Buyers eye up Eurozone properties as Euro loses value

56.4% of locations saw an increase in searches,43.4% of locations saw a decrease in searches and 0.08%….read more »

We heard about a little known tax relief that is often unclaimed by people owning a second home overseas or a commercial property in the UK. We decided to ask tax expert Stephen Long of for a more….read more »

How to Avoid a ‘Problem Purchase’ in Cyprus

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For many of us, buying a property in Cyprus allows us to escape poor weather, high taxes, a stressful life and general discontent in return for the warm sun, lower cost of living and an easier pace of life.

It makes….read more »

Moving to property in Spain does not mean that Britons are not still entitled to some of the benefits that they enjoyed back in their homeland.
Broadly speaking, there are three main groups of benefits after you move….read more »

Parents planning to relocate to property overseas obviously have their children’s welfare to take into account. But if you’re moving to find a better quality of life, you might already have decided that it is the best….read more »

Some simple steps can help to make sure that people moving to overseas property can do so smoothly and start living their new adventure as soon as possible.
While shipping possessions overseas, arranging access to bank accounts and….read more »

French property buyers given top tips

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Good research and finding English-speaking notaires are among a series of tips provided to French property buyers by an overseas investment portal.French Property News said a key move for purchasers is to study closely the area in which they wish….read more »

Florida property seekers buying foreclosed homes have been advised of how to avoid any unexpected additional costs.US real estate firm has noted that such properties do not have a guarantee for their condition from the seller.It advised that those….read more »

Do homework, overseas property buyers advised

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Those buying overseas property should ensure they carry out sufficient research before committing their funds and signing on the dotted line, it has been stated. Chief executive of the Association of International Property Professionals Paul Owen issued such advice following….read more »