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    Our estate agency was born from the philosophy that every client has different thoughts and needs, meaning that we provide a completely tailored experience. We guide you through the process of selling, renting or buying to maximise the value of your home or investment, and our innovative marketing campaigns will give your property excellent exposure.
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    Elliot Oliver is a strong, professional and proactive estate agency based in new offices on Cheltenham's Promenade. Our highly qualified staff are here to achieve your requirements and exceed your expectations. So whether you have a property to sell, a portfolio of properties to rent or a mixture of both, we will customise our service to deliver the best possible return for you.
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    You've worked hard to acquire a large or small property portfolio for letting in Cheltenham or elsewhere in Gloucestershire. You've heard stories about poor lettings management, maybe had a bad experience before. Above all, you've got to make the most of your property asset. You expect a hassle-free experience, friendly, professional help and the best possible return from your property.

    Please forget any preconceptions and stereotypes about letting agencies. Others may try to persuade you that they're different too. But we really are, because we designed Elliot Oliver to be a very different kind of lettings and property management partner when we launched in early 2014. We can prove it too.

    We're not going to give you a hard sell here (or anywhere). Of course we need a website, but the real proof of our business model comes when you call in, when we listen to what you want to achieve through letting, when we do what we promise we'll do, and when we help you get the best possible return on your portfolio.

    Come and meet us, tell us about your letting plans over a beverage in our 'property café' on Cheltenham's Promenade, call 01242 321 091 or email us

    When we've met you won't just be thinking of letting. We're sure you'll be thinking of letting with Elliot Oliver.

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    Service 1 - Individual Property Letting
    If you are the owner of one property and wish to let it, you can visit us for a personal and professional consultation to understand your requirements. We will then use expert photography, advert writing and marketing strategies to present your property. Our proactive attitude and passion for property letting ensures that you will get maximum value for your investment - in a short time-frame.
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    Service 2 - Letting Multiple Properties
    We have 30 years of experience in property letting, so you can trust us to manage the letting of your property portfolio. Our dedicated property professionals have the industry knowledge and connections to advertise your property investments in leading publications and online portals, to get results quickly and efficiently at the highest possible letting value.
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  • Introduction

    Look forward to working with only the best, most enthusiastic and dedicated property professionals at Elliot Oliver. We're always here to help you sell or let your property - with more than 30 years' combined industry experience!

    Our goal is to give you an exceptionally high standard of personal service that achieves fast and efficient results for you as an individual. We take pressure off you during home moves or property refurbishments - and help you get more from your property.

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    I'm Oliver Bishop, founder and driving force at Elliot Oliver. I'm passionate about property and obsessive about attention to detail - especially when your property dream is involved. I lead and support my team strongly as they deliver the bespoke service you deserve. My mantra? 'Take care of clients; treat everyone as individuals' - from property's high-flyers to the despairing tenant I once talked back from the brink...

    My background? Five years' managerial and directorial roles in Cheltenham and Birmingham agencies. Managing an Iranian businessman's 200-plus properties. Nine years' senior and area management for Lidl and Tesco. And being a buy-to-let landlord since 2004. That's the experience at your disposal.

    I'm hands on and rarely switch off. Home means emailing clients and checking markets. '9 to 5' means leading from the front: viewings, marketing, vendor and landlord meetings, and property inspections. Above all, making sure you enjoy an exceptional property service. It's not all work.

    R&R is socialising with my girlfriend, friends and family, Lady Antebellum or Andrea Bocelli on Play, UFC martial arts on TV, cars, interior design and revitalising travel.

    Then it's back to taking care of you.

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    I'm Justin, co-owner of Elliot Oliver, lettings specialist, weekend 'forest warrior', husband of Kerry, Seth's dad and pre-dawn walker of Hugo and Jasper.

    There's Diana Krall and The Lighthouse Family on the car stereo, 25 years in property on my CV and The Thomas Crown Affair in my DVD library (the Pierce Brosnan remake: knocks the socks off the original!).

    Though Cheltenham's the centre of my world, I've Welsh blood in my veins! So guess what! My passion, when I'm not golfing, footballing or doing triathlon, is... rugby!

    And property, especially lettings. My guiding principles after managing hundreds of homes? Phone on, communicate, focus on you and treat you as I'd like to be treated. Result? The special rapport that secures your dream property or a profitable sale.

