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Welcome to Collinson Hall
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    Collinson Hall is an experienced independent company based in St Albans with a second office in Chiswell Green. From these offices the company serves the wider mid Hertfordshire district.

    In a highly competitive market Collinson Hall is well known for providing dependable advice and achieving exceptional results for its clients.

    The higher profile activities of the business include residential property sales & lettings. There also is, however, a very active commercial department providing property management services, block management services and land sales/development advice to a large portfolio of clients.

    As a company that relies on their reputation as a constant source of recommendation from existing clients it is crucial to consistently deliver on promises. There are a number of testimonials on this website from clients who have experienced working with the business and have been very pleased they chose Collinson Hall.

    The company aspires to be the best in everything they do - without cutting corners.

    Quality and integrity come as standard.

    Steven Walker - Managing Director & Owner

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    Collinson Hall have been acting as managing agents for many years. Sometimes for generations of the same family.

    Plenty of our clients have just one property and some have many. They all need the same commitment to care for their property and preserving and maximising the income and value in an ethical, timely and business-like manner.

    Collinson Hall is a member of ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents). ARLA have demanding membership requirements that include annual accountants certificates to ensure clients funds are held in the proper manner, professional indemnity insurance and a thorough understanding of legislation relating to the letting and management of property. We mention this as it is important to know the standards to which the company with whom you entrust your property will be run.

    We have put some information about us and the services we offer below but please to do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know anything further.

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    Looking for tenants
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    Maximising the potential return on your investment means getting the best rental value, limit periods when the property is vacant and ensure that you get tenants that will meet their rent commitments.

    Flats and houses in St Albans and the surrounding area are highly sought after by a variety of tenants often with a London focus or looking to take advantage of the local schools and facilities.

    If you are the owner of a local flat or house, chances are we have potential tenants waiting in the wings.

    Since 1825 we have been helping landlords in the local area to get the most out of their property investments.

    Whether you need help finding a tenant, identifying the rental value of your property or planning refurbishments that will make your property more attractive, we have the experience to help.

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    Looking for a agent you can trust?
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    Property is a sound investment but it can come with its fair share of challenges. Finding a tenant is only the start of the job. Ensuring that your tenants remain happy is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

    Many of our clients don't have the time to sort out the wide range of niggles that can befall a property and require an agent that can move fast and resolve issues quickly.

    We have been managing residential properties in St Albans and the surrounding area for over 100 years and pride ourselves on our ability to take the hassle out of managing an investment property.

    From collecting rents to paying contractors to planning and executing refurbishments we take on all of the agro so you don't have to.

    • We have a team of contractors that have been working with us for years.
    • We can get someone to your property promptly to sort out any issues with electrics, plumbing and any other maintenance issue.
    • All of our suppliers are accredited and hold public liability insurance.
    • We benefit from discounted rates due to the volume of business on both maintenance work and insurance contracts, which we pass onto you.
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    Why choose Collinson Hall as your Letting Agent?
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    We are a dedicated, friendly and experienced team in the letting and management of property with a comprehensive knowledge in all areas, including the legal and financial aspects of letting.

    Established in 1825 we have continued to grow because of our high customer standards, values and reputation.

    Excellent accurate advice: The company operates to "best practice" principles for the industry and constantly keeps up-to-date with legislative changes and will advise you accordingly.

    Members of ARLA (Associated of Residential Letting Agents): A number of senior staff are members of ARLA (a sub-division of the National Association of Property Professionals NFOPP). ARLA is the leading professional body for lettings and property management, with demanding membership requirements that include:

    "Annual accountants certificates to ensure clients funds are held in the proper manner, Professional Indemnity insurance and a thorough understanding of legislation relating to the letting and management of property."

    The highest rental income: We will work for you to achieve the highest rental income from the most reliable tenants, who will undergo a thorough and rigorous referencing process.Collinson Hall have a dedicated, full-time accounts team who pay the rent to the landlords when it arrives, not according to a "once a week" schedule.

    Fair, competitive fees for our services. There are no hidden costs and from day one our clients will always understand how much income they will receive.

    We do not supplement income through commissions or referral fees (that you would unknowingly pay) charges against supplier invoices, so you can rest assured that contractors are assigned to you based upon their ability to perform the task and value for money.

