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Australia or New Zealand, which one suits you best?

While Australia and New Zealand are possibly the furthest you can get from the UK, they’re immensely popular countries or international buyers. Why, you ask? Well, English is the first language in Oz and NZ, they both have beautiful rolling hills and verdant countryside, plus, modern cities that have fast become cultural hubs. However, deciding [...]

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Rightmove Overseas Search Report – March 2017

Search activity for March 2017 52.60% of locations increased in search activity 47.35% of locations fell in search activity 0.05% of locations stayed the same in search activity Download the full report including data tables here   Search Data Highlights Top 10 Climbers and Fallers this month (areas with > 100 searches a day) Top 10 Climbers [...]

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Top 5 International Destinations for British Property Investors – Q1 2015

Below are the top 5 international destinations which have received the highest number of enquiries from prospective British investors on Rightmove Overseas in the first quarter of 2015. 1. Marbella, Spain Marbella tops the list as the most sought after location for Brits to find a property investment overseas. Marbella is also the top destination [...]

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