Choosing the right removal company and getting the feel good factor

We are all looking for value when employing any company and removals is no different. But how do we define value?

Of course every company should tell you they provide you with a first class service, with fully trained, qualified and experienced people, should it be any other way? However, in 2008 the removals industry experienced a crash like no other in living memory and upwards of 50% of the industry resources were lost, including many experienced and skilled removals operatives.

Many of us found life a struggle and disposable income became squeezed, leaving people to understandably re-evaluate what was more important the cost or the service, as we could never achieve both, leading to the rise of poor quality, unregulated man and van removals. However, we are 7 years on now and disposable income is increasing and we have more freedom to choose the right people to do the best job at a good rate. We look for the BAR (British Association of Removers) badge, coupled with the Consumer Code of Practice recognised and monitored by Trading Standards, we may even consider the BSEN 12522 Quality Standard, these accreditations are both pro-active and reactive protectors for clients, including after service dispute resolution, brilliant but generic.

So to truly define a removals supplier we need to scratch beneath the surface and not ask just if they are a good provider but what makes them different and why? We all want to play our part in making society better and believe it or not by choosing the right company you can have a major impact on your own community and society. Driven by the belief that paying employees at least the living wage, with a guarantee of earning every week avoiding zero hour employment terms and making them actively part of the decision making processes when it comes to how a company operates, means the team are totally engaged, trustworthy and focussed on delivering a good service. What is more, a company can have a strategy of employing people who are struggling on the periphery of society, taking them away from the benefits culture so that they are now not just employed, but employed on good wages and actively contributing to both their community and society. What’s more a good removal company will actively engage in working with charities, community projects and good causes, making sure that their Social Impact benefits the whole community.

By simply asking the right questions of a company like – are the staff paid well? How do you engage them to ensure they are good other than training them well? Do you operate a zero hours contract? Are the employees your own or sub contracted? Can you produce evidence of what you say?

It’s like fair trade for removals – removals with a heart– a win-win for everyone involved. The service is great, you may possibly pay a little bit more but the impact of your decision will impact on your community to you and your families benefit.

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Written by Chris Smallwood of Britannia Anchor Removals


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