    Elliot Oliver wowed me with their fresh, honest approach to property. And the enlightened mix of technology and a comfortable welcome that's more like home than being at a typical estate agent.

    It's all true (or I wouldn't be here). Call and discover for yourself. I don't bite! Not even when summoned to a leaky pipe en route to my wife's maternity-ward bedside...

    That's customer care: my way; the Elliot Oliver way.

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    I'm Phil 'The Help', lettings manager, occasional runner, with little interest in sport, but crazy about music. That's why I play piano at Cheltenham restaurant Zizzi when I'm not looking after lettings. Musical influences include Coldplay and Michael Kiwanuka, with Bowie's Blackstar in the car at the moment (a little Citroen, not the Rolls-Royce I think Elliot Oliver should buy!).

    I'll get a buzz matching you and your ideal property, especially if it isn't something you originally thought of. Alongside integrity, service and classy properties, that's what we're about here.

    Having recently become a landlord, I can relate to your letting requirements. That was while I worked in London for a while - before the Cotswolds called me back. London's OK, but there's something special about Cheltenham's range of property - from Regency mansions to entry-level gems waiting to be found if you only know where to look.

    There's virtually nothing (legal and decent) I won't do to help you. One client was so thrilled by my efforts to pull the perfect rental 'from the hat' that she gave me her house-trained rabbit (it was a 'no pets' house). That was unexpected; 'Ted' and I now live happily together!
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    The biggest lessons I learned in property letting before joining Elliot Oliver were the importance of honesty and following up everything.

     Joining such an ambitious small property business has challenged me in new ways compared to the large companies I worked for before - and the winner is you, our property client. That's because handling all aspects of our office management and property co-ordination uses my experience like nothing I've done before.

    Cheltenham's a world away from Southport where I grew up. But my experience, attention to detail, unflappability and problem solving are key to your rewarding property-management experience. When we work together, look forward to my northern warmth, integrity, professionalism and efficiency. Like my colleagues, I'll dirty my hands too - I had to when a tenant left dirty crocks in a property and I called in after work to spirit them away before a new occupier arrived... it's all in a day's work!

    Then it's the gym for me, Calvin Harris or Maceo Plex on the stereo, and home to whatever sport my boyfriend's enjoying - or World of Warcraft. Yes! I've a competitive streak; we should get a lime green Elliot Oliver tank to help us demolish the competition!

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    Hi! Cze¿¿! I'm Karolina, Sales & Lettings Co-ordinator, Jess Glynne fan, no sports allegiance and I melt around animals!

     Whether in English or polskie, I mean business - and love being part of our professional, competitive and refreshing approach to property.

    I take no nonsense, especially from myself! No-one's tougher on me than me; always pushing to exceed expectations, keep you updated and make you feel special. I love leaving people saying 'Wow!'

    Impossible? Can't? I don't know the meaning of the words. I'll ask 'how?', or for colleagues' help, but if something's in my power to do for you, I'll find a way.

    Yes, I'm a 'bit' determined as you understated Brits say. Detail minded too; an efficiency and customer service perfectionist. It's served me well in property. I love every minute; the variety of Cheltenham homes; the lovely people like you...

    I'm not 'Duracell Bunny' all the time; I balance professional drive with approachability and patience. And relaxation at evenings and weekends with my lovely hubby, gorgeous kids and puppy as we walk Leckhampton Hill, make authentic bigos or dream about American monster trucks. Oliver, could we have one in company colours please?

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    I'd never worked in property before joining our lettings and sales admin team. That's good! I bring fresh perspective and loads of client-service experience from working front-of-house in a stylish Cotswolds hotel and managing a busy Cheltenham coffee shop.

    As a lifelong Arsenal fan, I can hold my own with my sportiest colleagues. Teamwork's my thing - and hating to see unhappy clients. Being in hospitality gave loads of opportunities to use initiative to help customers: a wedding anniversary couple whose booking was mislaid; a single-mum with two boisterous toddlers. Sorted! I'll do the same for you - planning so things go smoothly; updating everyone; treating you as I'd want to be treated; and never promising what I can't deliver - even though I don't like saying no!

