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Who are Horton & Storey?
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    Founded by estate agents that cut their teeth in traditional residential property institutions, bringing with them credence and qualifications you can trust. Horton & Storey offers people looking to buy or sell a home an alternative to the national estate agents that flood the high street. Offering residential sale and purchase options, we are here to listen and advise, not mislead and over-promise. 
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Selling your property
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    All agents differ. Horton & Storey works with you to achieve a better experience when selling or buying a property.  We understand the value of your time, so we work around you - offering market appraisals 7 days a week with out-of-hours appointments freely available.
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    Market Appraisal
    We prioritise trust, and we want you to know exactly what to expect as our client.

    Most people are aware that valuing a property for marketing purposes can vary between agents. Horton & Storey adopts a truly individual approach to establishing your property's position in the market. We use multiple sources of information and transactional data to compare your property.
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    Create a lasting impression

    The notion is simple - the better your property is presented to the market, the more likely you are to achieve a better sale price.

    We will provide advice on what improvements are worth you spending your valuable time and money on, and the best ways to market your property. We believe that you only get one chance to make an impact on the local market - and some carefully considered changes to the property can make a big difference.

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    Initial marketing

    Horton & Storey works with you as your sole representative and endeavor to protect your interests at all times.

    Our aim is to market your property with the confidence that you are satisfied every step of the way. We take great pride in generating excitement for your property within the market place.

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    Working for you
    If you have bought or sold a property before, you will be aware that properties don't tend to just sell themselves; we are in constant communication with motivated buyers, and aim to introduce your property to those that might be interested.

    Horton & Storey doesn't want just any buyer for your property - we're looking for the right buyer. Being diligent when finding a buyer reduces the likelihood of issues arising in the sale process.

    We will be in constant communication with you, regarding viewings, marketing and feedback. We want to promote trust at all times in our transparency, and offer extra services such as out of hours, accompanied viewings.
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    Agreeing a sale
    Horton & Storey acts with your best interests in mind in agreeing the sale. We will provide you with expert advice and all the evidence needed for you to make an informed decision regarding your property.
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    Post sale

    Our goal is to reduce the time and involvement required of you once a sale has been agreed. We provide weekly updates and liaise with all parties involved in the sale of your property.

    Importantly, we work hard to reduce the number of problems that could cause you, the client, unnecessary and avoidable stress - so you can complete the sale with a smile on your face.

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Thinking of buying?
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    Advice for buyers
    Purchasing a property can be a daunting prospect, it will probably be the most important purchase of your life.

    Because we're focussed on the completion and not just the agreement, Horton & Storey will be with you every step of the way. See below for our tips and what to consider when buying a property. Please see below a list of guidance to help you prepare for purchasing your dream home.
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    1. The true cost of buying

    There are a number of associated costs when purchasing a property. It's important to take into account the following.

    Legal Fees

    You will have to pay for your own conveyancing and this price will vary in relation to the purchase price and complexity of the sale. A leasehold property can be more expensive. Make sure you obtain a number of quotations.

    Stamp Duty

    Stamp Duty implications have changed in recent years and now adopt a more progressive approach. The new system is quite complex, it is based on paying a rate for the proportion of the property that is subject to that rate.

    Lets assume a purchase price of £350,000, the new approach assumes:

    • You pay nothing below £125,000.
    • You pay 2% on between £125,000 and £250,000.
    • You pay 5% on the value of the property above £250,000.

    Working example at £350,000

    £0-£125,000 = £0

    + £125,000-£250,000 x 2% = £2,500

    + £250,000-£350,000 (£100,000) x 5% = £5,000

    Total Stamp Duty payable = £7,500

    Valuation Fees

    This fee will be charged by mortgage lenders. The valuation will provide them with evidence that satisfactory security is apparent for the loan. The cost varies depending on mortgage lender and purchase price.


    There are a range of surveys available when purchasing which range in price and intrusive nature. Prices range from £350 for a homebuyers report up to £1000+ for a structural building survey. This is also subject to purchase price, age, and size of the property.

    Additional costs movers underestimate include:

    • Removal costs
    • Repairs and DIY
    • Soft furnishings!
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    2. Mortgage amounts

    You mortgage will probably become the largest monthly charge once you have moved in. It is important to take your time when choosing a mortgage product. Many buyers don't spend as much time on this aspect when purchasing as they should do, usually incurring costs/charges once in residence.

