an exceptional, moving experience.
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    A message from James Kendall
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    At JKEA our mission is to be the most remarkable Estate Agent in the three counties. We are committed to our Team, Clients and our Community.

    We are an Estate Agent specialising in exceptional and beautiful homes throughout Beds, Bucks, Herts & Northants.

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a remarkable, moving experience.
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    Our mission.
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    Our mission is to be the most remarkable Estate Agent in the three counties of Beds, Bucks & Herts.
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    Recognised for excellence.
    We have been recognised as one of the top 3% of Estate Agents in the Country by Rightmove Best Estate Agent Guide for the last five years.
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    Moving you, moving with the times.
    We don't just say we'll keep you updated. We set up dedicated WhatsApp groups for our clients, directly connecting them with their agent and our team, keeping you involved and informed at all times.
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    We create video tours for every home we sell.

    82% of all internet traffic is now linked to video content.

    So, we offer presenter-led professional video tours alongside immersive 360° virtual walkthroughs and detailed floor plans as standard.

    This helps us create demand, and with the twilight, drone and elevated photography also available, you'll be sure your home's best features are on show.

    In the last year alone, people consumed over seven and a half months of our Facebook video content.

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    Discover the new value of your home.
    We appraise homes and provide a full report on current prices in the area and the change in demographics and trends due to the new COVID marketplace.
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  • Introduction

    We're proud of our team. They are all great people who do all they can to make your experience with us a memorable one for all the right reasons.
  • Team Member

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    James Kendall - Managing Director

    J ames started our agency in 2011  following a career in Estate agency that began in 2003. He grew tired of the corporate way of doing things and believed helping people move home should and could be done very differently James wanted something he could put his fingerprints on (not literally as he's very clean), and having his name above the door' as he puts it, means those prints are everything we do. 

    He insists on everything being done correctly and always aims to live by our agency's three core values. 

    Be remarkable, always be personable and keeping simple.

    James loves walking his dog Oscar and endures/enjoys watching his football team, which will remain unnamed here. 

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA : I have the freedom to introduce ideas that I wouldn't be able to if I were working within a corporate agency. It allows us to bring new ideas into the business to help our clients sell for more money and less hassle.

    Most Memorable Moment : During my brief radio presenting career (it's a long story), I told a joke that caught one of the listeners' ears. She sent me a message on social media, and fast forward 9 years we are now engaged, have two children and a dog.

    T op tip for sellers : Insist on an agency that accompanies 100 per cent of the viewings when your home is up for sale. This way, you'll receive much more honest feedback, and an experienced agent is always the best person to share the features and benefits of your property.
  • Team Member

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    Richard Bray
    Richard has plenty of experience buying and selling houses, so he knows what people want from a remarkable estate agency. He's been an estate agent since 2017, following a long career in banking and the financial sector.

    Richard loves working hard, enjoys sharing his knowledge of the property market and delivering outstanding results for our clients. 

    It's a real family affair as his wife Karen is part of the team taking the photos and shooting his videos.

    A lesson he applies from his banking days is that it's all about establishing rapport and good relationships. He loves travelling and exploring new places. He is kept on his toes by his wife, 3 Grandchildren and 2 Beagles Tillie & Cassie.

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: "We're really progressive and always looking to take things to the next level. Whether that be our village videos or online property tours."

    Most Memorable Moment: "Marrying my wife closely followed by the completion of our self build a house after 2 years work."

    Top tip for sellers AND buyers:" I always message my buyers and sellers on completion with the same bit of advice I was given by my wife. The first thing to do when you get in the new home is to make your bed and put a bottle of wine or something refreshing to drink in the fridge. This way, you'll know you've something nice to drink and a bed to flop into after what's always a hectic day."
  • Team Member

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    Matthew Bandy
    Matt's been working with us since 2015, and despite being a youngster (according to James anyway), he's built up a wealth of estate agency experience.

    He's often the face of our agency as we've recognised his Dermot O'Leary like presentation skills to let him loose on our video tours and property presentations. The good thing is he enjoys doing them, and we think is excellent at doing them. (Just like our Sandra, he's too modest to say that himself).

