pet owners

Advertise which of their properties may be available to people with pets

‘Add’ a pet clause to their tenancy agreements with details of the agreed pet

Landlords often have concerns about renting their properties to pet owners so to help pet owners be as successful as possible in their search for a rented home the Lets with Pets team have come up with some Top Tips:

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute

Give yourself plenty of time to find a pet-friendly rented home and begin searching at least 8 weeks before you need to move out of your current home.

2. Be as flexible as possible on location and property type

Being as flexible as you can will increase your chances of finding a pet friendly rented home for you and your pet.

3. Offer to pay a higher deposit

Many landlords are concerned about pets causing damage to their property or furnishings. By offering to pay a higher deposit, you will reassure the landlord that should this occur it will be covered.

4. Offer to pay a pet payment

Some landlord’s worry that pets will lead to fleas, pet hair and dirty carpets at their property. Offering a non-refundable ‘pet payment’ to pay for a professional clean when you move out will help put any landlord’s mind at ease.

5. Market your Pet to Landlords

One way of increasing your chances of finding a suitable rented home with your pet is by showing landlords you are a responsible pet owner. Use the free resources on the Lets with Pets website to put together a pet information pack:

  • A Pet CV – Include as much information about your pet as possible such as how often they are treated to prevent fleas, who will care for your pet in case of an emergency and the contact details for your vet. Plus a nice photo of your pet is always a good idea!

  • A Pet Reference – If you can, give the landlord a reference for your pet from a previous landlord or your vet. This can show your pet is well behaved, well cared for and able to live in a rented home without causing problems or damage.
  • Meet My Pet – Meeting your pet in advance should help put the landlord’s mind at ease. You could even consider inviting them to your current home so that they can see for themselves your pet has caused no problems there.
    6. Be honest, never hide your pet

    It’s never advisable to try to keep a pet ‘hidden’ from your landlord as in the worst case it could mean the end of your tenancy! Always be honest about your pet right from the start.

    7. Get written permission

    If the landlord has agreed to you keeping a pet ask for the ‘no pets’ clause to be removed from your tenancy agreement and a clause with the details of your pet to be added. This will prevent future misunderstandings.

    8. Raise awareness of Lets With Pets

    By spreading the word about our scheme you can help us encourage more landlords and letting agencies to consider renting their homes to people with pets.

    9. Look out for ‘Pets Considered’ sticker on Rightmove

    Lettings Agents can now promote their pet-friendly properties using a red ‘Pets Considered’ sticker. The sticker makes it easier to find properties on Rightmove where the landlord would consider letting to a pet owner.


    The scheme also receives support from TV personality and landlord Jasmine Harman.

    Jasmine Harman says:

    “As a pet-friendly landlord myself, I am delighted that Dogs Trust is looking after the interests of renters with pets. Times are tough and people are finding it difficult to get on the property ladder, so renting is increasingly becoming the only option. In my experience, many landlords would be happy to consider pets but some lettings agencies could do more to find out if pets would be considered.”

    Susie Jones, Development & Relationship Coordinator at Dogs Trust, says:

    “Dogs Trust knows from experience that some people will go to extraordinary lengths not to be parted from their pets. People have moved areas or rented larger homes than they need simply to keep their pets with them. We hope that the Lets with Pets 3A’s campaign will encourage and support more landlords and letting agencies to take up a ‘pets considered’ approach to letting their properties.”


    • Jennie killgannan says:

      It would be very helpful for landlords to allow at least one pet. I’m currently looking for rented property, unfurnished and still I’m finding difficult to find somewhere that will allow my 10yr old blind cocker spaniel. Whatever you can do to help encourage landlords to allow pets would be very helpful.
      Thank you
      Jennie Killgannan

    • Elizabeth Knott says:

      2 well behaved dogs flead regular 1 old and 1 of 2 yrs house trained not needed urgently but if right property comes up can move within 4-6 weeks

    • Joanne Scott says:

      I would like to rent in Surrey area with my dog

    • Rebecca says:

      It would be helpful if rightmove had a feature where you could search pet friendly places. It’s taking hours sifting through every rental!

    • Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

      Our landlord told us on 24th March he was selling all his properties withing the next 2-6 months and had already transferred tenancy management to an Estate Agent. Five weeks later the property was on the market and sold within 2 weeks, We have 3 dogs and less than 8 weeks to try and find a suitable affordable local property that takes pets .. which we are finding challenging ..

    • Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

      Agree this is a wonderful idea, but our landlord is selling all his properties and advised he was looking to sell them within 2-6 months. One month after notifying us the property was on the market, a week later 1 viewing and he accepted an offer a week later – so 7 weeks in total. We received notice to vacate 7 1/2 weeks after being told. We have 3 dogs and despite contacting Estate Agents in a 5km area only 5 responded but unable to help. We now only have 5 1/2 weeks to find something affordable which is proving challenging. Local council advise we can wait it out to get a possession order, but will lose our dogs as not allowed in temporary, emergency, hostel or OP placement – they are 10, 10 and 5 respectively. Totally distressing, happening through no fault of our own.

    • Emma says:

      I can’t find anywhere to live with my dog in the Farnham area; it seems that no one will even consider it. He is superbly cared for and has a reference from a previous landlord. I started looking for places in February, but sadly the situation is so hopeless that my dog is now in foster care and I have been homeless since the beginning of April. I can’t believe I’ve had to choose between my dog and the streets.

    • Wendy says:

      Our landlord has decided to sell and We are looking for a 2 bedroom house or bungalow that will take us and our beautiful bear (a old English cross German Shepard)
      We are looking in Hockley,Rayleigh, benfleet, hadleigh, billericay, Brentwood, rawarth, wickford, hullbridge,
      Or anywhere close to these areas

      • Julie Severne says:

        Hi Wendy. How did you get on with your move? I have a friend who has to move out within the month. He has a chow dog 9 years old. Looking more or less sane area as you. Can you advise on who you moved with in the end as we are finding it very difficult to find pet friendly landlords .

    • Catherine SCOFIELD says:

      I am about to be made homeless in 2 weeks as our landlord gave us notice 6 weeks ago. In 6 weeks I have found and viewed 2 places neither were in a good state of repair and was told they would accept pets if i did work on the property. I would be paying just over £1000 a month and renovating their property, I couldn’t afford to do it. Can’t imagine a life without my dog, starting to organise to live in the car or buy a van.

    • tina whittington says:

      looking for 2 or 3 bed property in hailsham /polgate must let me have my pets would like garage large shed or conavatory as pet dont live in the house

    • Jane G says:

      I agree, pet CV could increase chances of pet owners to get a property. Many articles states that and this one rentberry.com/blog/renting-with-pets is not a exception. It also claims that pet owners can offer a higher security deposit or higher rent. Sometimes it works. Friend of mine got an apartment in such way.

    • Teresa says:

      I have been looking for a house to rent in Preston but are having trouble getting some were with my dog from January 2017

      • Vicky says:

        We live in Darwen and rented a house that said pets considered. After 6 months we asked the landlords if they considered and bought a 4 month pup . 2 years on we found a place that said no pets but it was worth asking as the property was laminated and the landlord accepted when i described the breed and size of our dog and the fact that he was fully trained and wasn’t a chewer. If you are confident that you can trust your pet not to cause damage and can discuss this landlords can be more lenient.

