5 beautiful villages on the French Riviera

There’s something special about village life, isn’t there? Especially in France, where everyone says ‘Bonjour’ to passers-by and the lifestyle is oh-so-chilled. If you like the sound of that and are searching for somewhere to call home in a luxury setting, don’t fret – you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll introduce you to [...]

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6 things to consider when buying a historic home in Italy

Buying a historic home in Italy can come with many benefits. After all, there’s something special about properties that have housed families for decades and seen their children go from babies to adulthood. Italy brimming with Baroque and Renaissance properties that instantly transport you to the days of old, something lots of international buyers find [...]

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Could you call Eastern Cyprus home?

Cyprus is a popular destination for international buyers. The island is geographically part of West Asia but its social ties and proximity to Europe make for a rich culture for all. While Paphos, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, lies on the west coast, there is much to be discovered about the eastern coast [...]

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Top 3 places to buy property in Turkey

Turkey is ever-so-appealing to international property buyers looking to escape somewhere warmer, find a holiday home to visit year after year or invest! It’s strategically located between Europe and Asia, which is perfect for international businesspeople looking to get on the property ladder. What’s more, property in Turkey is extremely varied and there are a [...]

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How to buy property overseas in 2024

Have you set your 2024 New Year’s resolutions yet? Perhaps instead of resolutions, you set goals you want to achieve. If buying a property overseas is your number one goal for 2024, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share guidelines for anyone looking to buy overseas property in 2024. Where to [...]

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Why buyers in France love Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle Aquitaine is a region in the southwest corner of France, home to some of the most popular departments among international buyers. The region is relatively new, having been created in 2014 when the government merged Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes in a territorial reform. The region is Europe’s leading agricultural region and is home to [...]

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3 essential contacts for buying property overseas

Congratulations, you’re buying property overseas! It’s an exciting and enjoyable experience, especially for those looking to emigrate or invest in a holiday home. However, when it comes to life-changing decisions like buying property overseas, there are a few people it’d pay off to have on speed dial during the process. At Your Overseas Home, we [...]

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Discover Tuscany, a wonderful place to live

Close your eyes and imagine your dream Italian home. If the home you’re considering is surrounded by rolling hills, fruitful trees, azure blue seas, and picturesque villages – you’re destined to live in Tuscany. Located in central Italy, Tuscany (or Toscana) is famed for its world-renowned art and architecture. There’s a vast selection of property [...]

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