We are a friendly and approachable bunch
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    When you engage with the Campbells team you will soon realise that we are a friendly and approachable bunch of property experts who genuinely want to help you.

    The best ways to communicate with us are to pick up the phone, drop us a line or just come in and say hello.

    A lot of clients tell us how daunting it is to call estate agents as we have this reputation for wanting to know everything and asking tons of questions.

    At Campbells, we are different.

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    Feel free to ask any question you like and we promise to be as honest and up front as we can without wanting to know all your credentials.

    So, whatever you want to achieve, we have the resources here to advise you properly.

    Every one of our clients has a different story to tell. Therefore, we have different ways of dealing with their concerns and risks.

    Whether you are a seller or a landlord, we have an extensive range of solutions.

    Just type 'Campbells Estate Agents' into your internet search engine and you will see the full array of services we offer.

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    Are you selling or buying?

    Are you a landlord or a tenant?

    Are you moving out of your area or into another area and would like to be introduced to other like-minded property agents? Here at Campbells, we are pleased to be associated with more than 600 other localised offices.

    If you have between 3 and 20 properties and want to have one agent handling all of your investments, or change the agents that you have been dealing with, please drop us a line. Clients tell us how daunting and risky this feels but don't worry, we'll help you. And it doesn't matter where you are in the UK.

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    Do you need financial advice or life assurance? Do you have an up-to-date will? When making a property transaction, this is the perfect time to organise your affairs, just in case.

    Do you need to sell a property quickly, preferably within 14 days? We have investors who pay us to buy properties so there aren't any fees to pay, either.

    Do you have a piece of garden that you would like to gain planning permission for?

    Do you have a business you want to sell?

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    Do you have a property that needs a discreet tenant visit or property-health check?

    Does a tenant need chasing for rent?

    Have you been left with a deceased estate and you just don't know where to start?

    You have a niggling concern about a property-related issue and could just do with a chat?

    We just wanted you to know that, at Campbells, we are very well equipped to look after you... and your property concerns...properly"

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We are a friendly and approachable bunch 
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    We know from years of experience, in fact since 1989, that sellers and landlords come with all sorts of experience, opinions and concerns when it comes to selling or letting a property. 

    Nowadays we know we all have a choice. At Campbells we want to give our customers the very best service and give you the choice to decide which method best suits your needs:

    ... and we feel we should explain the costs to you of you unwittingly cutting corners - most of our clients never knew there was such a thing until we explained. It happens, so it's worth doing your research.

    In 2009, Paul Campbell wrote a book on this subject and, whilst the property market has changed a lot since then, our principles still remain the same - so it would be worth asking for a copy (on us of course)

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    If you are buying on again then we have access to the latest mortgage rates and incentives and you can be sure that we can recommend the most efficient and 'best value' conveyancers and solicitors.

    Don't worry, we are happy to go through our process with you in as much detail as you need as we appreciate that each and every client has their own specific concerns. Or like some clients you can just leave and trust us to get on with it.

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    We just wanted you to know that, at Campbells, we are very well equipped to look after you... and your property...properly"

    Mouse over to your favoured internet search engine and search for Campbells estate agents, you will find us easy enough.

    Or just pick up the phone.

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    Help You Every Step Of The Way

    A good agent doesn't just help you sell your house. A good agent recognises that there is a much bigger picture that you're trying to deal with, from getting your property ready for sale to choosing removals firms to changing locks and getting broadband installed.

    Campbells can help you with almost every aspect of your move, either personally or by putting you in contact with reliable, reputable professionals who can help you.

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    Supporting Our Local Heroes

    Campbells understand that there are numerous Heroes within the community and appreciate all the help and support these special individuals give.

    Whether you're a Hero, or you have a hero in your family, you're immediately entitled to take advantage of this great discount.

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    The Skills To Sell Your Property

    Our marketing team have always tried to come up with new forward-thinking, innovative ideas to help our clients achieve their dreams more quickly.

    The internet has played a massive role in the sale and letting of property and we have always tried to make sure our clients' properties are at the top of buyers' and tenants' lists. Clearly the more buyers and tenants see our properties, the quicker we can spring into action and the best price be achieved.