    More about me? I love Drake's music and I'm going to buck the trend and nominate an animal, not a car, to represent Elliot Oliver. How about a lion (my favourite film's The Lion King) - a classy, noticeable, show-stopper like Elliot Oliver!

    And something the team doesn't know about me? I travelled independently in Thailand for a month with nothing booked. But I'll be infinitely better organised when I help you. Promise!
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    Administration and accounting support for a young, vibrant team takes calmness, customer focus, integrity and loads of property experience. That's me, Georgy!

    Years in sales and lettings accounting means you're in confident hands for bills and payments. My eyes are on every penny of rents and deposits. And count on me to be calm and meticulous with other admin - from contractor liaison to helping with business-critical projects.

    After hours, a passion for pole and boxing fitness, aerial hoops and silks renews me after another day with a successful property agency. And when I'm not emulating Charlize Theron in the Dior ad, I'm probably cheering-on two rugger-mad sons...

    Nothing fazes me (not even tricky numbers or stuck lifts). Thinking on my feet and handling the unexpected probably comes from growing up in an army family! As does seeing different perspectives, knowing when to speak (or keep quiet) and keeping promises.

    Meeting lovely people, deadlines and sales targets, and giving great service make my perfect day. Actually, complete perfection would be an Aston DB9 (matching our sleek professionalism) to drive home - while unwinding with Radio 1 and celebrating another day at Cheltenham's best sales and lettings agency! Oliver?

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed

    My role as Elliot Oliver's 'Saturday girl' belies the admin and client care skills I bring to welcome you and give the weekend's best 'meet and greet' service in Cheltenham property.

    I'm a rower, for whom the Oxford and Cambridge boat race is the year's sporting highlight. Like a perfectly coxed eight, our team is surging forward on the local property scene. It's an exciting time to be on Elliot Oliver's start-up team. Learning the property business perfectly complements my weekday work in recruitment. And the client-liaison skills that are vital when matching candidates to jobs are equally important in property sales and letting.

    Although I'm only in on Saturdays, my passion for property and meeting people makes this a favourite part of the week. It's always exciting to see the new properties since last weekend. Then there's your viewing or valuation to book in, office administration and marketing, and listening attentively to your property requirements. I love it.

    And when I'm not at work? I'll be at the gym, attending keep fit and Zumba, or relaxing with my partner, friends and family.

  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Gloucestershire property's a world apart from the famous bronze-age cave homes in Cappadocia.I've come a long way since my Turkish childhood - geographically as well as in property terms. 

    Since 2002, I've gained a deep knowledge of Gloucestershire property with several corporates. The names were big and the experience was valuable, but none brings Elliot Oliver's fresh, modern approach. Becoming sales manager is a wonderful challenge. 

    As well as experience, I bring practical skills - including being a qualified plumber. It's another profession where professionalism and reliability are everything. They're my guiding philosophies, along with resolving issues immediately and always going further for you. Viewings at unusual times? Naturally! I've even helped clients move, cut grass and re-decorated property to sell it! 

    After hours, I enjoy sports with my children - my son plays for Cheltenham Tigers' under 10s. I also enjoy weightlifting after a busy day. 

    For a dream client and Cheltenham property, how about renting the Beckhams a luxury apartment in the heart of Cheltenham? Hopefully I won't get locked in the bathroom and have to climb out the back window; it's happened... 

    As for that lime-green and grey company vehicle and mascot, how about a Bugatti Veyron. And Tigger, who's always lively, friendly and helpful - like our team.
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Hi! I'm Jessica, lettings negotiator after moving from financial and then heating products. Property's always fascinated me, so my client-service experience, personality and fine-tuned organisational skills have found the perfect new outlet. 

    Sporty I'm not, but walking three rescued dogs (Freddie, a welsh collie, Harvey, a Heinz 57 and Narla, a German-Shepherd-cross-Akita), keeps me busy after hours - and once led me to singer Ed Sheeran. Strange but true! Honest! 

    Like Elliot Oliver, honesty drives everything I do. And going beyond the call of duty as I did when I pulled out the stops to get a client's restaurant open in a week instead of the planned six months. And, of course, keep everyone happy! Delighted clients keep me smiling; and what's better than finding someone's perfect let in and around Cheltenham. My dream client? After you, that would be rapper Cardi B. I'm thinking a big, over-the-top mansion... 