    Contractors/suppliers are sourced based on competitive cost and track record. We hold a record of Public Liability insurance for every contractor.

    Consistent, high standard of service and communication: We have assembled a dedicated team with many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of lettings and property management. Being based in one location is essential to providing seamless communication and service.

    The most suitable tenant for you: We aim to find the most suitable tenant for your property. Our lettings consultants interview prospective tenants to ensure that their requirements and your needs align perfectly. We believe that by taking the time to qualify prospective tenants thoroughly as part of the lettings process you have the best possible chance of enjoying a safe, predictable tenancy.

    All prospective tenants are fully referenced by an independent, reputable referencing agency. Van Mildert is the UK's premier tenant referencing and landlord protection service. Their comprehensive assessments include: Employment and Income Details, Credit, Fraud and CCJ Checking and Previous Landlords Reference.

    Company Tenancies through Relocation Agents: Collinson Hall deal with many of the leading relocation companies that specialize in company lets for their corporate clients.

    Professional Indemnity Insurance: For your peace of mind and to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances you should know that Collinson Hall have comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance.
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    We have a menu of services which allows you to choose the most appropriate level of involvement with the tenants and your property. Most landlords ask Collinson Hall to manage every aspect, whilst others merely want us to manage the marketing and find the tenant. We will discuss in detail the advantages and fees for all options.

    However, to summarise ,the services can largely be separated into three different types these being:-

    Find Tenant Only

    We will assess the property in order to advise on the potential rental value, and agree with you a marketing strategy. We will require a current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in order to market the property. We can arrange this for you if you do not already have one. 

    Once we have received your signed instructions and terms of business, we will offer your property to the market, using our recognised marketing methods.

    Applicants are qualified prior to viewing your property and when a prospective tenant wishes to apply for a tenancy we will contact you to seek your instructions.

    Once an agreement in principle has been reached, we will obtain personal data in respect of the prospective tenant(s) via a reputable credit referencing agent, which you are welcome to review in order to satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the applicant.

    Following assessment and approval of your prospective tenant(s) references we shall prepare the draft tenancy agreement for your perusal and, subject to your endorsement, we will facilitate the signing of the agreement by both parties.

    Our standard tenancy agreement has been endorsed by the National Federation of Property Professionals and provides for the rent to be paid in advance by standing order to ensure prompt regular payments.

    Prior to the commencement of your tenancy, your tenant will be required to provide us with one month's rental in advance together with the security deposit.

    Following receipt of funds and subject to your agreement we will arrange for a third party to conduct an inventory/schedule of condition and your tenants will be formally checked-in to the property. We strongly recommend the appointment of an independent, impartial professional body to commission the report, to support your right to make a claim against the tenants' deposit at the end of the tenancy, should it be necessary.

    Once applicants have made the smooth transition into tenants, we will forward a statement detailing the rent received and fees that will be deducted from the rent, and the balance of monies will be transferred to you via bank transfer.

    Let & Collect

    Find Tenant Only plus:

    We will collect the rent throughout your Tenancy and enforce payments.

    We have a strong in-house accounting and financial team who will supply monthly/quarterly statements of account.

    To give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that your tenant defaults on their financial obligation to pay the rent as set out in your tenancy agreement, we use all reasonable means available to us to recover late payments or arrears.

    In addition to enforcing regular, timely payments we will also contact you prior to the end of your tenancy to seek your instructions regarding extending, renewing or ending your tenancy. Naturally, we would recommend a review of rent level receivable in respect of your property taking into account present open market rents in the locality.

    Full Management

    Let and Collect plus:

    Dealing with the day-to-day maintenance so you don't have to.

    Collinson Hall has a large portfolio of Residential, Commercial and Block Management properties. We have decades of experience ranging from very minor works to major renovations of large buildings.

    We have an abundance of approved local contractors to suit every eventuality. All of the contractors who work with us have been carefully vetted, they understand the importance of reliability, rapid response and value for money.

    We do not receive commission on any contractors' invoices, therefore our sole objective is to provide you with the best person for the job at the right price.

    In addition to managing the day-to-day maintenance we will also inspect and comprehensively record the condition of your property; this will be undertaken at 3 months after the tenancy start date and at six-monthly intervals thereafter.

