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    Priding ourselves on being a family run business, The Crowther family has traded as Estate Agents for the past 70 years. Over time the family and especially Howard have seen the property market evolve. Whilst the Crowther name has been prominent around the town for over 70 years and with his Father and Grandfather both working as Estate Agents Josh Crowther is the 4th Generation to be taking on the family business.
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Selling Your Home
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    CALL US !! 01298 214441

    Free Valuation

    For 99% of people your home will be the biggest and most important asset you ever sell. For this reason, it is vitally important you do the correct research before putting your property on the market. The service Key Online Sales can offer will ensure you have the best chance of achieving the BEST PRICE possible. It all starts off with a FREE NO OBLIGATION valuation. With the Crowther family's local knowledge of the area and friendly approach you can be assured...
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    Selling Strategy

    We have various ways of trying to sell your property, each property is unique having its own individual features and we will discuss this in depth with you. With the ever-changing property market we live in, Key Online Sales has been set up to adapt to this.
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    Prepare Your Home

    When your property goes on market it is more than likely to be the first time any potential buyers will see the property so we need to ensure we make a FANTASTIC FIRST IMPRESSION. The KEY to making your home stand out is preparation.
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    Marketing Tools

    We use a variety of different methods when it comes to advertising your property. To ensure it has the best chance of reaching out to all potential purchasers see the list for further details.
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    Enquiries & Viewings | My Account

    When the enquiries and viewings start coming in you can be sure that our NEW software system will keep all parties informed and up to date. Any potential viewer or vendor will receive text messages and emails to let them know of appointment times and feedback. Vendors will also be able to log into an account and check on the progress of your sale
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    Once we have an interested party the FUN begins in the art of negotiation and agreeing a price between both parties. We will be there to help you every step of way, with over 37 years' experience Howard Crowther will apply all his knowledge in helping you achieve the best possible price.
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    Sale Agreed | Keeping In Contact

    Although the sale is then in the hands of the solicitors once a price is agreed. We continue to stay in touch with all parties to give regular updates!
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    CONGRATULATIONS... We hope to have made the process of selling your home as stress free as possible and achieved the best price. We hope to do business in the future should you move again.
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Guide to Buying
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    Sell your existing property (if you have one)
    If you have a property to sell, the first step you should take is to put it up for sale.

    Why? Because, if you see a house you want to buy you may not be able to buy it without the money from your own house. Also, many estate agents consider you a "non-proceedable" buyer - which means, you are a potential buyer but you can't actually proceed because you need to sell your own house first. So, if there is another buyer who is "proceedable" they may well see the house of your dreams and buy it first!

    We can help you in sell your home. Click here to arrange a free, no-obligation valuation of your home or contact us.

    Work out what you can afford
    On top of the cost of the house itself, there are many other one-off expenses involved in buying a home and moving.
    These costs include:
    Mortgage Arrangement Fees - A fee charged by lenders to cover the cost of setting up the mortgage. Some lenders waive this fee. Our partners, a firm of professional, independent financial advisors, would be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation on what mortgage options are available to you, and the associated costs.
    Lender's Valuation (Basic Valuation) - All lenders require a valuation of the property to assess whether it is actually worth the price being paid for it. This type of valuation is organised by the mortgage lender but you will be expected must cover their costs. The cost of the valuation depends on the value of the property.
    Professional Survey - You may wish to commission a more detailed survey in addition to the basic mortgage valuation. There are generally two types of survey: the Homebuyer's Report (which costs around £500) and the more comprehensive Building Survey (Structural Survey) which could cost anything up to £1,000, depending on the value of the house. A professional survey can be arranged for you through us, please contact us for more info.
    Legal/Conveyancing Fees - You will also need to instruct a solicitor to deal with all legal aspects of buying the property you want. We promote a range of different and very competitive conveyancing options - please ask us to find out more.
    Stamp Duty - This is a government tax, charged for purchase of properties above £125,000. If your new home is priced between £125,000 and £250,000, you will need to pay 1% of the final agreed price. If its between £250,000 and £500,000, the tax is 3%; and over £500,000 its 4%. So, for example, if you are paying £200,000 for your home you will be expected to pay £2,000 in stamp duty - i.e. 1%.
    Land Registry Fee - The Land Registry is the government department that manages the register of all properties in England and Wales. It charges a fee - typically £40 or so, but is dependent on the property price - for transferring the register to the new owner.
    Local Authority Search Fees - Local searches will be carried out by your solicitor/conveyancer to ensure there are no potential problems such as planning permission on neighbouring properties or plans for new roads nearby. The fee can vary depending on which local authority your new home is located in, but you should budget around £150 to cover this charge.
    Other Search Fees and Disbursements - These include an index map, commons, the coal authority, land charge, company searches, bank transfer fees. Allow about £70 to cover an average house purchase.
    Sales / Estate Agent's Commission - If you're selling your property as well as buying one, the sum charged by your estate agent has to be taken into account. Usually this is charged as a percentage of the property price. Please call contact us online to learn more about or fees and related services.
    Removal Fees - if you're on a tight budget, you could arrange to do all the packing and removals work yourself. However, given the scale of this task, we recommend you seek professional assistance. We have partnered with removals services to assist you. Please contact us to learn more.
    Get a "Mortgage in Principle"
    Getting a mortgage and buying a house are usually very much intertwined.

