Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Pete Davies

As part of our local view feature, we've been asking our site visitors to submit videos from their travels around the world, helping to provide an insight into the culture and lifestyle in various locations. Below is the video submitted by Peter Davies giving a brief overview of Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Island Village - [...]

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A labour of love, A year in Portugal by Jeannie Pontet

‘La Casita’ A labour of love Nestled between two unkempt rusticas down a narrow lane that cuts through the sandy rock-faced hills, lined with an assortment of weather–beaten cottages and stray cats, she resembles a well preserved but rejected woman with low self esteem. In passing the public perceives her freshly painted white washed walls and yellow window frames, putting on a brave face albeit a little tired. Step over her threshold and behold one little used and unloved pequeno casita; one is immediately confronted with the parade privado a privacy wall blocking view into the living room from the lane outside, a case of “speak to the hand….this house is tired”. […]

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Living in France by Gillian Pearce

Well we are here! We moved to France and now live in a lovely old French farmhouse not far from Toulouse and we love it! The journey to finally secure our house was not easy but it was definitely worth it. So much has happened to us in the last 6 years that I find it difficult to know where to start? There have been a lot of lows and a lot of highs, but I wouldn’t change anything. We searched for a year to find our dream house and I often ended up in tears after all the frustrations, ‘wild goose’ chases and disappointments. Would we ever find the perfect house? Well no, because as I now realise that is not possible. Our house is not ideal but I fell in love with it the minute I walked inside. It is not big enough, has no outhouses or barns (which we wanted) but it felt right and that is the secret. It was over budget and my youngest daughter, who was with us on this particular search, said ‘forget it mum it’s too expensive’. […]

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Competition Winner – Julie Al-Zoubi with Life on Kerkennah, Tunisia

Right up my street Life on Kerkennah by Julie Al-Zoubi Kerkennah consists of nine small Islands located in the gulf of Gabes, Tunisia 18km from the city of Sfax. Only the two largest Islands are inhabited, and they are joined by a causeway which has been there since the Romans occupied the Islands. The two inhabited islands have 13 small villages and a population of around 15,000. There are estimated to be one million palm trees, all of which have spontaneously seeded. These trees are used in their entirety. Delicious dates are eaten, leaves are used to make fish traps, and the wood is used for building boats. The sap can be collected, and is a nutritious health drink (legmee) which, if left out in the sun, becomes a potent alcoholic drink. In August 2009 I purchased a traditional Kerkennian House. This is located in a typical street in the established village of Ouled Bou Ali. The house came complete with local tenants, who reside in the ground floor 3 bedroom, traditional house. I am living above in the quirky, spacious apartment. The house also has a well for drawing water, as is favoured by the Kerkennians. […]

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