    And so to a company mascot: Oliver, how about a big, friendly, white husky with bespoke lime-green and grey harness. I'll look after it! And maybe a branded Range Rover to go with it?...
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    I've always loved property, even though my first business experience was in the family engineering firm. 

    Now, I love being property consultant here. Meeting people fits my gregarious personality. After hours, I engage people as a club DJ - and as scrum half with a local rugby team. Yes, I'm sporty. As well as playing rugby, I've skied since age four. Black runs at Trois Vallées? No problem. 

    Being young, keen to learn and bringing a fresh outlook is key. And unceasing professionalism works as well at work as when playing Pitbull's 'Hotel Room'. You're paying; you get 100%. 

    Why Cheltenham property? I love selling and Cheltenham's packed with great properties. I'd love to match Michelle 'Our Girl' Keegan to one of town's luxury properties - with pool, cinema room, great views and all the extras. Watch me close the deal! 

    I'm young, ambitious, yet realistic about what I've got to learn. I'll do it, and if I make mistakes I'll be first to fess up and put it right. 

    Now to that company vehicle we get asked to suggest. How about a Ferrari 812 Superfast? And the new company mascot should be a horse - fast moving, elegant with staying power. Like Elliot Oliver. And me!
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Previous careers in teaching and event co-ordination equip me perfectly as Lettings Co-ordinator. Both drew on my personality, organisational skills and ability to work effectively with different people - that's lettings! 

    My guiding business philosophy? 'The answer's yes; what's your question?' And confidently handling whatever comes up - like a bride falling ill at her reception, visiting hospital, then returning at 11 pm for her first dance! Or teaching a five-year-old to talk (yes, really). It's character forming. Finding your dream let won't faze me. 

    Unwinding with squash brings out the determination I'll bring to your property search. Music? Foxes, Kwabs or Young Guns depending on mood. I've a passion for Mexican food and writing poetry too - maybe this profile should be in Haiku! Imagine! Everything I'll do for you in three lines? Or not; there's so much to say. 

    And my biggest career lesson? It's something else that's perfect for property - listening to my instincts about what's right for you. Trust me; I've got your best interests at heart. That's the Elliot Oliver way, which brings me to our new (dream) mascot. How about a West Highland Terrier? Lovely to have around and engage with - like our team!
  • Team Member

    image cannot be displayed
    Retail was yesterday; now I'm property management co-ordinator here and love the challenge. I may be the bubbly, personality-packed bringer of ice-breaking jokes but I match my outgoing nature with unwavering professionalism and an eye for detail that was made for property inspections. And, of course, the organisational skills to perfectly co-ordinate your let. 

    Alongside always treating clients as I'd want to be treated, I won't be the first of our team to say that honesty is my compass. Whether looking after your interests or chasing shoplifters when I worked in retail, honesty has a bearing on everything in business. 

    Unwinding after a busy day looking after clients? I love chilling with some classic old-school music and a big glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I've recently got into F1 too; Lewis Hamilton is great, but I must admit to a soft-spot for Max Verstappen as well... 

    Now there's a promotional idea. Showing our colours around Cheltenham is good, but how about thinking really big with global F1 sponsorship on a Mercedes or Red Bull next year?...
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    Our Clients Say It Best

    Testimonials from Landlords

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Exceptional photographs
      Carly and Damon said...

      "Excellent service given throughout. The property was well promoted with exceptional photographs. You have gone above and beyond our expectations in sourcing a suitable tenant. The whole process of renting our property for the first time was smooth, quick and flawless. We would highly recommend Elliot Oliver."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      The flat was let within 4 days
      Wyndham said...

      "My wife and I had been using the same estate agent to let our flat for several years. When our tenants gave notice last September we contacted the usual agent giving them several weeks opportunity to relet the flat. Several weeks passed without any results and the flat was not let. We happened to be talking to Jim, our plumber, who recommended Oliver. Oliver was on the scene within 24 hours of contacting him, taking fresh photos and due to his positive approach, the flat was let within 4 days with agreements signed etc.!! Rent has been paid regularly with prompt documentation confirming the fact each month. We wish Oliver every success in his new business."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Efficient, courteous and friendly
      Chris said...