    When you find a house, you'll probably have to move fast to secure it. To prevent being delayed while sorting out a mortgage we highly recommend you first get a "Mortgage In Principle" agreed. Having this in place means you should be able get the actual mortgage quicker when the race to buy your chosen home begins. You can get this offer in writing to show to Estate Agents and sellers - who will then see you as a serious prospect and not a timewaster.

    A 'Mortgage In Principle' is a conditional offer made by a mortgage lender that - provided the information you give them is correct - they will "in principle" give you the loan you have discussed with them. Knowing what you can afford will also help you narrow your search and give you a considerable degree of confidence.

    Our partners, a firm of professional, independent financial advisors, would be pleased to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation on what mortgage options are available to you, and the associated costs. Contact us to find out more.
    Register with us
    Once you have worked out how much you can afford the next stage is to start looking for a property.

    To find your ideal property, we need to know as much as possible about your requirements. You can register with us either online, by phone or by visiting our offices, where one of our consultants can assist you with your search.

    Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements we will access all properties that match your criteria. When you have registered, details of suitable properties can be sent to you by SMS, email or in the post - depending on your preferences.
    View properties
    View properties

    This is the fun bit!

    Its always good to have a good brainstorm about what exactly you will be looking for in your new home. Afterall, you can't ask for a refund if you decide you don't like it after four weeks! You may well have to make some compromises in the house you buy so decide now what your "MUST HAVES" and "NICE TO HAVES" are. For instance: is an ensuite bathroom a MUST HAVE or a NICE TO HAVE? Remember: Consult your husband/wife/partner and children - so that you are all clear and agreed on what's really important to you.

    Viewings properties on our books¿¿Viewings can be conducted from 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm on Saturdays. You can book a viewing by phone Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Sunday by appointment. You can also book a viewing on-line through the 'Book a Viewing' link presented against each property you find on our property search engine.

    We usually conduct all property viewings as the Vendor may not always be present. Sometimes, a vendor gives us specific times for viewings, although we do ask them to be as flexible as possible.

    After the viewing we will answer any immediate questions and usually contact you the next day for your thoughts and general feedback.

    Please be on time for viewings. We will arrange to meet you at the property, or if it is more convenient, at our offices from where we can take you by car. Sometimes we can collect you from your home or your place of work, depending on where these may be.

    Property Search Service¿¿We also offer a property search service to serious but busy buyers, who have limited time to spend in looking for a home. If this is you, this service could save you a ton in time and money. Contact us for more information.
    Make an offer
    How exciting! - You've found the house of your dreams and you want to make an offer.

    Let's hope we've found it for you.

    As soon as you've found a suitable property, we'll put your offer to the seller, verbally and in writing. We always aim to communicate your offer on the same day. The offer will be subject to a contract being signed and there are no legal obligations on either side until this is done.

    Sometimes there may be a process of price negotiation and by working with us, both vendor and buyer can benefit from the expertise of our consultants, who will work hard to facilitate an agreeable outcome that delivers the best result for all.
    Exchange and complete contracts
    To terminate your tenancy subject to term, you will normally be required to give us at least one month notice in writing of your intention to leave, unless otherwise specified in your specific tenancy agreement.Insurance
    The responsibility for your belongings are down to you, you must ensure you have adequate contents insurance, the landlord accepts no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to tenants possessions.
    When your offer is accepted, the vendor's solicitor/conveyancer will prepare a Contract of Sale. You will also need to appoint a solicitor/conveyancer to examine the contract, and raise any queries based on the title deeds and related property matters. To help secure a legal professional, we offer a range of different and very competitive conveyancing options that you can choose from. Please contact us to find out more.

