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    AP Morgan aim to deliver a high quality professional service, your satisfaction is paramount. Here at AP Morgan we understand the stress involved when moving home, that's why we tailor make our services that are bespoke and specifically based around your needs and requirements. Based in arguably the largest branch office in Bromsgrove, our experienced, fully trained and friendly team will work for you to get you the best possible price in the shortest possible time.
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Sellers Guide
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    Accurate valuation

    As a seller, your main objective should be to sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest possible time. Our expert property valuers carry out hundreds of valuations every month, providing us close and unmatched knowledge of property values in your area.

    This is why, we endeavour to achieve around 2-3% higher price on average across all our clients' properties, in comparison to the average price achieved by other agents in our local areas.

    You can instantly find out how much your property is worth, by using our quick and simple Instant Online Valuation tool.

    Alternatively, please call our offices or complete the property valuation request form to arrange a Free No Obligation property valuation.

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    Choosing an Estate Agent

    When choosing an estate agent, you must consider their high street presence, whether they will be available to carry out accompanied viewings, when they will be able to conduct viewings and what kind of marketing your property will receive. These are critical to obtaining the maximum exposure and price for your property.

    You must also check if your agent will arrange legally-required Energy Performance Certificate on your behalf or if you need to arrange this yourself? AP Morgan can arrange this for you through team of in-house domestic energy assessors. You must have commissioned an EPC before your property can be marketed.

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    Instructing a Solicitor

    The effective sale of your property can be highly dependent on the instruction of an efficient and experienced solicitor. It is best if you carry out some research and choose a solicitor before you put your property on the market as this will help to avoid delays.

    We work with some of the best local and national solicitors and we can therefore offer recommendations if required.

    You can also benefit from using our quick and easy Instant Online Conveyancing Quotation system to get a Free No Obligation quote of solicitor's fee for selling and/or buying a property, from a highly respected conveyancing firm who we normally work with.

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    Presenting Your Property

    Remember, first impression counts. So, presentation of your property can be critical in achieving a successful sale.

    You should consider dealing with any DIY jobs you have been thinking to get done, may be add a fresh coat of paint where needed and try to declutter as much as possible to make the rooms appear larger.

    AP Morgan's team of dedicated professional 'Photographers' will then take high quality photographs, produce interactive floor plans and write property descriptions, all in just one visit.

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    Marketing Your Property
    In order to find the perfect buyer for your property, you need to give your property maximum exposure across a wide range of media including 24/7 high street digital screens, all major internet property portals, social media and local newspaper.

    When you instruct AP Morgan to sell your property you will automatically benefit from our unrivalled, all-inclusive marketing package which includes all of the above as well as exposure on our cutting-edge interactive website, full colour property brochure with floor plan, our distinctive AP Morgan 'For Sale' board, automatic regular email and SMS alerts and much more.

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    Accompanied Viewings
    Accompanied viewings mean that we can use our expertise to help sell your property. Part of our marketing strategy is to focus on maximising viewing opportunities for your property. Majority of the offers are obtained when we accompany the potential buyers at your property which we can also do after work and at weekends. We will always contact you first to arrange a convenient time for viewing to take place.
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    Receiving an Offer

    When an offer is received we will immediately inform you both verbally and in writing.

    Any special conditions of the offer will also be stated in writing and we will 'financially qualify' the buyer(s) i.e. we will check their financial ability to proceed with the purchase of your property before you decide whether to accept the offer.

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    Sale Agreed

    Once you accept an offer we will ask you to confirm your solicitor's details, write to all parties to confirm the agreed price as well as preparing a memorandum of sale which we will send to all parties including both solicitors. At this point, AP Morgan SOLD (subject to contract) board will also be erected at your property (if applicable).

    Your solicitor will then send out a draft contract to the buyer's solicitor who will then carry out preliminary enquiries. At this stage you will also be able to agree on dates for the survey on your property, exchange of contracts and proposed date for completion.

    Our dedicated in-house 'After-Sales' team will advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout this process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

    There are no legal obligations until both parties have signed the contracts.