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    We Always Tell The Truth

    The Campbells team is trained to be entirely straightforward and truthful throughout the sales process, because only then do we stand the best chance of selling your property quickly so that you can move on to the next stage of your life. Anything else just wastes your time and creates a feeling of mistrust.

    We wouldn't be looking out for your best interests if we didn't come clean and tell you the truth at all times.

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    No Minimum Contract Length

    Firstly, we discuss our terms of business with you in detail and then put everything we've discussed down on paper in clear, jargon-free English so you know what to expect and there are no unpleasant surprises.

    Secondly, you are not obliged to stay with us for a minimum length of time. There is no minimum contract length and you are free to leave at any time if we do not perform as you would expect. You stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

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    Accurate Property Valuations
    After you have used our 'FREE Instant Online Valuation Calculator' our team of professional, local property experts will pay you a visit and do what they do best. Pricing is one of the most critical elements in selling your property. 

    The only things that influence whether a property will sell are the price and the competition in the area. If there are other similar properties for sale of a comparable standard of décor and yours is the highest priced of them all, then chances are your neighbours will get all the viewings and offers and you won't.
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    Excellent & Accurate Photography
    Once you're happy with the presentation of your property, we'll start to prepare your property details. Our descriptions are compelling yet always balanced with the truth, and contain keywords and phrases we know from experience are vital to increasing your visibility on the Internet and being found quickly.
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    All Viewings are Accompanied
    If you have entrusted us with a set of keys, we never simply hand them over and let a buyer into your property on their own. It's amazing that some agents still continue to do this knowing the security risks involved, apart from completely missing out on the most basic method of discovering the buyer's thoughts during a viewing and addressing their immediate questions.
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    Coaching For Sellers

    Selling a house is a partnership.

    While we can do everything to market your property, its saleability and, ultimately, its value, are down to you. The truth is that when selling your property, it should always be clean, tidy and presentable and we do whatever we can to help you achieve this.

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Tell Us About Your Next Property - We Want To Help
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    How does it work at Campbells?

    A lot of clients tell us how daunting it is to call estate agents as we have this reputation for wanting to know everything and asking tons of questions.

    When you engage with the Campbells team you will soon realise that we are a friendly and approachable bunch of property experts who genuinely want to help you.

    The best ways to communicate with us are to pick up the phone, drop us a line or just come in and say hello - we can even meet you at your favourite coffee shop if you prefer.

    At Campbells, we are different.

    Feel free to ask any question you like and we promise to be as honest and up front as we can without wanting to know all your credentials.

    Please let us know what position you are in so we can help you better.

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    Are You Selling Too?
    If you have a property to sell as well then it would be worth discussing the implications of not marketing it efficiently now, if you need to sell to buy.
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    Are You Buying As An Investment?
    If you are an investor then we can help you choose wisely - we have a few 'buy-to-let experts in the house'!
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    Is This Your First Time?
    If you have never owned a property before then you may have a few niggling questions to ask about solicitors and mortgage etc.
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    Whatever your circumstances we can help - you just need to ask.
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    Mortgage Advice?

    A mortgage is the biggest loan you'll probably ever take and will follow you for the greater part of your adult life.

    It makes sense to not only find the right loan but also regularly review what you do have, as interest rates and your personal circumstances change.

    The mortgage market has taken a hammering over recent years. The behaviour of the main mortgage lenders has resulted in many brokers having to shut their doors, leaving buyers with considerably less options for finding an independent source of property finance.

    If you need a mortgage but are finding it difficult to get what you need, especially if you have difficult or unusual circumstances, Campbells works with an independent mortgage broker who is dedicated to giving you a personal service, accurate advice and reassurance to help you make the right decisions.

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    Get The Right Legal Advice

    A solicitor or conveyancer is the one vital link in the chain that can cause tremendous stress, hamper a sale or purchase and cost you money if they don't do their job properly. 

    The trouble is we all need one when buying or selling property. 

    That's why when you find a good one that does the job well, you stick to them like glue!

    Campbells has dealings with solicitors and conveyancers on a daily basis so we know who the good ones are and the ones...well...frankly you shouldn't touch with a bargepole. 