    When your Solicitor has replies to their enquiries, a completed satisfactory local search, a copy of a mortgage offer, a signed contract and a deposit cheque, they can then proceed to Exchange of Contracts. A deposit cheque is normally required for 5-10% of the purchase value of the property.

    We recommend that by this stage you confirm arrangements for moving day - i.e. a removals service. With us, we can put you in touch with one of our reputable removals firms. Contact us o learn more about this removals service.

    Contract completion can be on the date of exchange or can be anything up to 28 days later, depending on your requirements. On Completion your solicitor hands over the remainder of the purchase money to the vendor's solicitor and you can then move into your new home. Keys will be handed over to you by us, along with a "welcome pack" that includes various items of information that we expect will be of help to you - including final meter readings for electricity/gas, location of water stopcocks, meters, and so forth.
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Our Letting & Management Department
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    Letting and Management 
    We offer a full letting and management service for Residential & Commercial Landlords. 

    We have a decimated and focussed lettings team based at out Buxton Office Headquarters who will be glad to help you, whatever your enquiry.

    Our services include:

    Property advertised using all our marketing tools including Rightmove / OnTheMarket and Our Website.
    Large database of potential tenants
    Rent & legal fees guarantee (Terms & conditions apply)
    All viewings carried out by ourselves
    Referencing carried out on perspective tenants
    Legal Documents drawn up and signed

    Advertised on Rightmove / OnTheMarket and our website
    All viewings carried out by ourselves
    Referencing carried out on perspective tenants
    Legal Documents drawn up and signed
    Help with the required gas, electric and energy certificates etc
    Large database of potential tenants
    Rent & legal fees guarantee (Terms & conditions apply)
    Full maintenance support by our trusted contractors
    Detailed inventories, check-ins, check-outs and inspections
    Collection of rent & deposit
    Access to 24HRS, out of hours emergency number
    Drawing up of tenancy agreement
    Payment of rent by standing order with monthly statements

    Family Run Business
    Local Valuer (Howard Crowther with 38years experience)
    Guaranteed a reply to emails within 24hours - 7days a week
    Prime office location (face to face contact)
    Exclusivity in the town on Iview video tours
    Fixed Fee - (Paid upon completion)
    No withdrawal fee
    Rotating LED Window Displays
    New Website
    Notice board in office car park (Property of the week / New Properties)
    Prominent Branding
    Stand out For Sale boards
    Facebook Advertising (Around 1000 like on our page more than any in the town)
    Finally friendly staff who will do all they can to help



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Meet Our Team !!
  • Introduction

    We are incredibly proud of the team we have built.

    Each member our team has worked tirelessly to make sure we are the Number 1 Estate Agent in Buxton & The High Peak.

    We are super-reliable, super-helpful and super-experienced. 

    You will not find anyone else with more knowledge, more experience and more success than us within the area.
  • Team Member

    Josh Crowther - Director / Owner / Manager
    Name: Josh Crowther Company Role: Director / Owner / Manager 

    Favourite quote:
     Fail to Prepare / Prepare to Fail 

    What is your favourite movie? 
    Out For Justice 

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? 
    Donald Trump (Only in some ways)

    What are your past experience, for working in your position? 
    Studied Business Property Management at Sheffield Hallam University obtaining a 2:1 degree. Worked at Letting Agency in Heald Green for 2years before coming working for my Dad at Howard Crowther Estate Agents. We have been growing the business the last 6 years. 

    What do you do at Key Lettings? 
    Help with all aspects of sales and lettings. As well as running all the other aspects of the business which nobody ever sees. 

    What do you like about working at Key Online? 
    We have a great team that whilst taking work seriously always has a laugh. It's like a little family. Also get to work with my Dad who I've always looked up to, we have a great partnership and are benefit from each other's attributes. I also always look forward to the day ahead (99% of the time anyway) and no matter how much money you earn if you can do this you are winning and extremely fortunate. 