      "As someone who spends the majority of their time working away, often with little access to communications, it is important that I know that my property is being managed by someone I can trust. With Elliot Oliver I do not have to worry about spending extended periods overseas as I am secure in the knowledge that a professional team will ensure the proper maintenance of my property. Efficient, courteous and friendly, I cannot recommend Elliot Oliver highly enough."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      I couldn't have asked for more
      Sara said...

      "It sounds trite but it really was our experience: friendly, efficient and professional. I couldn't have asked for more."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Tenants were successfully found within a week
      Chris and Robin said...

      "As first time landlords we found the service of Elliot Oliver to be very helpful, efficient, reliable and responsive. We especially liked the enthusiasm shown for our property. Tenants were successfully found within a week. We shall certainly recommend them."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Retaining the personal touch

      Andy said...

      "Thoroughly professional, always striving to achieve the highest of standards whilst retaining the personal touch, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Oliver and his team. As a first time landlord they have guided me from start to finish and I simply could not have asked for more. Well done!"

    • Landlord Testimonial

      My house was rented very quickly
      Amy said...

      "Very friendly and professional service. Would highly recommend. Was a hassle free experience and my house was rented very quickly."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Happy to go that extra mile
      Marc said...

      "I highly recommend Elliot Oliver, they operate a professional service with a smile, always happy to go that extra mile. My properties have been let with minimal turnaround and ease. A pleasure working with you all and thanks for the Peroni from the fridge."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Both personal and professional at every level
      Jon said...

      "Having taken the decision to put our property in the hands of Elliot Oliver, we now know this has been the best decision we have ever made. We had been using our previous agent for over ten years and when things went wrong and there were many discrepancies that then started to show through the cracks that had been hidden away from us for years. However Elliot Oliver pulled out all the stops well and beyond the call of duty. They made many arrangements on our behalf before we had even signed any paperwork with them. They have been both personal and professional at every level with nothing hidden and everything upfront as it should be. To anyone thinking of using the services of Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings, we highly recommend them."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      One very happy landlord
      Simon said...

      "I'd had my house on the market with another local agent for 2 months trying to find a tenant with no feedback or suggestions on how to find a tenant. I instructed Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings, and they had found me a tenant in less than 24 hours. One very happy landlord."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Their service is far superior
      Dani said...

      "Elliot Oliver were recommended to us by several friends and we were very impressed from the start. Our experience has been seamless, the staff are extremely helpful and informative and found new tenants quickly. We are now on their fully managed option which has taken off the pressures we previously experienced when renting our property. I would highly recommend Elliot Oliver, their service is far superior to what we have previously experiment elsewhere."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Impressed with the high standards of service

      Rashik and Kalpna said...

      "First of all I would like to say how impressed we have been with the high standards of service we have received from Elliot Oliver Sales And Lettings Limited. From the initial contact with Oliver and John, to the speed and efficiency of getting my house on the market for rental, attention to detail of the description, and quality of the photographs taken. Every member of the team has been exceptionally efficient and informative, while still keeping a personal and friendly approach, with prompt and relevant responses. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else, as every step of the rental process so far has been excellent and very professional. Finally, we really appreciate the short time in which you have managed to secure our new tenants, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Many thanks again for all your hard work!"

    • Landlord Testimonial

      I am delighted with the outcome

      Susie said...

      " I found Elliot Oliver after a friend's recommendation. I had had no luck with marketing my apartment for over three months and was beginning to despair. In no time they had turned the situation around and found me a suitable tenant. They are very professional and very approachable and I am delighted with the outcome."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      I feel valued as a landlord with Elliot Oliver

      John said...

      "Quality comes from the attention to detail and that makes the difference when letting with Elliot Oliver. Properties are properly assessed with any recommendations for the landlord made. Their fresh approach results in properties being quickly, accurately, and professionally marketed which in my experience has always cut any void between tenancies to an absolute minimum. I feel valued as a landlord with Elliot Oliver and feel that their pragmatic and fair outlook benefits both Landlord and Tennant."

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Elliot Oliver will always be my first port of call

      Martin said...

      " It was an impressive turnaround; just four days from when I made the initial call to Elliot Oliver to when a tenant was found. Thereafter the process was smooth, prompt and professional and exactly in line with our initial discussions. In the future, Elliot Oliver will always be my first port of call."

    Testimonials from Tenants

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Restoring my faith in dealing with agents
      John said...

