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Rightmove’s Data

There are 1 million UK residential properties advertised on Rightmove every month across Resale, New Homes and Rental. That attracts over 1 million visitors to Rightmove every day, viewing over 40 million pages and sending more than a lead every second.

Our Data Services Solutions give you access to the data created by those property listings, visits and leads to support and influence your property investment, building, valuation and lending decisions. Some of the data fields available include:

Sources: Rightmove Annual Report 2020 over 1 million properties and 1.6 leads per second. Visitors and pageviews from Google Analytics for Rightmove June – Dec 2020

Third Party Data

We overlay third party data, including Land Registry, Planning Data and Flood Risks, to get a 360-degree view of the market and each property. Combined, this gives a unique insight into the UK residential property market and over 120 million data points.

Data can be filtered and segmented in multiple ways to suit your specific needs.

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