    What are the values that drive you? 
    Working Hard, there is no substitute or easy way to be successful. 

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
    Spending time with my family and Clare soon to be my wife. Love football / golf and socialising with friends.
  • Team Member

    Howard Crowther - Owner / Valuer
    Company Role: Owner / Valuer 

    Favourite quote: 
    Every cloud has a silver lining. 

    What is your favourite movie? 
    Top gun 

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? Boris Johnson 

    What is your past experience, for working in your position? 40 Years working in the industry as a local valuer, having worked for my grandad and father, I then set up my own estate agency under the Crowther name, however when my son Josh came on board we re-branded allowing us to evolve and "move with the times". 

    What do you do at Key Online Sales? 
    Carry out all face to face appointments Valuing / Viewings. Negotiate and advice where need be. 

    What do you like about working at Key Online? Best Team I have ever worked with in all my 40years. 

    What are the values that drive you? Honesty & Integrity

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
    Love spending time with my family, now a proud grandad Emily's two girls (Grace & Connie). Also enjoy going to the pub and playing golf.
  • Team Member

    Rebecca Weate - Sales Negotiator
    Company Role: Sales Negotiator 

    Favourite quote: 
    If you see someone without a smile give them yours

    What is your favourite movie? 
    Love Actually 

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? 
    The Queen, I'm intrigued as to what she does on a daily basis.

    What is your past experience, for working in your position? 
    Customer service position in the motor trade for 10+ years this is my first role in an Estate Agent.

    What do you do at Key Online Sales? 
    Negotiate and chase sales between vendor and purchaser, carry out any administerial work and liaise with all our clients. Occasionally be a shoulder to cry on when sales go wrong (through no fault of our own.) 

    What do you like about working at Key Online? 
    Being part of a family run business with the best colleagues and that every day is completely different.

    What are the values that drive you? Hard work, Growth, patience and kindness

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
    Relaxing with my family & the dogs at home and at my in laws caravan in Wales, socialising with friends and going to Pilates.
  • Team Member

    Vicky Bramwell - Lettings Manager
    Favourite quote: 

    Can't say! Haha You only live once

    What is your favourite movie? 

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? 
    Jamie Carraghers wife haha!!

    What is your past experience, for working in your position? 
    Worked in estate agency since I was 17, In Buxton, Whaley Bridge, Macclesfield and Cheadle

    What do you do at Key Lettings: 
    Manage our lettings portfolio with over 150 managed properties from various different landlords.

    What do you like about working at Key Online?
    Its fun and a great team

    What are the values that drive you? 
    I take pride in my work and like things to be just right!

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
    Spending time with my family and watching Liverpool!
  • Team Member

    Sue Hutson - Sales Negotiator
    Favourite quote:
    Live for today

    What is your Favourite movie? 
     Pretty Woman 

    Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?
    Julia Roberts 

    What is your past experience, for working in your position? 
    Having worked in both the travel industry and building societies previously I have worked for Howard and Josh for over 15years.

    What do you do at Key Online Sales? 
    Sales Negotiator - Book appointments and answer any enquiries. 

    What do you like about working at Key Online Sales?
     Dealing with the public, The Team bond we all have. 

    What are the values that drive you? 
    Honesty & Kindness.

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 
    Love spending time with my family. My husband Phil, Daughter Mel and Grandson Cole are my world. I also love to travel the world.
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    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      A pleasure to deal with, 
      A pleasure to deal with, explained everything, was easy to get in touch with would use again in the future 30 Jun 2020 Kerri teeboon (seller)
    • Seller Testimonial

      Nothing was too much troubl
      Sold a property through Key Sales, and would highly recommend them to anyone. First class service. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for everything. Aug 2020 Margaret Alison Phillips (seller)
    • Seller Testimonial

      did everything they could
      Josh and the team did everything they could to sell the property in a swift and timely manner Aug 2020 Rory Maund (seller)
    • Seller Testimonial

      Key Online Sales were perfect.
      From start to finish Key Online Sales were perfect. They couldn't do enough for me and were always on hand to help. When selling or buying a house, communication is absolutely key. The team at Key Online Sales kept me well informed throughout. Aug 2020 Richard Hambleton (seller)

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      A first-class operation
      A first-class operation. Traditional values with a modern presentation. Aug 2020 Fraser & Sophie Mitchell (buyer)
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