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    Exchange of Contracts

    Exchange of contracts takes place once the following have been confirmed and agreed:

    • Initial enquiries following receipt of the draft contract
    • Evidence of a good title
    • Specific matters highlighted in the Lease, if relevant
    • Local search enquiries
    • Fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale
    • Any special conditions of the sale
    • The buyer's mortgage offer

    Once the contract has been signed by both the seller and the buyer, the deposit (typically 10% of the purchase price) will be telegraphically transferred or paid in the form of a banker's draft by the buyer's solicitor to seller's solicitor. The completion date is then set by mutual agreement.

    At this point, the deal becomes legally binding and there are massive financial penalties if any party is unable to complete the transaction.

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    Completion takes place when the outstanding monies (typically 90% of the purchase price) are transferred from the buyer's solicitor' account to your solicitor's account.

    Your solicitor will inform you once the money has cleared in your account and then they will notify us and give us permission to release the property keys to the buyer.

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    Congratulations, your property is now sold!
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Buyers Guide
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    Get Started
    When buying a property, the first step is to determine your budget and to find out how much money you can borrow. We can help you with this by arranging a FREE consultation with one of our fully qualified independent Financial Advisors, who will be able to confirm to you the amount which you can afford to spend on a property and what the monthly mortgage payments will be. Our advisors will also provide you with an AIP i.e. 'Agreement in Principle' certificate. You will need this as proof that you can obtain a Mortgage to show other estate agents before they will accept an offer from you.
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    Book Viewings

    Once you know how much you can borrow and you've acquired your AIP i.e. mortgage agreement in principle, you can then start to view properties. You can benefit by registering your requirements criteria with us i.e. your maximum budget, which areas you would like to live in, how many bedrooms you need and which type of property you want etc. Once you register with us, our ingenious system and friendly property consultants will keep you updated via email and phone, with our latest properties that may interest you.

    You can ask us to arrange viewings for you on as many properties as you need to see until you feel happy enough to make an offer.

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    Need to sell a property first?

    If your purchase of a property depends upon the sale of your currently owned property, then now is the time to put your property on the market. If you would like to get an idea of the current value of your property, you can benefit by using our Instant Online Valuation tool which allows you to instantly see how much your current property might be worth today.

    If you are already on the market and need to change your estate agent for a fresh approach or if you are considering selling your property in the near future and would like to discuss the service we can offer you, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us now to arrange a free no obligation property valuation.

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    Make Offer(s)
    Once you have found a suitable property, you will then need to make an offer. You will have to put your offer forward to the selling agent who will liaise with you and the sellers to agree a sale (subject to contract).
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    Agree a Sale
    Once the sellers have accepted your offer, we will confirm this in writing to you, take the property off the market and mark it as Sold (subject to contract). We will typically at this stage stop arranging any further viewings on the property.
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    Choose a Solicitor
    Once a sale has been agreed, you will then need a solicitor who will take care of the related legal matters and sales progression. We can help you find good local and national solicitors who we usually work with on regular basis. You can rest assured that you'll be in safe hands with a competitively priced and efficient service as we only recommend like-minded and forward thinking solicitors.
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    Apply For Mortgage

    Once you have agreed a sale on your dream property and chosen a solicitor, it is vital that we apply for your mortgage as quickly as we can to avoid any needless delays. Our in-house independent advisors will search the Whole of Market to help you find the right mortgage product for you. The mortgage application process only takes around an hour and you will require to bring the following proofs with you to enable our financial advisor to submit the application on your behalf;