    He's lived all his life locally, and away from being a video star, he loves football, meeting up with his mates and keeping fit.

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: I get on well with the people I work with and love that we all take pride in what we do and how our agency presents itself.

    Most Memorable Moment: Pre-lockdown, it was going to Malta for an incredible four-day music festival. Work wise it would be the work we did, especially James, for the computers for schools' appeal.

    Top tip for sellers: Instruct an agent that knows the local market, and when putting your property up for sale, remember the three C's - Aim to make a clean, clutter-free and cared for impression that will make prospective buyers want to live in the home you've created.
  • Team Member

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    Chloe Moliterno
    Chloe does a bit of everything when it comes to helping our clients sell successfully.

    This is the second part of her agency career as she 'took a break' to become a police officer for seven years. But she left the force when her two sons were born.

    The long arm of the law's loss was our gain, and having worked with James before, Chloe brings a lot of industry and life experience to her role.

    She's honest, hardworking and cares about giving clients the best possible advice rather than soundbites they may want to hear. When she's not helping clients achieve their moving goals, Chloe enjoys spending quality time with her family, socialising with her friends and checking out properties on Rightmove - She really loves her job.

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: I love it when a plan comes together - when I see a property that I know will interest a buyer on our books, I get excited about matching them with it.

    Most Memorable Moment: Having my two boys and watching them growing up.

    Top tip for sellers: Trust your instinct when it comes to instructing an agent to sell your home. Remember, you're entrusting them with your biggest tax-free asset.
  • Team Member

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    Sandra Bloch
    Sandra is the person who keeps our clients happy and is with them every step of the way.

    Why? Because her role is to make sure deals progress from the offer stage right through to exchanging contracts and completing the sale. And the good news for our clients is she's brilliant at it (but far too modest to say that herself).

    She lived in South Africa for many years, having moved there from Britain as a ten-year-old. She loves all creatures great and small (the wildlife world, not the TV show) and has a Pekingese dog called Jamie.

    Sandra has a background in a wide range of customer-facing jobs, and her personability, attention to detail and sense of fairness shines through whatever she does.

    If she had her time again, she tells us she'd want to be a high-flying solicitor. We think she'd be a super solicitor, but we're not letting her head back to law school.

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: We take our work seriously but still have a lot of fun. When you hear James say 'Bosh!' it usually means we've helped another client sell their home successfully.

    Most Memorable Moment: 4.30 am deep in the South African bush, drinking coffee and watching the sunrise to the sound of roaring lions in the background. Magical.

    Top tip for sellers (and buyers): Don't scrimp when it comes to instructing a solicitor to work on your behalf. It'll often end up being much more expensive using a 'cheap' option than it would be employing an experienced conveyancer.
  • Team Member

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    Carol Spivey
    With her acute attention to detail, she's the perfect person to keep tabs on the financial side of the business.

    Having previously run pubs, Carol knows the importance of being personable and approachable, and it's something she brings to her work with us.

    She also brings many years of experience working for a local authority's financial department, providing advice to people around power of attorney and selling to pay for care home costs.

    Carol's a Chelsea supporter and has followed the blues since the days of Peter Bonetti and Peter Osgood. Along with her keen sense of humour, she's also passed on her love for west London's finest to James (no offence QPR, Brentford or Fulham fans).

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: As a parent, it's great to be able to help your child, and it's been brilliant watching James grow the business, and I feel lucky to be able to help him do that.

    Most Memorable Moment: Getting married on a beach in Barbados.

    Top tip for sellers: Choose the estate agent who you want to sell your home wisely. Ask to see testimonials and speak with previous clients of theirs.
  • Team Member

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    Oscar Kendall
    When it comes to a popularity contest, our agency has one clear winner.

    He's devilishly handsome, loyal to a fault and very friendly, sometimes perhaps too much.

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Oscar - the lovable Labrador and head of puplick relations (sorry, couldn't resist it)  at James Kendall.

    He's got a cheeky Elvis like grin and an appetite for success - which to him is a load of treats, a nice, long walk and sleeping under the desk. It sounds like he's got life's big problems solved to us. Oh, did we mention how much he loves his ball?