    • anette pendragon says:

      Hi I am in terrible situation been in my rented cottage i was born in ,and have been back here 11 years paying my rent on a very very damp cottage , New owner brought farm out 2 years ago ,put the rent up ..Three months ago gave me a date to move out after giving me section 21 , Told a couple of weeks ago , They will start the process of getting my out the cottage first week in January …I will of course end up in court where i will be given the chance to explain why i need more time ..Which then my give me a further i think 42 days lol We have been trying our best to find somewhere to live ..My X put his property up for sale six months ago and has now lowered his price by £5,000 …A friend has also stepped in to help as in helping me buy a new place with my X to provide us with a home …Then tonight we went o look at a piece of land that my X still owns out side our old property , it has enough room to out to static vans ,and a space for the dogs …But we can not think how i will cope as it has no running water and the drainage wud be a problem , i have even asked planning if this wud be ok ,and have sent documentation to prove my situation ..If i cud get past the water and drainage problem wud be something …But as i said , to my X by the time i have spent all that money i may as well put them in kennels ,as it is goin to be just as stressful taking them to a caravan …Rented accommodation , no matter how you put yourself out , it does not work or has not for me ..I even have my own cabin that i have told them my dogs can go in , Which is 20×15 room with a 15×5 hall way …And still no luck ,a friend of mine has told me she gets offered places quite often asked her what list she is on ,so maybe she has something that can be useful to us ..But she rents a house we once owned , Where our land is ….I think she pays something like £1000 a month ,maybe landlords are fine wen you are paying that much lol …But i have not got that kind of money ,And to be truthful you may as well be paying for a house of your own ,As that is more dead money …!! We are all in a bad situation , you can not blame the landlords as some have probably had bad tenants ,Not our fault but it happens …..I feel sorry for anyone in the same position , i have 8 dogs 10 cats 2 parrots and 2 ferrets lol

    • Deborah fuchs says:

      Looking for a property too. I have one dog and two cats.
      All animals are well behaved and have caused no damage to the property.
      Surely this is discrimination. My pets are better behaved than some kids and some letting agent make you jump through hoops just to get a simple yes or no.
      I thought scotland was an animal friendly country!

    • Lorraine Gwyn says:

      I am looking for a 3 bed property in Exeter Devon. I am currently renting with my 2 dogs who are very well behaved and cause no mess.
      I am struggling to find a rented property that will allow my 2 dogs – I am willing to pay an extra deposit & for the landlords to meet the dogs .
      I can understand why landlords would be sceptical about allowing pets but not all pets are destructive and messy!
      If I could afford to buy a property I would but I can’t and that is a hassle in itself!

    • Kelly Golding says:

      Me and my mum are looking for 2 bed flat or house anything with a garden have to be pet friendly we have 3 small dogs and 1 cat they are clean animals. We are looking for a place in Weston super mare worle price we looking at is £400 – £500 pcm
      If anyone can find out as place ASAP or know anyone we would be great full. We are looking at at private property’s .
      Thank you

    • Arina says:

      We are looking to move as soon as possible in a 3 bedroom house, we have a mixes lab which is smaller than a regular lab and friendly. We’re looking for High Wycombe, Slough, Harrow, Harrow on the hill. These areas in particular

    • Andreea Alexandru says:

      We are a married couple and we are looking for a rent in Hoddesdon or Harlow. We have a small Yorkshire Terrier,very well behaved, and he has 2 years old. We are looking desperately to move in because my husband starts his new job. Thank you

    • joanne ayres says:

      Myself and my family (a teen son, an adult son and their dad) have been struggling to find another pet friendly flat for the last 2 years in bournemouth. Our current place is a total nightmare for noise with loonies downstairs who sing loudly from 5.50am to 8.30 am! and weed smokers next to us who have friends round all the time staying for days and they all smoke too!. We have 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs all are house trained and regularly de-flead. It’s been awful trying to find somewhere suitable for us to move as nearly everywhere says NO PETS (as well as no children ofc!). We have been stuck here for almost 5 years and it’s too much. We want to get out. We would offer a higher deposit for our pets, but no one is interested.
      We even tried open rent but never been able to find anything affordable on there. We both work too. We pay £760 pcm and we would pay for any damage our pets may cause too

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