    A deposit size can vary and the government has schemes to help increase the choice for buyers will smaller deposits, such as Help to Buy. However, these schemes have received criticism in recent years as the borrowers end up paying increased premiums over the term.

    The traditional deposit amount of 10% relating to the purchase price is still competitive. An increase in deposit amount to 15%-20% will attract better rates relating to repayment.

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    3. Research your potential home
    There is a plethora of free information on the Internet relating to the history of your potential home and the surrounding area. To see any sold house price sites such as Nethouseprices, Zoopla and Rightmove provide information that can help you make a decision. These sites also provide information on the local area, the potential layout of the property and older pictures. Census data is invaluable if you want to evaluate the greater geographical location around the property.
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    4. Mortgage in principle
    A mortgage in principle (MIP) or an agreement in principle (AIP) is a basic agreement that states how much you can borrow, subject to finding a property within a timeframe. Although this can be subject to change, it can give you a better chance of acquiring a property. Many agents see this as a positive when offering on a property. Please note that MIPs and AIPs do not secure anything, they are subject to a successful mortgage application and valuation.
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    5. Ask the agent for more information

    Remember purchasing a property will be up there with one of the biggest things you will do in your life. The best way to release that nervous tension is to ask the agent representing the seller as many questions as possible. At Horton & Storey no question will be too small, we understand the importance of the situation and want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We like answering these questions as it reduces the risk of any unforeseen problems once a sale has been achieved.

    We recommend asking your agents the following:

    • How long has it been on the market? Is there a chain?
    • Where are the owners moving to- why?
    • How many viewings has it had?
    • Has it received any offers?
    • How long have the current owners lived there?
    • What's the council tax banding?
    • Has the property been involved in any significant crime(s)?
    • When was it last re-wired?
    • Does the double glazing (if applicable) have a FENSA certificate?
    • What are the neighbours like?
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    6. View more than once
    This factor is important when considering how the property looks in different weather conditions and different times of the day. Viewing the property in the day you are more likely to notice obvious internal and external defects. However, evening viewings are more important in relation to neighbours and how good the lighting is throughout the house.
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    7. Phone a friend

    Many people know someone who has more knowledge of building pathology than them. Get them to give you an honest opinion of the property and how this will relate to the price. This could also save you money on a survey further into the purchase. Key problems to look for are:

    • Exterior cracking- This could be settlement depending on the property age but it can relate directly to a structural defect. Be very wary of cracking through any brickwork and consult a qualified building surveyor if you want to progress.
    • Damp- Damp can form due to a number of reasons, the most common being lack of ventilation. The best way of spotting damp is to use your senses. Does it look mouldy or wet, is the wallpaper peeling off? Does it smell damp? Does it feel damp?
    • Power Points- Speaking from experience there's nothing worse than moving into your dream home and having to face the dilemma of a re-wire or running extension cables around every room. If you are interested, obtain/draw a floor plan of the house and mark the power points. Then you can plan out each room without any problems!
    • Items out of place- If you see a chair at a funny angle or a rug not quite straight when viewing a property, the chances are that the current owners haven't had time to tidy, right? Wrong. Most sellers will try and cover up stains or other non-desirables. Make sure you check anything that you feel is out of place.
    • Roof- Make sure you inspect the roof with a pair of binoculars and look for any slipped or cracked tiles. You then need to inspect any chimneys and look at the quality of the brickwork. The guttering can also create problems such as penetrating damp, so make sure these are visually inspected.
    • Curtain Twitch- Sounds strange! Go into an upstairs rear room and inspect the neighbour's garden. This will give you a small indication regarding the upkeep of the neighbouring property. You can also inspect the rear of the property from the garden.
    • Signal- Make sure you look at the current signal in the house. We live in a technological age where Wi-Fi and mobile signal is important.
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    8. Think of the future
    Most people move house a number of times throughout their lives. Although you might be interested in purchasing the property consider how other people would view the property? Does it have an outstanding feature directly relating to you as an individual? If it does, will that feature add value to other people in the future? Why has the property been on the market this long? Food for thought.
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    9. Avoid gazumping!
    When negotiating your offer, make it subject to the condition that the seller will 'withdraw the property from the market'. This dramatically reduces the risk of the seller accepting another higher offer after an agreed sale. Remember, everything is subject to contract. Until the contracts are formally exchanged, both parties can pull out of the sale at any time.
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    10. Questions to ask the sellers before completing

    With completion a number of weeks away it is very helpful to ask the current owners specific questions relating to the property.

