Moving to be near a good school? Get advice from a headteacher!

Have you been using Rightmove’s School Checker to look for a new home near a good school? We all know it’s important to do research before choosing the ‘right’ school, and there’s much more to it than Ofsted ratings…

Our headteacher in-the-know, James Wiltshire, from Muswell Hill Primary School talks through what you should be looking for in a school, in this video below, and read on to see his biggest tips.

What should be your main contributing factors when deciding whether a primary school is right for your child?

  • Ofsted reports
  • Department for Education Performance Tables
  • School’s website
  • Their local offer for Special Educational Needs
  • Additional activities i.e. breakfast club and after school clubs

What should you be looking for when you visit the school?

  • Visit a range of schools so you can compare them
  • Look at the classrooms and corridors – what are the displays like?
  • What are the interactions like within the classroom? Between children or between the children and their teachers?

How can you improve your chances of getting into a school?

  • Know the admissions criteria from school to school
  • Know the order in which the criteria are set by the Local Admissions Authority

Find out more information Rightmove’s School Checker here.

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