Surveyors Comparable Tool

Used by Surveyors to support full or desktop valuations supplied to lenders

Instant access 24/7

Rightmove’s Surveyor Comparable Tool is used by surveyors over 200,000 times every month. It gives you instant 24/7 access to comparable property data from Rightmove, where you can create and share reports to support your expert valuations, in just a few minutes.

Built-in Rightcheck automatically checks your valuation against the Automated Valuation Model to help you identify any potential price discrepancies. You can pair this with the Property Risk Tool to further increase efficiency and decision making by identifying potential risks early.

Membership options

  • Pay as you go
  • No commitment
  • Monthly subscription
  • 15 reports per month
  • Reduced rate for additional reports

Bespoke licence options also available on request for high volume annual use

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