    Best Bit About Working at James Kendall EA: We're sure he'd say all the attention, hugs and treats he gets - and his office ball, of course.

    Most Memorable Moment: Having a game of chase with the postman - Oscar insists the postie loved it too.

    Top Tip for Sellers, Buyers and Humans in General: Find a home near a park or a big field - ideal for walks.
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    Welcome to our testimonials from customers.
    • Introduction

      Check out our Facebook and Google Pages
      For unbiased reviews from our customers.

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      My house sold after just one day.
      My house had been on the market for six months with no offers. I contacted James Kendall Estate Agents and they gave me some honest not-really-what-I-wanted-to-hear advice. I did what they suggested, then let them at it. The agreements were all electronic so there was no need for paperwork. 

      My house sold after just one day filled with viewings. I only needed to leave the house once, and I'd got more than the asking price! 

      Once we had the offer, JKES set up a WhatsApp group with all the key people involved in my sale (a highly-skilled admin, the big boss, my charismatic agent, the photographer, the videographer, all sorts of people I never met) so that I was instantly informed of progress at all times. When I contacted my solicitor to arrange the sale of some household items (oven, lawnmower, etc.) 

      I got nowhere for weeks. I tried the JKES WhatsApp group instead and had an agreement from the buyers within half a day. Once the buyers' survey results came in, showing some issues with my house, JKES were helpful, courteous, and professional. They were able to negotiate with me and with the buyers to quickly reach an agreement. I really couldn't fault the service I received. 

      I've bought & sold quite a few houses over the years and this has been my favourite by far. Very impressive, and highly recommended. 

      Stewart Ravenhall - Lavendon
    • Seller Testimonial

      avoided time-wasters gained a set of strong offers
      James came to us with a very different sales process to other estate agents - he used an awesome set of photos, videos, 3D tours and copy to engage with prospective buyers online and vet a queue of the best candidates in advance of viewing. 

      This avoided time-wasters and gained a set of strong offers from just one day of back-to-back viewings. 

      The process was very simple and James and his colleagues were always enormously approachable and helpful in guiding us through. It seemed like he was also trusted by the buyers. We would have no hesitation in using them again. 

      Peter & Jacqueline Gorsuch - Goldington
    • Seller Testimonial

      an excellent video that got 28,000 hits in a week
      James Kendall has a good record locally in our village. They were noted for getting results quickly. 

      However, I felt they did not have much experience in more expensive properties, so we briefed 3 estate agents and they were the last of the 3 to pitch their services.

      Despite being a little sceptical of their capability before the pitch, they completely won us over. They had done more preparation, better understood the house and its merits and were orders of magnitude better informed on the role of social media and the internet.

      They prepared an excellent video that got 28,000 hits within a week. They managed the whole process very smooth and sold our house for a little over the asking price within a couple of weeks. 
      T hey kept us well informed throughout the transaction, which led to a worry-free sale. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

      Robert & Christine Field - Lavendon.
    • Seller Testimonial

      no cheesy sales pitch, no hidden costs
      The team at James Kendall really changed my perception of estate agents; no cheesy sales pitch, no hidden costs at the last minute, no radio silence when things got manic - they're a breath of fresh air in a world where good customer service is so often overlooked. 

      The listing process of our home was straightforward and the photos looked very professional - viewings were arranged and managed seamlessly by James & Matt. Once we agreed on a sale and the wheels were in motion, Sandra was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process through to completion - She kept us well informed at every step and always considered our position whilst trying to keep things moving, especially when we experienced delays and were very nervous - a credit to the company! 

      Having also sold another property with James prior to the most recent sale, I can confirm this was equally as smooth and seamless - this sale was an emotional one as followed a close family member's passing and I was very grateful for James and the team's sensitive approach throughout the process. Overall I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending James Kendall Estate Agents and cannot commend their customer service, market knowledge and professionalism enough. 

      Amy Emery - Kempston.
    • Seller Testimonial

      do not hesitate to go with James Kendall.
      The entire team at James Kendall really made selling our house an enjoyable experience. We needed to get our house on the market quickly in order to secure our dream home, Matt came round to value our house and straight away put us at ease and most importantly spoke about doing what was right for us, not what was right for them or trying to talk other estate agents down.

