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Reach a highly relevant, family audience through intelligent display advertising

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Rightmove is the top property website in the UK

Advertising on Rightmove puts your school in front of families moving into your catchment area while they’re in the decision-making mindset.

With the support of our team of experts, you can develop a marketing strategy focusing on key catchment areas. We’ll also share powerful insights to help you adapt to admissions challenges and boost your brand in targeted local areas.

Why Rightmove?

Advertise to a relevant, family audience

A home- and school-moving audience that your other marketing efforts can’t provide

Extend your reach

Focus on families moving into your catchment area

Flexibility in your marketing

Adapt to admissions or awareness challenges quickly


billion minutes spent on Rightmove in 20211


more likely to be a parent than the national average2

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Sources: 1. Google Analytics, Jan 2019 to Dec 2021, 2. YouGov Profiles, Rightmove audience versus UK average, May 2021