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Reach the right people

Rightmove’s audience covers a broad demographic range and is easily defined by their search habits.  We can help you target the right in-market audience of home movers, even after they leave our website.

We do this using third party technologies like Google Marketing Platform, where we can get your message seen by the millions of people visiting Rightmove every day, searching over a billion pages every month, actively searching for their next home.

Get noticed

We can help you really stand out.

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on Rightmove is the scarcity of other adverts on the website. Your share of attention isn’t divided across other advertisers. This means when you advertise on Rightmove, you’re much more likely to get noticed.

The biggest audience

Our home moving audience is the biggest by far in the UK – giving you unique opportunities as an advertiser. In a month on Rightmove* we see an average of…


unique visitors




pages viewed

*source: Google Analytics, 2021 full year average

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If you’d like to know more about advertising opportunities on Rightmove, please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to talk through opportunities with you.

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