Our Tuscan home comes with a vineyard!

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David Merrick, a management consultant from Beaconsfield, recently bought a holiday home in Italy.

Article written by The Overseas Guides Company

Here he tells us about it and how the information provider the Italy Buying Guide helped him with his purchase:

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Meet Italy Buying Guide reader Dave Garrison, who moved from the UK to Tuscany just five short months ago. Now fully settled in, Dave discusses the emigration process and what advice he would give to others who are looking to….read more »

Tuscany is known as the ‘Garden of Italy’, embracing the beauty of endless hills and framed by unique coastlines.

For many centuries Tuscany was the best kept secret in the Mediterranean Sea, and still today we think it’s the best location….read more »

Although the biggest St Patrick's Day celebrations will take place in Ireland, there is also a festival in Florence next month to mark the occasion.From March 15th to 18th, a series of concerts celebrating the Emerald Isle will be held….read more »

Cricketing fun for Italy property developers

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Florence stages its annual cricket festival in May, but Italy property seekers will be hearing chirps rather than the echo of leather on willow as it is the insect of that name that takes centre stage.Staring on Ascension Sunday (May….read more »

Chance for Tuscany property seekers to bottle it

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Property on wine-growing estates is one way to invest in Tuscany property, it has been stated.In an article on viniculture and property, the Daily Mail reported that the choices available to those buying in the region include an apartment for….read more »

Wheely good time for Tuscany property seekers

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Fans of boating races will be able to enjoy a slightly unusual one in Tuscany next month – it’s on land.Tuscany property investors can see the Barchini Boat Race in the village of that name, where four crews, each representing….read more »

Tuscany property seekers may wish to consider fractional ownership as a means of acquiring restored real estate in the Italian region, it has been suggested.Writing for the Independent, Janet Street-Porter said the popular practice of acquiring a ruined old home….read more »

Tuscany property seekers in marathon opportunity

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Pisa stages its annual marathon in May, allowing runners and spectators alike to enjoy a feast of architecture, culture and at least a little athleticism.Listed by Run Abroad as one of ‘101 races to run before you die’, the event….read more »

Flower power for Tuscany property seekers

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The annual Florence International Iris competition is to take place from May 4th-9th, the Italian Iris Council has said.Tuscany property seekers hoping to enjoy some floral splendour can see the show at the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, where growers from….read more »