      "Elliot Oliver have been highly professional and provided a super service from start to finish, restoring my faith in dealing with estate/letting agents, telephone calls were always returned, emails responded to and nothing has been too much trouble. They have made the whole process of renting as smooth and trouble free as possible."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Great communication, would recommend
      Dytecna Group said...

      "Easy process from start to finish. Great communication, would recommend."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Came across as very friendly and professional
      Charlotte said...

      "The Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings Team from viewing to organisation of the contract came across as very friendly and professional. Information given to me promptly and very happy to be letting with you."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very efficient
      Dawn and Mark said...

      "Great Communication, kept us advised and in the loop. Very efficient."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      All round helpful and positive team
      Alice and Ryan said...

      "All round helpful and positive team. Couldn't fault."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      John and Vanessa were both very prompt
      Lauren said...

      "I found Elliot Oliver a great company. John and Vanessa were both very prompt and helpful. I am very pleased at how quickly and professionally everything has been done."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very good in guiding us through the process
      Abigail and Dylan said...

      "Elliot Oliver have been very good in guiding us through the process from start to finish for our first time as tenants."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Great experience
      Tom said...

      "Great experience, friendly staff and easy to talk to on the phone. Thanks!"
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Would recommend to friends
      Sam and David said...

      "Very helpful - all requests met, would recommend to friends."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Excellent service
      Michael said...

      "Excellent service, fast and efficient and very helpful."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      I will recommend you
      Bashayr said...

      "I found the service very helpful for me as an international student. The letting process was fast and the staff are very friendly. I will recommend you."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Simon and Vanessa were very proficient
      Michael said...

      "From meeting Simon by chance when waiting for another agent to show up, EO has been very friendly. As soon as i wanted to go ahead with the letting, both Simon and Vanessa were very proficient with sorting references and corresponding with the Landlord which allowed me to move in swiftly. Pleased with the service so far!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Excellent service, very helpful
      Rob said...

      "Excellent service, very helpful. Answered all of my questions promptly and assisted where they could."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly, approachable, very helpful
      Alex and Georgina said...

      "Friendly, approachable, very helpful and clear information. Overall very happy with the experience!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Great service
      Michael said...

      "All has been fantastic. Great service."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      The whole experience has been top class
      James and Sophie said...

      "The Team at Elliot Oliver have been very helpful and friendly. The whole experience has been top class and have been kept up to date every step of the way. Would certainly recommend."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Fantastic, can't fault the service
      Alex said...

      "Fantastic, can't fault the service."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      I would thoroughly recommend them
      Graham and Margaret said...

      "Many thanks for all your help. Vanessa has always been excellent and given us all the information we required. Simon has been very helpful and I would thoroughly recommend him. I would have no hesitation about recommending Elliot Oliver."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very professional in every stage
      Ruth and Stefan said...

      "A very professional and thorough service."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Oliver was very enthusiastic throughout
      Annie said...

       "I am very pleased with the service I have received from Elliot Oliver. When looking for a flat in Cheltenham I found their approach very refreshing, during the viewing Oliver was very enthusiastic throughout, he successfully answered all my questions and it was clear that they take a lot of pride in their properties. The whole process was very quick and easy, which was important as I needed to move in within a week. I also felt the team were always there to answer any of my queries. I would highly recommend Elliot Oliver to anyone looking to rent or sell a property."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly, helpful and excellent service!
      Oliver and Lauren said...

      "Thanks for everything - friendly, helpful and excellent service!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Knowledgeable and friendly team
      Adrian said...

      "Pleasant experience, knowledgeable and friendly team''

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very different to your competition
      Michael said...

      "Website was great, very different to your competition! Very flexible on appointments initially and very responsive/quick. Good professional service, thorough and well informed."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Professional, responsive, dynamic new company
      Jill and Allan said...

      "A professional, responsive, dynamic new company who are an absolute pleasure to deal with."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Lovely office, love the bar!
      Polly and Luke said...

      "Very efficient and accommodating, lovely office and love the bar! Great service and friendly agent."
    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very professional in every stage
      Ashok said...

      "You were very professional in every stage of the letting process."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Fast and helpful service
      Denis said...

      "Thank you for your fast and helpful service and that I have been kept informed all the way along."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Really useful and helpful staff
      James said...