    1. A valid photographic ID & proof of address
    2. Last three months' pay slips (if employed) or last two years accounts (if self-employed)
    3. Proof of deposit (e.g. bank statements)
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    Wait for Mortgage Valuation Survey
    Once the initial mortgage application has been submitted by our financial advisors and also accepted by the mortgage company, the lenders will then instruct a Mortgage Valuation Survey to be carried out at the property in order to ensure that the agreed sale price is the correct value of the property and that the building is in a good condition. Your lenders' instructed Survey Company will contact us to arrange the access to the property, and if all is satisfactory, you can expect your 'Mortgage Offer' to follow in a few days.
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    We Will Keep You Updated
    At AP Morgan we have our own in-house AfterSales Team, who will keep you updated with every step of the way. They will liaise with all the relevant parties involved in the transaction and work towards an anticipated target 'Completion Date' which is agreed mutually by the sellers and buyers and facilitated by the solicitors.
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    Mortgage Offer
    Once your chosen lender is happy with the outcome of the Valuation Survey, the official mortgage offer will then be sent out to you and to your solicitor.
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    Sign the Contracts
    Once the solicitors have prepared and received all the necessary paperwork and other relevant information, they will then send out the contract to both sellers and purchasers who will need to sign the contract in readiness for the exchange of contracts.
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    Exchange Contracts
    Once all the parties involved in the 'chain' have signed the contracts and all solicitors have received/prepared everything they require, they will then arrange a formal exchange of contracts. Everyone involved will then agree on an actual 'Completion Date' and the solicitors will then be in a position to exchange contracts, which in simple terms means that the deal becomes legally binding and there are massive financial penalties if any party is then unable to complete the transaction.
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    Collect Keys on Completion
    You can expect to get to this stage typically 8-12 weeks after you had agreed the sale. This is the big day when all parties involved in the chain actually move into their new homes. On this day your solicitors will transfer your funds into the bank account of the seller's solicitor. Once the funds have been cleared into the sellers account (usually around lunch time), the seller's solicitor will then call us to confirm to release the property keys to you. You will usually need to collect the keys from your local AP Morgan branch office and sign for them. That's it, all done and dusted.

    Your dream home is now actually yours...
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Meet The Team
  • Team Member

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    Chris Griffiths - Branch Director
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I am an AMTRA SQP - I can advise on medicine and health strategies for animals.
    What is your favourite food? I love a good Sunday roast.
    What is your favourite drink? Peroni.
    Do you have any pets? I have one cat.
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Dubai, of course.
    What is your dream property? A barn conversion with a smallholding.
    What is your favourite film? Snatch.
    What is your favourite quote? "Give me Zidane and 10 pieces of wood and I'll win you the Champions League."
  • Team Member

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    Tate Sullivan - Property Sales Consultant
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I had trials for Birmingham City football club when I was 10!
    What is your favourite food? Spaghetti Carbonara
    What is your favourite drink? Aspalls Cider
    Do you have any pets? I don't have any pets
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Newquay Cornwal
    lWhat is your dream property? A detached house in the countryside
    What is your favourite film? Harry Potter
    What is your favourite quote? "You don't grow in your comfort zone"
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Evie Greenhouse - Property Viewing Agent
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I have scuba dived in the Bahamas
    What is your favourite food? Italian
    What is your favourite drink? Has to be a good Pina Colada
    Do you have any pets? No.
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Orlando or New York.
    What is your dream property? A villa with a pool somewhere warm!
    What is your favourite film? Mamma Mia!
    What is your favourite quote? "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Britt Elvins - After Sales Consultant
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I lived abroad for 6 months in Greece.
    What is your favourite food? Mac and cheese.
    What is your favourite drink? Pink Gin & Lemonade.
    Do you have any pets? A cat called Tilly, a rabbit called Oscar and a tortoise called Tucker.
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Disneyland Florida.
    What is your dream property? A modern home overlooking a lake surrounded by fields and wildlife.
    What is your favourite film? Bohemian Rhapsody.
    What is your favourite quote? "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
  • Team Member

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    Raisa Zulfiqar - Mortgage and Protection Advisor
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I'm a self-declared member of Mensa...
    What is your favourite food? I love any kind of seafood.
    What is your favourite drink? Green tea, always.
    Do you have any pets? I do not.
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Anywhere in the Alps.
    What is your dream property? A villa on the coast.
    What is your favourite film? A Beautiful Mind.
    What is your favourite quote? "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - R.W Emerson
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Jack Rollins - Photographer
    What is an interesting fact about yourself? I have tattoos, including a Jimi Hendrix portrait on my leg done by a talented artist.
    What is your favourite food? Pizza or anything with cheese!
    What is your favourite drink? A good cup of coffee.
    Do you have any pets? Nope.
    Where is your favourite holiday destination? Florida (For the theme parks!)
    What is your dream property? A Victorian terraced house with character and a garden office studio.
    What is your favourite film? Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
    What is your favourite quote? "Do what you can't."
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    Customer Testimonials