      Within two days they had created a high-quality video, 3D tour and professional photos. Within 24 hours we had viewings booked in and had sold the following day. 

      As soon as we went with James Kendall they set up a WhatsApp group to keep us informed every step of the way. It's such a simple thing but it really made a difference. No question we raised was too silly, and they always responded quickly and promptly and with good humour too!

      Sandra worked incredibly hard on our behalf to chase the solicitors and keep us updated on the chain.

      All in all we couldn't fault the service we received from James and the team. If you are thinking of selling your home, do not hesitate to go with James Kendall. 
      Chris & Natalie Morris - Great Denham.
    • Seller Testimonial

      The service received is excellent.
      Hi James, just wanted to thank you again for all your help and assistance. Would recommend James Kendall Estate Agents to anyone looking to sell their property. The service received is excellent.

      Miss Knott - Ryswick Road, Kempston
    • Seller Testimonial

      buyer found within 3 days of listing
      Fantastic advice and service, buyer found within 3 days of listing. All parts of the sale handled brilliantly, and kept informed throughout the process. Highly recommended, will certainly be using next time.

      Mr Chandi - Ryswick Road, Kempston
    • Seller Testimonial

      took away all the stress.
      Thank you so very much for all your hard work in selling the house for us. 
      As you know I had previously used another Agent and found them useless but I had no problems when you took over, you did all the work and took away all the stress. Once again, thank you.

      Ms Timmins - Rhineland Way, Brickhill
    • Seller Testimonial

      gives estate agents a good name
      I had originally used other large estate agents. 
      The service received from them and the price they are prepared to charge is really poor.

      I was given and introduction to James Kendall and the service I received was great along with a good structured price, I would recommend him to anyone as he gives estate agents a good name for a change.Hard working and honest with good communication.Well done and thanks !

      Mr Mayes - Dart Road, Brickhill
    • Seller Testimonial

      what a brilliant job you did selling my house!
      Hi James, I wanted everyone to know what a brilliant job you did selling my house! 
      J ames is a no nonsense says it how it is estate agent and it was a pleasure to do business with him.
       In just two weeks I will have completed on the sale of my house, just can"t beat that!! Thanks James you really are the best!

      Ms Wall - Rhineland Way, Brickhill
    • Seller Testimonial

      Was a pleasure dealing with you.
      Hi James,Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on getting our house sold. Was a pleasure dealing with you. Anyone considering using James Kendall Estate Agents, do not hesitate, James sold our house in 11 days for more than what we wanted. He kept both sides of the purchase updated with progress and actively pushed for exchange and completion. We saved money and hassle with the sale of our house and were very pleased with the service.Thanks again

      Mr & Mrs Gibbs - Littledale Street, Kempston
    • Seller Testimonial

      I would not hesitate recommending the agency.
      I have sold 8 houses and without doubt James Kendall is the best, most enthusiastic, good value for money and communicative estate agent i have ever used. I would not hesitate recommending the agency.

      Mr & Mrs Welton - Riverview Way, Kempston
    • Seller Testimonial

      Friendly and honest service would recommend.
      Thank you for all of your help. Was really quick and easy. Well for me as everything was taken care of by a great team. Friendly and honest service would recommend to anyone 5*
    • Seller Testimonial

      I highly recommend James Kendall to anyone 
      James and Michael sold our house in Kempston in July 2015, within 2 days being on the market. They were both very professional throughout the process, even though our purchase was a little difficult at times. Nothing was too much trouble and even provided assistance with the property we were purchasing. I highly recommend James Kendall to anyone wanting to sell their property. Thank you to you both.

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      making buying a house so easy
      Thank you for all your help along the way, making buying a house so easy and took the stress right out of it! Professional, knowledgable and such great service by all!! Couldn't recommend enough ! So a massive Thank you to all the team. Best agent in town.
    • Buyer Testimonial

      professional and extremely helpful in every detail
      Estate Agents like no other.Friendly and casual atmosphere though still professional and extremely helpful in every detail customer service , without this 'corporation' like ,concrete ,faceless approach.
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