    Here are Horton & Storey's top five:

    1. Where are the electricity and gas meters?
    2. Where is the Stopcock?
    3. Which day of the week is bin collection?
    4. Who currently supplies the utilities?
    5. Are there any current warranties in place within the property?
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    Here to help
    If you have any other queries relating to the purchase of your property or a general question regarding the above please get in touch to discuss further.
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Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
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    Horton & Storey is a member of RICS and adheres to high standards of professional conduct and practice expected for firms regulated by the RICS.

    Membership of the RICS means that Horton & Storey adopts an accountable approach to residential agency, based of consistency and professionalism.

    We offer RICS Homebuyers (Survey) Reports for a range of residential properties.

    RICS HomeBuyer Report (Survey)

    This service includes:

    • description of the condition of each element of the property
    • colour-coded condition ratings
    • comment on defects, and additional advice on repairs and maintenance an overall opinion and summary of condition ratings

    This service excludes:

    • cost estimates for repairs
    • any detailed description of the construction of the building or detailed advice on specific defects.
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Team Members
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    Tom Storey MRICS- Director and Chartered Surveyor
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    Tom is a director at Horton & Storey and a residential Chartered Surveyor. Tom has amassed a wide range of experience within the property industry over the past 10 years. He maintains a strong focus on service delivery for his clients.

    Tom's previous roles include positions at national and large independent estate agencies. He has successfully managed portfolios for investor landlords and managed residential estate agency practices.

    Prior to this, he performed a management role in residential estate management. He has delivered new and existing residential developments for a range of national housebuilders and private freeholders.

    Always approachable, Tom's defining factor is his friendly nature. Outside work he loves rugby union, sailing and walking his cockapoo called Bobby!

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    Justyn Horton- Sales Director
    Justyn is the sales director at Horton & Storey. For the past 12 years he has worked within residential estate agency helping people move. Focussing on client satisfaction, he prides himself on delivering from the day of instruction until the day of completion.

    He possesses an abundance of experience and has a proven track record in all roles within residential agency. Starting his career as a trainee negotiator, Justyn worked his way up the career ladder in roles such as negotiator, valuation manager, branch manager and regional trainer for valuation managers. He became a mentor for new managers across a large branch network.

    Justyn held most pride in being a regional trainer for the valuation managers. This role highlighted his commitment to realising customer needs when they are selling a property. Justyn practices an approach which achieves the best price for clients whilst providing experiences which are professional and low maintenance.

    Outside of work Justyn is a family man, he has two young children that keep him very busy with their packed social calendars. He is very busy taking them to parties and trying to fit in as much golf as possible (in fair weather of course!).
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    How are we doing?
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      We understand that life is constantly changing, so let us take the pressure off your property related scenarios. Whether it's a call about your home or you just need some advice on your circumstances - we are here to help.

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      definitely a rising player
      Sold my house through them. Excellent service throughout. From the initial valuation right through to completion I received excellent service, communication and help. Compared to other Shirley estate agents to whom you are just another property, these guys actually knew and cared and got my HOME sold. Would definitely recommend and definitely a rising player in the Shirley/Solihull property market. Good luck Justyn and Tom and thanks. Mr Desai

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      I will highly recommend Horton & Storey.
      I want to thank you for the excellent service I have received from Horton & Storey. I have been shopping far and wide for the best price and efficiency from a surveying company and pleased to find that you are as good as your word. The survey was carried out very quickly and everything was dealt in a swift and seamless manner. Within couple of days, I received a very comprehensive report providing me with detailed information about the house. I want to compliment the director of the company, Tom Storey. He went to great lengths to help me understand exactly how the survey will be carried out. It was extremely helpful to talk to the surveyor directly himself, sharing any concerns or queries regarding the property I was going to purchase - this gave me peace of mind! Having a surveying company that one can trust gives a welcome sense of security and reassurance in today's world. I will highly recommend Horton & Storey to all my family and friends.  Mrs Qamar
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