    As a result, we've formed our own panel of experts that we highly recommend and choose to use for our own legal or conveyancing work.

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    Are You Relocating into Our Area?
    We are part of a  national network of over 600 hand-picked localised Relocation Agents, working together to deliver trusted, expert advice whatever your budget - so if you are moving into our area and want some help with the whole process then please just ask. 

    If you are having difficulty finding the right agent to sell your property then don't worry we'll put you in touch with one of our trusted agents.
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    Just type 'Campbells Estate Agents' into your internet search engine and you will see the full array of services we offer.

    We just wanted you to know that, at Campbells, we are very well equipped to look after you... and your property concerns...properly"

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    Campbells Buyer Representation Service

    Would you like us to represent you as a buyer and negotiate the best price on your property?

    This service could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of your property purchase.

    Get an expert to buy you a property on your behalf

    It's called our Campbells Homebuyers Service. This service could knock thousands of pounds off the asking price of your next property.

    Of course we can only offer this service to clients who are not buying a house through Campbells - we can't and wouldn't act for both seller and buyer for obvious reasons.

    We Do The Negotiating For You!

    Just imagine you could get the property you love at the right price.

    You love the property and you really want it, but you're concerned you're paying too much or you've got some serious worries and don't want to confront the seller.

    You're making the biggest investment of your life based on two or three 20-minute viewings. Unless you're a property expert, chances are you'll either miss something important that reduces the value of the property, or if you do spot it you'll be too embarrassed to negotiate with the seller to reduce their price.

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Campbells Country Homes Team
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    Estate Agents in Heart of the Shires

    We are the local estate agents specialising in the sale, rental and management of the lifestyle properties in the centre of England...

    Our team of Property Experts at Campbells are here to look after the sellers and landlords in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire.

    Living In The Shires

    Being located in the heart of England, we have the advantage of a stunning environment with rolling countryside, beautiful canal walks, lovely communities and so many characterful villages and towns. The lifestyle your property offers is unique and our team is here to offer the attention to detail it deserves.

    If you are thinking of selling or letting a property in the area and would like to be confident that it will be beautifully presented and marketed to right audience so that it achieves the best price, the Campbells team are here to look after you and your property properly - it's been that way since 1989.

    We specialise in country and character homes as well as equestrian properties. We are here to offer you a comprehensive selling and letting experience where the best results are achieved through bespoke marketing, professional photography and film-making, targeted social media advertising as well as the good old-fashioned and irreplaceable personal customer service.

    Paul, Carla and Jamie are here to use their expertise and experience in the industry to your advantage and hold your hand throughout the entire process.

    The Campbells Country Homes Team are located in Heart of the Shires Shopping Village - a tranquil and characterful shopping experience just north of Weedon, on the A5.

    Heart of the Shires has been the 'Shopping Heaven' for over 25 years now.

    Set around a Victorian courtyard, Heart of the Shires Shopping Village offers a selection of individual shops with character. From fine art and fashion to kitchenware, antiques and collectibles, tasty treats, gifts, watches, home furnishing and garden-ware.

    And 1867 (formally Darlingstons), the very popular tearoom.

    This is the place where everyone in search of local beauty and 'country lifestyle' comes to appreciate the best of the best in the area - including property.

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    An Estate Agency with an artistic twist

    You may have noticed in the video and the photographs that the Campbells Office at Heart of the Shires is fully decorated with art.

    Part of our team is the local Fine Art Gallery and their Chief Curator and Art Consultant. Fine Homes match Fine Art and so together, we have created an environment where you can meet your personal Property Expert and discuss your property matters while enjoying the stunning Fine Artworks that you are surrounded by.

    We also work together when it comes to the presentation of the properties sold by Campbells. This is also an advantage when it comes to selling your property with Campbells, you have the option of choosing to have your property fully decorated with art throughout the selling process. For more details, feel free to get in touch with one of our Property Experts.

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Meet A Bunch Of  Extraordinary Property Experts
  • Introduction

    When you engage with any of us in the Campbells team you will soon realise that we are a friendly and approachable bunch of people who genuinely want to help you.

