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Property in Italy

Find property in Italy with - the best place to search for property in Italy and part of, the UK's number one property website. A country of romance, art and la dolce vita, Italy is a sumptuous feast for the senses. With cottages, house, villas and apartments available throughout the country, there is plenty of property in Italy to choose from and lists the very latest property in Italy.

It's tempting to think of Italy as the country with everything - but that's exactly what it seems to have! Incredible scenery, some of the finest artwork and architecture on the planet, mouth-watering cuisine, fine wines, beautiful beaches, quaint villages, bustling cities and, of course, plenty of property for sale. Property in Italy ranges from cottages in the Tuscan hills to apartments in the centre of Rome. So, where do you begin when choosing a property in Italy? Umbria offers similar treats, but it lesser known and less crowded than some parts of Tuscany. Abruzzo and the stunning northern Dolomites are ideal for anyone looking for property in Italy nestled in the mountains. Lazio is home to the incredible city of Rome, with its historic architecture, ruins and ancient monuments. Other cities such as Milan, with its elegant style and Venice, famous for its canals, are wonderful places to find property in Italy. Whatever your tastes and budget, there is sure to be a property in Italy to suit you!

Property in Calabria

Little known to tourists and those looking to invest in property in Italy; Calabria offers a glimpse into a different Italy, as does the property in Calabria. Haunted by memories of more illustrious times when it was the site of rich and powerful Greek colonies, the architecture of property in Calabria often reflects such curiosities as Greek speaking villages and an Albanian community dating back 500 years. As well as a region rich in history, mountainous Calabria and the property in Calabria attracts hikers to its high level plains and alpine scenery in the Sila area; and for sun seekers, there is Calabria property in the ornate seaside towns with spectacular views. With the mountains on one side and 780km of coast, on the other, Calabria will take your breath away.

Property in Apulia

Apulia is a long and narrow region of southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea and eventually forming the heel of Italy's 'boot' in the Salento peninsula. Apulia is a great producer of wine and olive oil, and is rapidly becoming a very popular destination for tourists and investors alike as more begin looking into property in Apulia. Those looking for property in Apulia are often drawn to the Trulli district around Alberobello; the most striking feature of Apulia. A trullo is a round domed, often white property in Apulia; clusters of trulli create a beautiful and striking landscape. Lecce, one of Apulia's five provinces and famed for its baroque beauty, is one of the most attractive city destination for those wanting to buy property in Apulia, its golden sandstone and elegant 17th century architecture is a sight to behold.

Property in Le Marche

Property in Le Marche is ideal for who love beach holidays. Le Marche boasts 180km of Adriatic coastline and a host of seaside resorts, both of the lively variety as well as property in Le Marche for the more subdued quiet type of beach getaway. A truly contrasting region; also reflected in the property in Le Marche; rolling hills and mountain ranges, grottos and lakes, wood clad slopes and medieval towns and villages can be found just one hour from the coastline of Le Marche. Good food and wine, spectacular art and architecture, as well as skiing, horse riding and hang gliding can all be enjoyed in Le Marche. Property in Le March has steadily become a popular choice for Rightmove Overseas users.

Property in Sardinia

Off the west coast of Italy lies Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Widely considered to provide some of Europe's most breathtaking coastline, property in Sardinia offers spectacular surroundings as the island boasts clear waters teeming with fish and shellfish, golden fields of wheat and cave pocked mountains covered with herds of sheep. An Island of extremes, which is reflected in the diversity of the property in Sardinia, Sardinia has blistering hot summers and cold, windy winters; it also offers an indigenous culture and way of life that will not fail to captivate and fascinate. Sardinia has long been a favourite holiday destination for the French and German, and with UK property buyers and tourists now exploring property in Sardinia, it looks set to become a popular destination.

Property in Tuscany

You might want to consider the romantic sunsets and Renaissance architecture of property in Tuscany. With its charming medieval hill towns and fantastic capital Florence, Tuscany has long been a favourite spot for those looking to invest in property in Italy. From the tiniest hamlet to the magnificent Florence property in Tuscany is diverse and plentiful. With its quiet lanes, cypress trees and creamy coloured villas; property in Tuscany never ceases to enchant. The varied landscape of Tuscany and property in Tuscany is typical of what Italy has to offer.

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