9 Luxury Home Additions We Need!

Sometimes in life, you just have to go ahead and treat yourself. And today… we’re thinking big!

Everyone’s guilty of wanting to enjoy the finer things in life from time-to-time, and most people would be lying if they said they’d never dreamt of having that one special place at home to make them feel like they’ve ‘made it’.

So, as it’s the weekend –  and because we think it’s always important to have a dream – here are 9 of the most indulgent home luxuries we could find on Rightmove. One day, they could be ours!


Walk-In Wardrobe

Check out this Buckinghamshire beauty that has one of the most stunning walk-in closets we’ve ever seen. Carrie Bradshaw would be envious of it!


Home Cinema

This property in Northamptonshire has the most incredible cinema room – a huge screen and not too many seats – perfect for a summer blockbuster or two!


Hot Tub

There’s very few people in this world that don’t enjoy the pleasures of a hot tub when the opportunity strikes. The owners of this luxury home have definitely got the right idea.


Spa Treatment Room

Sticking with the theme of pampering yourself, we’re smitten with this Regents Park home in London that actually has an in-house treatment room for all those lovely massages you’ve been craving.


Wine Cellar

There’s few things in this life more perfect than a large glass of red wine at the end of a long week. Which is why we’re green with envy at the grandiose wine cellar in this Richmond property.


Indoor Swimming Pool

Keeping fit and cooling off? If we ever managed to own our own indoor swimming pool, like this gorgeous home, we’d know for sure that we’d made it in life!


Snooker Room

Cheeky round on the billiards table, anyone? This Hollowell property boasts a lovely room just for the owners’ snooker table. What a dream!


Water Mooring

Fancy taking the yacht out for a spin, dear? Oh, to have your own river mooring and be able to pop out on the boat when it’s a sunny summers day!



Now this one really is a bit of a pipe dream. But just imagine if you could afford to have (and make use of!) your very own helipad in the back garden. Luxury living at it’s fullest!

That’s it – nine luxury home additions we can all dream about one day getting to enjoy and make our own. Who knows, maybe some of us will be lucky enough to get them!

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