    So whether you are a first time seller or buyer, a landlord or a tenant or indeed an experienced mover or investor, we have the resources here to advise you properly.

    We are up to speed with all the best selling, letting and buying methods, but don't worry, we want to listen to you and get a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

    The best ways to communicate with us are to pick up the phone, drop us an email or just come and say hello.

    A lot of clients tell us how daunting it is to call estate agents as we have this reputation for wanting to know everything and asking tons of questions.

    At Campbells, we are different.

    Feel free to ask any question you like and we promise to be as honest and up front as we can without wanting to know all your credentials.

    So, whatever you want to achieve, we have the resources here to advise you properly.

  • Team Member

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    Paul Campbell 
    Estate Agent Franchisor, Property Author and Property Investment Mentor 

    Paul has worked in estate agency since the early 1980's, gaining vital knowledge and experience before opening Campbells in 1985. 

    His aim from the outset was to change the face of estate agency, by prioritising customers and giving them an incredible service. And now after all this time, he is proud of the difference the Campbells team have made and is determined to continue looking after our customers and their properties properly. Paul has been through the highs and the lows of the property market. 

    So, when the property market crashed and some sellers found themselves in trouble, he published his first book in 2009 entitled 'Sold - You Can Sell Your Property... Guaranteed'. 

    Anyone interested in selling a property should grab a copy of this book (give us a call and we will happily give you one).Paul's role today is very much about managing, overseeing and being part of the customer journey - making sure their property experience with Campbells is seamless and memorable for all the right reasons. 

    He also coaches sellers, buyers and investors so they have the right help and support along their property journey.

    As well as looking after sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants, Paul has a particular passion of teaching ordinary people how to be extraordinary estate agents. 

    Since 1985, Paul made it his priority to assure that the team at Campbells are a friendly bunch of Property Experts who have all the tools and resources to materialise the property dreams of our customers.
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    Jamie Campbell - Senior Associate
    Jamie is one of our Property Experts who is particularly known for his negotiation skills. He is very passionate about his work and the service he delivers to our customers therefore, he never takes the first offer on the table for a property. At Campbells, we work harder to give you extra so you can stay assured that Jamie will negotiate the best price for your property. 

     This is why Jamie invests 75% of his time in making sure that the sales do actually go through as smoothly as possible allowing his clients to start a new chapter in their new home. It is fair to say that when one of Jamie's sold boards goes up, it very rarely comes down! 

    If it is to ask us what we think about Jamie as his colleagues, we can honestly say that he is an incredible person to work with. He is passionate about what he does, and having him in our team is an absolute pleasure as he is a very supportive and admirable human being. 

     Jamie is a very proactive breed, therefore being professional, helpful, confident, approachable and reliable is part of his nature. He is also a very sensitive person therefore, he will always be there to help you if you're struggling. Essentially, estate agency is in Jamie's blood. 

    Did you know that when he was 7 he started his own practice in the living room at home? 

    He has a deep understanding of all the components of buying and selling, so if any issues arise he can deal with them quickly and effectively.

    Not everybody knows this, but besides being an experienced negotiator and property expert, Jamie has a diploma in online marketing and a degree in Building Surveying therefore, he excels at providing an all-round service by having the extra knowledge about the ins and outs of property construction as well as the internet marketing expertise that he uses to your benefit in order to make sure that your property is at the top of every search engine, property portal site and social media platform. 

    This is what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary estate agents. 

    Jamie specialises in selling properties in Crick, West Haddon, Yelvertoft and other surrounding villages. 

     He also is one the Property Experts part of our Fine Homes Department at Heart of the Shires who are looking after the country and equestrian properties in Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  • Team Member

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    Mark Heycock - Franchise Director
    Mark served with the British Army for 27 years in a front-line infantry regiment. He travelled the world and spent many years in various trouble spots. He enjoyed it, but knew that as he got older, he would need to find something else to do as a career. 

    During that time, he's enjoyed the heady days of a rising market and survived a tough recession, whilst all the time gaining invaluable experience. And just three months in, Mark was the first associate to join the new Campbells franchise model, which he now heads up. 

    So now, not only does he look after his clients, helping and supporting them every step of the way, but Mark is also responsible for the welfare of the team. A role which he thoroughly enjoys and is well-suited to. 