      "Really useful and helpful staff. Very friendly and made the process very easy!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Completely stress free move
      Anna said...

      "The service at Elliot Oliver has been second to none. Their support and knowledge has ensured a completely stress free move. Thank you."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      One of the best agents I have ever dealt with
      Joshua said...

      "The team have been fantastic, very professional and great to deal with. One of the best agents I have ever dealt with."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Vanessa was really kind
      Fermin said...

      "Collected my keys today and I'm really excited about moving in to my brand new house. Vanessa was really kind, helping me through all the steps."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Always there to help me out at every step
      Dong Hyun said...

      "Great service and always there to help me out at every step. I would use Elliot Oliver in the future and would recommend to others."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      You have all been very helpful
      Matthew said...

      "Thank you Oliver and Vanessa, you have made my house hunting experience very enjoyable. You have all been very helpful and made the process as smooth as possible. Definitely would recommend you to others."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      We had a great experience with Elliot Oliver
      Linsey and Emma said...

      "We had a great experience with Elliot Oliver. The service was professional and very helpful throughout the process."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very happy with the service
      Aisling said...

      "Very happy with the service. Dealt with very efficiently by Vanessa. Thank you."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      All in all, top class service
      Lee said...

      "Excellent customer service from the first point of contact and right up until moving day. Friendly agents, attractive properties, stylish office and very user-friendly website. All in all a top class service."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      By far the best letting agent
      James, Levi and Daniel said...

      "Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings were superb. By far the best letting agent I've had to deal with in my experience. Would recommend them."

      "Awesome! And they have beer!"

      "Really helpful and very friendly, they also had beer!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Excellent service, all queries answered quickly
      Luke said...

      "Excellent service, all queries answered quickly. Very happy."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Great experience
      Dexter said...

      "Great experience with Elliot Oliver, fantastic service, very quick and efficient."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      All staff are very helpful
      Jessica said...

      "Collected my keys today and I am really excited about moving into my brand new house. All staff are very helpful and have made the process so easy and stress free. I highly recommend Elliot Oliver."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very efficient service
      Daniel said...

      "The property was exactly what I was looking for. Very efficient service. Many thanks."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      I would highly recommend Elliot Oliver
      Pablo said...

      "Very good and effective customer service. I would highly recommend Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very professional
      Caroline said...

      "When trying to find a property to rent in Worcester we found Oliver's agency to be very professional. He showed us around the property with enthusiasm and followed up in a quick and easy manner. The back up service provided by his agency was done in a timely manner and the move in date was agreed quickly. Oliver kept us up to speed with any developments and always answered any queries in a timely fashion."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      I have been kept informed all the way along
      Holly said...

      "I am very happy with the service I have received. It's been dealt with very quickly and I have been kept informed all the way along. I would recommend Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings to others."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very responsive and helpful
      Jake and Rebecca said...

      "Very pleased and satisfied with how quickly and smoothly the process has gone ahead. As well as how informative and contactable staff have been, very responsive and helpful. Very happy with how we have been dealt with."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      A very positive experience

      Ian said...

      "A very positive experience, welcoming and easy to use."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Plus free Beer!
      Sam, Harry and Oliver said...

      "Excellent! Easy and stress free...Plus free Beer!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Always easy to get hold of someone to talk to
      Claire said...

      "Staff very friendly, knowledgeable and not too pushy. Everything explained clearly. Always easy to get hold of someone to talk to when i called up.

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Oliver was very professional
      Katie and Oliver said...

      "It was a good experience. Oliver was very professional and it was nice to be kept updated by Vanessa"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very good to work with
      Annette and Stanley said...

      "Very good to work with."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Polite and friendly staff
      Harriet said...

      "Very professional and efficient. Made the process nice and easy with all questions always answered quickly. Polite and friendly staff, extremely glad i chose Elliot Oliver to help me move."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      John was very friendly
      Toni and John said...

      "Elliot Oliver were extremely easy to work with from start to finish. John was very friendly and helpful during the initial viewing, and Vanessa walked us through everything from there in a professional and efficient way."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly, efficient and helpful
      Sophia, Lucy and Brigitte...

      "Friendly, efficient and helpful with our questions."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very prompt and organised
      Zoi said...