    We will produce monthly/quarterly and final financial statements. We offer transparent statements and reporting, and you will also receive original contractor invoices for your records.

    We will manage any unavoidable deposit disputes: Understandably, landlords are concerned about tenants who might fall into arrears or damage a property. Collinson Hall are members of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and our management department is on hand to offer advice based on a wealth of experience when dealing with deposit disputes. Clients are always advised to commission independent inventory services to ensure the property condition is properly documented prior to the beginning of the tenancy and all the tenancy documentation is drawn up in accordance with current industry recommendations.

    By following best practice in this way, the possibility for disputes is reduced and we are properly equipped to tackle the occasional issue when it does arise.

    Assistance to Landlords Solicitors.

    The list is not exhaustive and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options to suit your needs.

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    The Renting Process
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    Once you have completed the online registration form, called or visited our office, we will begin a specific search for suitable property for you.  

    • We will search our database, keep you up to date with new instructions and arrange viewings for the properties that interest you.
    • Once we have found a suitable property we will ask you to complete our tenant referencing documentation (for which there is a charge), pay the holding deposit and to thoroughly read through the prospective tenant information paperwork.
    • Subject to satisfactory references and with the landlord's agreement, we will provide you with a draft tenancy agreement for your perusal.
    • On the day the tenancy commences we will arrange for you to be met by the inventory clerk (if applicable), who will produce a report of the condition of the property.
    • Prior to the commencement of the tenancy you will need to have provided us with your signed tenancy agreement and in cleared funds, your advanced rent (your first month), your deposit (normally 6 weeks rent) and if applicable, the check-in fee. Provided all the above is completed satisfactorily you will then be given the keys and can move in.
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    Administration & Sign Up details
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    INCOME GUIDE (Approximately Monthly rent x 30)

    Gross Basic Salary can be made up of joint salaries. Anyone who is not in full-time permanent employment, or is self-employed may need a suitable Guarantor or could pay the full term up front - To proceed on this basis we need authorisation from the Landlord.

    Monthly Rent Gross Basic Salary (before tax/tips/bonuses, etc.)

    £600 £18,000
    £750 £22,500
    £900 £27,000
    £1,250 £37,500
    £1,500 £45,000+


    1) Holding Fee (subject to conditions - see preliminary deposit receipt booklet) to hold property while references are being processed - if referencing successful, this will be deducted from your deposit when signing up.

    2) Administration and (Van Mildert) (Referencing)

    £300.00 - 1 person to go on Tenancy Agreement
    £400.00 - 2 persons to go on Tenancy Agreement
    £500.00 - 3 persons to go on Tenancy Agreement
    £600.00 - 4 persons to go on Tenancy Agreement

    Guarantors £100 per application

    The above has to be in cash or cleared funds.

    A confirmed Tenancy start date which gives Collinson Hall at least one week from the completion of the referencing is required.


    Deposit of 1½ months rent - returnable when property is vacated, providing it is left in a clean and tidy condition acceptable to Collinson Hall.

    plus 1 months rent in advance

    Please note that ALL MONIES MUST BE IN RECEIVED IN CLEARED FUNDS ie Cash, Bankers Draft or Debit Card.

    NB: We cannot hand over keys to any property without having ALL tenants or guarantors signatures are on the Agreements.

    No Pets & No Smoking and No adverse credit history unless by special prior agreement.

    If a Professional Inventory/Schedule CHECK IN is required the tenant is liable for the charge (see separate tariff).

    Lease renewal fee - £40.00. This becomes payable if an extension to the current tenancy agreement is required.

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Lettings & Property Management Team
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    We are pleased to introduce the team that deals with the letting of property, block & estate management and property management.
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    Philippa Dowson
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    David Kaloczi
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    Jade Saunders
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    Amy Crosby
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    Kamila Fullbrook
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    Becky Railston
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    Andrew Clark
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    Karen Birch
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    Gary Ashton
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    Jason Payne
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    Testimonials from Landlords