    Within the team, one thing that you will soon notice about Mark is his ability to stay calm at all times no matter what - he never lets things escalate! He can shut down problems quickly, usually by taking a step back and gaining much needed perspective, before offering a measured and fair response. 

     Whilst Mark gets a real buzz out of meeting and helping people, he really enjoys the challenge of getting a house on the market and seeing the results. It's not just about the sale, it's all about customers having as smooth an experience as they can from start to finish. By listening and understanding what the customer wants, Mark gives them the property journey that works for them.

    Mark is very good at offering his customers a sense of security throughout their moving journey. From the valuation stage and up to completion, they know that they've got an amazing expert by their side who they can trust to do things properly. 

     Outside of work, Mark owns two spaniels Boris and Billy-Bob. They have an Instagram account which has really taken off - who knew that people would be so interested in what they get up to?

    Mark is also a keen runner. Although coming to the sport later in life, he has completed all six world major marathons (London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Boston and Tokyo), and another 26 to boot. 

    Currently Mark is wondering whether he should make it to the 100 club, but until he decides, his latest challenge of running 12 marathons and 12 half marathons in 12 months, is keeping him focused.
  • Team Member

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    Clare Bonwick - Rugby Property Expert
    When Clare was 13, she moved to a new house with her parents and ever since then, she knew she wanted to be an estate agent. Throughout her school years, Clare combined studying with working in an estate agency. And after working successfully for Odells, Cartwright Holt (now Cartwright Hands), Dixons and Newmans, she was introduced to Paul Campbell on a skiing trip by a mutual friend. 

    Paul and Clare hit it off straight away, thanks to a shared property passion and similar ways of doing business. So, it'll come as no surprise to learn, that she didn't take much persuading to join his team. 

    Clare has a very practical and direct approach to selling and letting houses, she believes in providing a first-class customer service. To her, it's a very personal exercise. If you give Clare the responsibility of selling your property, she will take it very seriously. She is not motivated by money, only the satisfaction and delight of her customers when they get the best price. 

    Many people don't recognise that certain aspects of their property could be off-putting. And some agents don't think to point out these issues. But Clare is upfront and tactful and wants to do everything she can to maximise the value of a customer's property. So, by making simple suggestions and offering easy solutions, she can show customers how to present their property effectively. 

    When selling a property, the way you choose to present it can quite literally make you or cost you thousands of pounds. It's as simple as that! Putting in a bit of effort by de-cluttering, tidying, cleaning and maybe rearranging some furniture can make a huge difference to the end price. Clare is also impeccable at nailing down the composition of photography, using clever interior design tweaks to dress the rooms or the whole house and carefully selecting the words used in sales particulars and Clare is the lady to do it. 

    She's lucky really, because photography, prose and interior design are all things that she enjoys. So, leave it to her and she will work her magic to showcase the features and benefits of your property in order to attract the right buyers. Clare is very good at becoming a team with the sellers that she is representing and making sure that they are working together to achieve the best price possible. 

     As her colleagues, we can only say that she is incredibly calm, collected, loyal, professional and great with people. She has made many friends from her work, often with customers going on to be friends. When she's showing people around a property on a viewing, she tends to interview them, so she can find out more about them. This way she can then show them properties that will have the greatest appeal. And when selling a property, Clare really get to know everything about it, so she can confidently talk about it to potential buyers. 

     Clare is very selective about her customers. She doesn't take on too many properties, that way she can give the best levels of service and completely focus on her current customers. 

     And when she's not a work, Clare enjoys singing - Jazz is a favourite. She also loves spending quality time with her two boys.
  • Team Member

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    Amanda Loydall - Weedon Property Expert
    Amanda joined the Campbells team in 2009 as the Weedon and surrounding villages property expert. 

     Now a very experienced and knowledgable Senior Associate (a rank within our team that is very hard to achieve) 

    Amanda started her career as an independent, whole of market, mortgage adviser. 

     As part of her training back then, she spent 6 months working in an estate agency role, which is where she started gaining extensive knowledge of the property industry. 