      "Very prompt and organised. Very keen to help me out and assist me with all my queries."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      would definitely recommend
      Peter and Cailey said...

      "It has been really easy getting ready for moving into the property with this company. You have been good to us with arranging viewings when required. Very good and would definitely recommend to others. Thank you."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Service has been outstanding
      Nick and Slavomira said...

      "Service has been outstanding and communication excellent. Would have no problem recommending in the future.

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very excellent service
      Dawid and Marzena said...

      "Very excellent service. Quick responses. Highly Recommended !!!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      John was awesome
      Leanne said...

      "John was awesome."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very professional and helpful
      Sam and Malin said...

      "Very professional and helpful."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very quick and helpful
      Toby and Lily said...

      "Very Quick and helpful letting service."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly staff
      Rhys and Aimee said...

      "Friendly staff and incredibly helpful in finding us a property."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      I would recommend to Friends/Family
      Alice said...

      "Really great service, easy process, good guidance. I would recommend to Friends/Family."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Good Professional service
      Elizabeth and Chris said...

      "Good professional service from start to finish!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      A special mention to Simon
      Joanne said...

      "I have found you all nothing but amazing both during sale and letting of Riverleys. You guys have helped so much during the process and with difficult solicitors to say the least. A special mention to Simon that has helped so much."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      John is a top lad

      Emma ad Jack said...

      "Very friendly, helpful throughout, not rushed through viewings. Would recommend and use in the future. John is a top lad."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Good letting agency.

      Matthew said...

      " Good letting agency. Quick to respond to queries. Staff helpful."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Everyone has been really helpful

      Olivia and Elliott said...

      " Everyone has been really helpful, answering queries and getting back to us when promised. Very excited to start our tenancy now!"

    • Tenant Testimonial


      Nicola said...

      " Helpful when there was an issue with permit parking at the property. Helpful when I discovered there was going to be no bed in the property."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Really good communication

      Tom said...

      " Really good communication regarding all aspects of completing the letting. Really positive when taken on the viewing and well informed. Friendly and helpful  staff made it a pleasant letting experience."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      John was especially helpful

      James said...

      " The process went very smoothly and everyone was extremely helpful. Would recommend in the future. John was especially helpful."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Completely different to other agencies

      Sarah and Jamie said...

      " Would highly recommend! Completely different to other agencies we have dealt with in the past, fresh approach. Very accessible, loved the email exchanges and being able to do things online and over the phone. Quick, efficient and very professional, friendly."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly and efficient

      William said...

      " Friendly and efficient service which has made the moving process smooth and hassle free. Of particular use was the reference to tenant assure to arrange tenant check, insurance, utilities etc."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very friendly, very helpful

      Graham said...

      " Very friendly, very helpful and the coffee was good."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Fantastic service from start to finish

      Joe said...

      " Fantastic service from start to finish. Thanks for all your help and making it an easy and quick experience!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Organised and professional conduct

      Holly and Henry said...

      " Organised and professional conduct, pleased with the service."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Excellent service

      Daniel said...

      "Excellent service and fast!"

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Friendly and approachable

      Jessica and Mark said...

      "Very helpful and a good service. Friendly and approachable."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Service has been of a very high standard

      Kirsty said...

      " The service I have received from Elliot Oliver Sales and Lettings during the whole process of moving has been of a very high standard."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Quick and efficient service

      Wawrzyniec said...

      "Quick and efficient service. Most of all super friendly and welcoming courtesy of Karolina. Generally very good experience."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Easy process, friendly and efficient

      Claire and Rowan said...

      " Very helpful when finding a property especially from John, he was a real help and made us feel comfortable! Easy process, very friendly and very efficient."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Absolutely flawless

      Benedict said...

      "Absolutely flawless, cannot praise highly enough. Tenant Shop absolutely smashed the job."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      Professional and courteous manner

      Jonathan said...

      " I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the professional and courteous manner in which you and your colleagues have acted. Given my experiences with several other agents you stand head and shoulders above them in every aspect. Should the situation arise I will certainly recommend you."


    • Tenant Testimonial

      Very quick, easy and accommodating

      Stefan said...

      "Very quick, easy and accommodating. Friendly, professional and the property is great."

    • Tenant Testimonial

      All questions answered

      Sarah said...

      "Helpful and positive experience. All questions answered."

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