Dazzling opportunities to snap up discounted homes in Portugal, Italy and Florida are coming to the UK, with the launch of the Ideal Homes Property Show, taking place this weekend, 25th-28th January, at The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull.

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Six months ago Chris and Jane Brown from Essex had never set foot in Portugal, but by the second week of October, the couple had bought and moved into a new home in the Algarve, having sold their house in….read more »

A year that began with uncertainty over the future of a crippled Eurozone and hesitancy amongst foreigners, as well as Europeans, to own any type of euro asset, particularly property, is ending with a resurgence in sales in key euro….read more »

In a bid to raise some much needed capital for the nation, the Portuguese government is in the process of altering its immigration rules in order to entice wealthy individuals to the country.

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