    A chance meeting with a colleague of Paul's led to Amanda becoming the Campbells Independent Mortgage Advisor; a role she did for 18 months until she switched over to concentrate on estate agency. 

     This felt like a natural progression for Amanda, as well as a good way of achieving a better work-life balance. 

     Amanda's background in mortgages is a great asset for our customers. Not only can she help you with your property questions, but she can point you in the right direction for your financial ones too. 

    Amanda enjoys working with her customers. She treats them as she herself would want to be treated and helps to make their moving journey as enjoyable as possible. 

    At Campbells, we value the relationships we build with our customers, we enjoy being the ones you can confidently come to with your property queries, knowing that we will look after you and your property properly. 

     It's fair to say that if you get to know Amanda, you will soon realise that she is very giving, knowledgeable, tenacious and calm. Amanda never gets agitated or flustered and so you can rest assured that you have the best person to represent you and your property in a what can be a very stressful situation when not handled properly. 

     Amanda is always there for her customers at Campbells and knows how incredibly important it is to have the confidence that your Property Expert is on your side and is only a phone call away. 

    She keeps her eye on the ball and is totally focused on helping customers and getting the job done. 

    Her attention to detail means you will always get the most compelling property details in order to find the best buyer for the best price too. 

     Amanda prides herself on giving accurate, realistic valuations based on experience and backed up by comparable properties she has sold.
  • Team Member

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    Stan French - Ashby Fields Property Expert
    Stan became an Associate at Campbells in 2007 having worked in Manufacturing, Sales and Promotion in Northamptonshire's Shoe Industry. 

    Stan was looking for a fresh challenge in his life and as he enjoys meeting and communicating with like-minded people, Campbells was definitely the right place to go to.

    The years have passed by and Stan is now a Senior Associate and a key member of the Campbells team. He takes great pride in providing impeccable customer service alongside the rest of the team and ensuring that his customers have a smooth and pleasant moving experience with nice memories to remember. 

     Having been both a seller and a buyer in the past, Stan knows without a doubt that Campbells differ from other estate agencies. 

    Our award winning level of customer service is paramount. We ensure that your moving experience is as smooth as possible, by providing simple communication and sharing our knowledge of how the property market works. 

    Stan has a number of roles as far as the customer is concerned so, whether you're selling a property, buying a new home or looking to rent a property, he can help you through each process. 

    For Stan, the most satisfying part of the job is when our buyers or sellers, pick up or drop off their keys and you can see in their eyes how grateful they are for the help and the fact that for a short space of time, we became part of their family and supported them throughout one of the biggest choices in life. 

     The best thing is when customers that you have helped in the past trust us with their most expensive asset and come back to us times and times again like old friends - there's no greater pleasure than watching them throughout their life journey. 

     If you are thinking of selling your property and would like some help, feel free to give Stan a call and he would be more than happy to pop in and share his knowledge with you.
  • Team Member

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    Sian Mccurrach - Customer Care
    Having worked in the estate agency business for 5 years after completing her degree, Sian loved the diversity of the business and has a great passion for helping people with their journey into their new homes. 

    However, in 2006, Sian and her family were excited for a new adventure. 

    They moved to France where they all learnt the language, the culture and carved out new lives. In spite of this idyllic lifestyle, the pull back to the UK was too great. 

    Sian is the one member of our team that gets to speak to all of our customers to ensure they are being looked after and their journey with us is as smooth as possible. 

     Quite often, we jokingly call Sian our 'sweeper' as her duty is to make sure everybody who has ever been in touch with Campbells have been handled correctly and our team have done their best to help. 

     Sian is a huge asset to our team when it comes to making sure that all property transactions are going through nicely - when it comes to communicating with all the solicitors, other agents and any other people involved in your move, Sian never walks away without a precise answer. 

     Her determination and persistence of getting you in your dream home in combination with the knowledge and expertise of our Property Experts really makes the dream team that any buyer or seller should have on their side.
  • Team Member

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    Jeremy Taylor - Local Property Expert
    Jeremy joined the Campbells team in 2020 and he has been a key member of the team ever since. Having moved quite a few times and experienced the roles of a buyer as well as a seller, his main priority is to assure that our customers have a smooth and pleasant moving experience. 