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      Recommend the service without reservation.
      "Very personable team. Regularly contacted with updated viewings and responses. The sale fell through two times due to the third party and another buyer was identified almost immediately. I am very satisfied and recommend the service without reservation."
      - John R
    • Seller Testimonial

      The sales team at AP Morgan have been fantastic
      "The sales team at AP Morgan have been fantastic and dealt with the sale of my house quicker than I could have ever expected. Britt in the Aftersales also did an amazing job at pushing the transaction through in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you to the team for making this such a speedy process and allowing me to move forward."
      - Saima Z
    • Seller Testimonial

      I would highly recommend AP Morgan.
      "I would highly recommend AP Morgan. They offer a very professional service. I experienced a particularly exceptional service from a lady named Britt. She was very organised and communicated well, even delivering bad news in an empathic manner. Highly recommend"
      - Cheryl E
    • Seller Testimonial

      Will be using AP Morgan for many more transactions
      "After buying and selling properties for years, I must say I have never dealt with an estate agent as proactive as AP Morgan. Chris was very professional from the onset and managed to achieve me the best possible price for my house. Britt in after-sales was also excellent providing weekly updates and getting the job done as quickly as legally possible. I will be using AP Morgan for many more transactions to come."
      - Siana B
    • Seller Testimonial

      AP Morgan are a highly professional team
      "AP Morgan are a highly professional team who work well from start to finish to ensure a smooth transaction. They are both easy to work with and I thank them for ensuring the move went smoothly. Special thanks to Britt who was instrumental in a great service."
      - Harry N
    • Seller Testimonial

      The best estate agents I have ever dealt with.
      "Without a doubt the best estate agents I have ever dealt with. Very professional company. Britt made everything so easy, no questions she couldn't answer, always made time for us. Will 100% use again in future."
      - Kirstie D
    • Seller Testimonial

      We cannot recommend AP Morgan highly enough
      "Having lived at our property for a very long time, we were not overly familiar with estate agents and a little out of touch with the selling and buying procedure. We arranged for Chris to come and see us, and his confidence and enthusiasm left us very impressed. Our house was marketed very quickly and sold within 24 hours with absolutely no problems. Chris arranged all the viewings, and made us feel that our house was the only one he was looking after - very dedicated.Following the sale, I was kept up to date weekly, with a very regular and consistent time slot by Britt, who was both friendly and very efficient. The selling process is quite stressful and lengthy, and Britt's calls were reassuring and factual.As with most chains, the matters became protracted at times, but throughout the entire process, we were updated and helped. At the final stages, Raisa became involved as Britt was on leave, and she ensured that the final hurdles were sorted and was a huge calming influence. We cannot recommend A P Morgan highly enough - a very dedicated friendly team who are incredibly efficient at selling houses and put their customers first. Huge thanks!"
      - Rob B
    • Seller Testimonial

      Would highly recommend.
      "Excellent service and well-priced with respect of other local agents. Would highly recommend. Lovely team, very polite and helpful!"
      - Charlotte R
    • Seller Testimonial

      We would highly recommend AP Morgan
      "We were really pleased with our experience with AP Morgan. It was the first time that we'd sold a house so we didn't really know what we were doing but Chris got our house on the market really quickly with no fuss. He was confident that we'd get offers over the asking price, and within a week we'd had 3 offers over the asking price. Chris was great, and kept us informed of any developments. Once we'd accepted an offer, everything was handled by Brit, who did an amazing job of keeping the process moving, chasing solicitors and generally smoothing everything over. Although our transaction was, in principle, quite straight forward, several little hiccups did occur along the way and Brit made sure that everything was resolved quickly and without difficulty. We would highly recommend AP Morgan - ultimately they sold our house quickly for a good price, and made the whole process easy for us. Before selling a house I'd wondered what estate agents actually do to earn their fee, but I think it's fair to say that we finished the process thinking that we had got excellent value for money."
      - Greg Moorlock
    • Seller Testimonial

      We would highly recommend and use again
      "Great overall service from AP Morgan Bromsgrove. From start to finish communication was their priority and always keep us in the loop for the sale of our home! Special mention to Britt for her efforts. Their fees are higher than other local agents but "You get the service you pay for"- We would highly recommend and use again if the time ever permits."
      - Keiran C
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