    • Landlord Testimonial

      consistently find good tenants
      "We have been using Collinson Halls to let our house for over 30 years. They consistently find good tenants, who look after the house well and pay their rent - quite a challenge as we look for a new tenant every year. Their service is always professional and friendly." Hugh and Linda
    • Landlord Testimonial

      professional, proactive and extremely focused
      "Collinson Hall have been our Letting Agent for the past six years. We have always found them to be professional, proactive and extremely focused on our needs, providing insightful advice, both with respect to sourcing new tenants and ongoing property management. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other prospective landlords in the area, and could not have wished for our property to be in better hands. Thank you and keep up the good work." Simone and Mark
    • Landlord Testimonial

      first class management!
      "The entire team, from David Kaloczi to Karen Birch and Jackie Henshaw have made the entire lettings experience very easy and seamless. They're prompt, proactive, efficient and prolific when it comes to issues and feedback. First class management! I'm very grateful for their on-going professionalism and hard work." Chris
    • Landlord Testimonial

      everything you have done has been first class
      "I have decided to drop a line to you just to say thanks to you David and the rest of your fantastic team. We came along to you a couple of years ago now and really knew very little about letting property, with your sensitive handling and expert guidance we decided to let Collinson Hall fully manage our property and what a decision it has been. Everything you have done for us has been first class, the tenants, the contracts you handle and the maintenance experts you provide have allowed us to carry on with our lives knowing full well that any property matters are being dealt with fully by Collinson Hall. I was really impressed how the last family left the house, and so pleased with the new family you found for us. If anybody requires reassurance on instructing Collinson Hall to let and manage their property I would be more than happy to share my own experience it really has been a surprise to me how professionally and smoothly it has all been done." Norman
    • Landlord Testimonial

      very happy with the service provided
      "We have been so far very happy with the service provided. Collinson Hall takes good care of both, tenants and landlords and is very efficient in getting things done. Since we want to keep good tenants happy and our flat in good condition, we really appreciate that all problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. On top of that you have all been very easy to deal with and very professional and your contractors (that we have also used thanks to your recommendation in our new property) are excellent (that's our experience so far)." Vanessa
    • Landlord Testimonial

      we would certainly recommend you to others
      "We have been very satisfied with the service provided by yourselves. This is the first time we have acted as landlords and everything happened so quickly in December but you were on hand to answer any questions we had. We have found you all to be very professional to work with and very approachable and we would certainly recommend you to others." Thank you Greg and Susanna
    • Landlord Testimonial

      no hesitation in recommending your firm
      "We would like to thank you for your help and assistance in letting the above property. Every communication we have had with your office has been extremely pleasant and helpful. Thank you once again and we would have no hesitation in recommending your firm." Thank you Ian and June
    • Landlord Testimonial

      extremely diligent and professional
      "Our Trust has used Collinson Hall for many years as the manager of our substantial portfolio. They have carried out this work extremely diligently and professionally at all times and we would have no hesitation in recommending them." Roy
    • Landlord Testimonial

      more than helpful
      "Jackie has been more than helpful, especially with dealing with a transition from another agent and problem previous tenant. I'm very happy with the way everything has been handled. " Many thanks Phil
    • Landlord Testimonial

      An excellent example of providing great service
      "Jackie - a very special thank you for having taken care of my property for so many years. I think you know the house better than I did! You were always fast to respond and always handled various crisis with courtesy. An excellent example of providing great service to customers. Thank you. All the best Ramesh"
    • Landlord Testimonial

      appreciate your guidance, advice and honesty
      "Hi David, I hope you are well. I just wanted to drop you a note now my flat has been sold. You've been great to deal with over these last ten years, and I always appreciated your guidance, advice and honesty. Thanks very much and good luck in the future. Warm regards James"

    Testimonials from Tenants

    • Tenant Testimonial

      fast, efficient and professional
      " As tenant's of one of your management properties for the past 5 years we would like to let you know how happy we are with excellent service you provide. Whenever we have contacted you with any problems they have been solved in a fast, efficient, professional manor. We are always contacted to let us know when the service engineers are attending to rectify the problems. We have recommended Collinson Hall to family and friends. Once again may we thank you for your help." John
    • Tenant Testimonial

      The best team in St Albans
      "Thanks for all your attention David, you have the best team in St Albans....and we have talked to a lot of let agencies...." Mariano and Sabrina
    • Tenant Testimonial

      helpful and attentive
      "Hi Jackie, That's very kind of you. You have been most helpful and attentive, we (and the Landlord!) are very lucky to have you as Property Manager. Thanks Ani"
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