     Jeremy is very much a 'local' person, having been born in the Horton hospital in Banbury and brought up in the village of Upper Boddington. 

    He moved to Surrey in his early twenties but even then, he would return at weekends to play rugby for Harbury or cricket for Boddington - depending on the time of the year. He moved back to the area a few years ago and he is now permanently based in Lower Boddington. 

    Jeremy concentrates on all the villages in the surrounding areas between Byfield and Southam as he is very knowledgeable of the area and moreover, is a member of the community. 

    Jeremy has bought and sold many homes that he's personally had over the years, so he fully understands the emotional rollercoaster that this process can take you on. 

    Having a team of Property Experts that collectively have hundreds of years of experience in the industry, the property market and the local area, you can stay assured that you are in good hands and once you're on board, you'll never look back. 

     As his colleagues, we can honestly say that Jeremy is a nice and caring individual that always has his customers' interests at heart. Beyond his passion for property, Jeremy is an avid lover of numerous sports - though other than a few rounds of golf, principally as a spectator these days. 

    He also thoroughly enjoy spending time with his family, walking their gorgeous dog or having a 'pint' with friends in one of the many village pubs that thankfully remain an integral part of the village lifestyle.

      If you see Jeremy out and about in the area, feel free to go and say hello...
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Campbells Customer Reviews
  • Introduction

    Who Are You Dealing With?
    We could tell you we're great until the cows come home, but why should you believe us?

    Instead we thought you'd like to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. 

    Below is a selection of the testimonials we've had from happy sellers and buyers over the years.

Testimonials from Sellers

  • Seller Testimonial

    Achieved a successful sale with their help quickly
    I am very pleased with the help and advice we received from Jeremy Taylor at Campbells. 

    From helping us think about a realistic valuation, the marketing and advice on offers received this was first class. 

    We had tried to sell our property several time before without success, but we achieved a successful sale with their help quickly this time! Many thanks. 

    - Alison, NN11
    About Jeremy
  • Seller Testimonial

    We feel we received excellent value for money.
    Our thanks to you and the team for an excellent service.

    We chose Campbells as you have an excellent reputation in the area and also for the in depth quotation we received after your first visit, highlighting other similar properties advertised in our area.

    You were always friendly, even in the face of adversity, and always responded to our requests for information promptly.

    We are very pleased that we chose Campbells to handle our property sale and feel we received excellent value for money.

    When the goalposts changed and we decided to pull out of our purchase and rent instead, this meant that in order to secure the property we had to exchange and complete quickly.

    Your communication and progress chasing enabled this to happen and we believe you deserve a customer service award.

    You have acted very professionally during the whole process and you have kept us informed at every stage, which has made all the difference and we really appreciate your support.

    - Paul, NN11
    about Stan
  • Seller Testimonial

    The sale exchanged and completed within 6 weeks
    From the very first meeting, we realised that we had chosen the right estate agent to market and sell our house. Stan is knowledgeable, sincere and personable.

    We had a candid discussion about the market place, a strategy for selling our home and a timescale provided. 

    There was some kind advice for improving the appeal of our house and then Stan created a wonderful set of details and images.

    The strategy provided was an open house event, where we should expect some offers, followed up by best and final bids. 

    That is exactly the process we used and Stan enabled from start to finish. 

    It was a million miles from how we use to sell houses, but with the market performing as it has been, and the saleability of of our home because of location and condition we had an amazing result and success.

    Stan launched the house on to the market and after little more than a week had arranged a series of viewings for the Saturday open day and then added more viewings on the following Monday as there were so many potential buyers. 

    He updated us at the end of the viewing day and we had offers almost immediately. Shortly after the final set of viewings on the Monday we had 4 offers which Stan explained. 

    Having already vetted each buyer on their ability to proceed we were able to accept a best and final bid with confidence. 

    That confidence was very important to us as we were moving out of the area and had already committed to a rental contract.

    The sale exchanged and completed within 6 weeks, which is absolutely exceptional, and would not have been possible without the attention to detail, professionalism and integrity that Stan and your company provided.

