Online socialising isn’t new but can it help neighbours to connect in real life?

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neighboursRightmovePlaces aim is to “help people make their areas a better place by encouraging helpful and informative messages on RightmovePlaces.”

RightmovePlaces founder Marianina Manning comments: “Rightmove Places is a platform centred around local communities, giving people an online place to share local knowledge or increase visibility for things that are important to them in their local area.”

Often we live in an area for years without actually knowing any of our neighbours or knowing how to tell local people about something we think is important which is where this new way of connecting with neighbours comes in.

So what have neighbours been talking about on RightmovePlaces in the last week and what do people think of the new site?

In Bridport Dorset, Janet found Sharon’s McLaren pram that she had forgotten about (minus baby of course).

In Queens Park NW London, Greg wanted some tennis racquets donated to the Queens park tennis courts and got help from Toby and Local Bee.

In Loughborough, Ian petitioned for a single carriageway on Ling Road to stop the speeders and instantly got a response from fellow concerned neighbours.

From Monmouth, Oxford, Cambridge, Middlesborough, Chesterfield and thousands of other areas in the UK, neighbours are sharing their views or asking for help or support from those who live close by….

And, since launched visits have increased by over 500 times.

Rightmove Places CompetitionTo celebrate the launch of the new RightmovePlaces, we’re excited to announce the RightmovePlaces Very Important Neighbour competition.

We want to help people make their areas a better place by encouraging helpful and informative messages and comments on RightmovePlaces. It is also a chance to win £500 for a neighbourhood street party, project or local cause. To enter, all you need to do is create your RightmovePlaces account and add some helpful messages or comments to your area.

Make your area a better place

Once you dive in, you'll start to see that RightmovePlaces is all about helping you to get to know the people in your community, share information with your neighbours and turn discussions into real-world ways to make your area a better place.

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