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Welcome to the Rightmove Overseas Mortgage Zone.

If you are considering financing your overseas property purchase with borrowing, you will need to get professional advice as early in the buying process as possible.

The following pages provide some generic information. As with any financial advice, it is important to talk through your needs with an industry expert.

Useful Information

Latest Rates

Country Debt to Income Ratio Purchase Loan to Value Available Remortgage Loan to Value Available Interest Only Available
Australia 50% 70% 70% Yes
Bahamas 45% 70% 70% No
Canada 50% 70% 70% Yes
Cape Verde 40% 70% N/A No
Cyprus 35% 60% N/A No
Egypt 40% 85% N/A No
France 50% 85% 85% Yes
Greece 40% 65% N/A No
Hungary 80% 80% N/A No
Italy 33% 65% 65% No
Malta 35% 90% 90% No
Mexico 25% 70% N/A No
New Zealand 50% 70% 70% Yes
Panama 35% 70% N/A No
Portugal 40% 85% 85% Yes
Spain 45% 80% 80% Yes
Turkey 50% 90% 75% No
United Arab Emirates 40% 50% 50% No
USA 50% 70% 60% Yes

Glossary of Terms

Debt to Income Ratio
This is the allowed percentage of your disposable income and must cover any debt payments you make including mortgage payments, credit cards or loans.

Purchase Loan to Value
The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio expresses the mortgage value as a percentage of either the property sale price or the property's appraisal value.

A remortgage is the process of paying off one mortgage with the proceeds from a new mortgage using the same property as security. Remortgaging your current home can potentially free finance to go towards an overseas property.

Interest Only Mortgages
A mortgage in which the monthly repayments cover only the interest accrued on the outstanding loan amount over a specified term.

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