    Both Jane and myself are massively grateful to Stan, but also yourself Paul, for the quality of service and even more pleased that we were able to work with your company and associates. 

    Colin and Jane, NN11
    about Stan
  • Seller Testimonial

    His "Not a problem!" attitude was reassuring
    I wanted to write and give some feedback on our recent experience with Campbells of Daventry, and with Stan French in particular.

    Right from the outset, when we first enquired about the property, the friendly tone and professionalism of the people we spoke to was reassuring especially as we'd had some less than positive experiences before then. 

    When we met Stan at the property he was fantastic right from the start. Very friendly, very engaged and just very human.

    No questions were too strange and nothing was too much trouble. Throughout the whole process, we felt that we could just ring Stan and ask whatever we needed to.

    His "Not a problem!" attitude was reassuring and he followed up on what he said he would do - and that's a rare thing these days.

    The level of customer service we received both from Campbells and Stan were second to none, and we would have no hesitation recommending Campbells of Daventry to anyone looking to buy a house. 

    Tanya and Adrian, NN11
    about Stan
  • Seller Testimonial

    Sian was an absolute godsend
    Sian was an absolute godsend during our whole moving process. 

    She made the whole process as stress free as humanly possible.

    Her communication was excellent and her dedication was outstanding.

    We can not thank Sian enough for her work and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a stress free move.

    We also dealt with numerous other members of the Campbell's team and they have been as equally as helpful.

    Thank you all so much and we look forward to our new lives in our new home.

    Sam and Hayley
    about Sian
  • Seller Testimonial

    Delighted with the apparently effortless process
    We needed to sell an elderly relatives property. 

    Not living in the area we had to select a suitable agent with understanding of the market and who would be supportive to our requirements.

    We selected Campbells and found their agent totally understanding and extremely helpful throughout the whole process undertaking actions on our behalf as appropriate.

    Importantly, the agent communicated progress frequently and kept us fully informed throughout.

    We were delighted with the apparently effortless process and the outcome.

    We would recommend Campbells as a company who go the extra mile on behalf of their clients -moreover extremely pleased with their care and attention to detail. Second to none.

    Colin, NN7
    about Stan
  • Seller Testimonial

    Thank you for everything you did
    Thank you for everything you did to make that happen, to put the chain together initially and all the antisocial hours emailing, I think we would still be waiting otherwise.

    It's much appreciated, if all agents worked like you do then they wouldn't get the flack they are sometimes subjected to. 

    I will happily sing your praises to anyone who wants to go through the torment of selling their house!

    Thank you Jeremy 

    Heather, NN11
    about Jeremy

Testimonials from Buyers

  • Buyer Testimonial

    Communication was top class
    Campbells demonstrated exquisite professionalism through the moving process, Communication was top class and they weren't even my estate agents even though it felt like they where.

    - Paul, NN11
  • Buyer Testimonial

    Sian is clearly very skilled at her job
    Sian has been nothing short of incredible. Her determination and drive to get the job done has been second to none and we feel extremely lucky to have worked with Sian during the purchase of our home with Campbells. Sian is clearly very skilled at her job and has always given honest advice. The support we've had from Sian has been brilliant and we couldn't have asked for anything more, thank you Sian!

    Jamie has been so brilliant and patient with us. He has offered advice at every stage of our home-buying journey and has always been very friendly and helpful. Jamie even gave up a day of his holiday to allow us to view the house again, which just shows his dedication and commitment to Campbells. Thank you, Jamie!

    Paul's honesty and transparency right from the start has demonstrated just how amazing the foundations that Campbells is built on. He offered sound advice during our first viewing and went the extra mile during our offer process, being available whenever we needed him. Thank you, Paul! 

    Tim and Gabby, NN11
    about Sian, Jamie and Paul
  • Buyer Testimonial

    Campbells put us at ease - highly recommended!
    Sian and Jamie were excellent throughout the process of myself and my girlfriend purchasing our first home together.

    Both were very personable yet professional and Sian was always on hand to provide us with accurate information, update us with the status of the process and answer any questions we had. 

    Campbells put us at ease during what is usually deemed quite a stressful process by most - highly recommended! 

    Adam and Georgia, NN11
    about Sian and Jamie
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