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    Established 20 years, Peter Large Lettings is the areas leading licensed lettings agent and covers the North Wales coast with four strategically placed offices in Prestatyn, Rhyl, Abergele and Llandudno. From the picturesque Vale of Clwyd to the gateway of Snowdonia at Conwy, we offer a professional independent personal service.We are the areas recommended specialists and are licensed with the National Approved Lettings Scheme.
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    Letting a property is serious business, whether you are an experienced investor landlord, or private individual letting your home for the first time. History suggests that over a period of time residential property is one of the safest and best performing investments, not only providing an excellent income but also, for many, a significant capital gain in the process.

    The economic downturn, coupled with difficulties in the mortgage markets, has resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for rental property. We have kept pace with this growth by expanding our office network, investing in technology and establishing a solid property management team.

    Letting your property demands careful planning and you need a professional agent, who will look after your interests and at the same time make being a landlord as stress free as possible. At Peter Large Lettings we use our knowledge and expertise to ensure that our service meets your needs and gives you peace of mind. We are committed to providing a service that is second to none.

    Your property is a major investment and it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities as a landlord as well as knowing the best way to optimise your investment. This guide is designed to give you help and advise in this area and explain the services we can offer you and their importance to you.

    May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your enquiry and we hope this guide will give you an insight into the professional services offered at Peter Large Lettings.

    Your local office will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have.

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    The first stage towards letting your property is to arrange with Peter Large Lettings to meet at the property for a 'Valuation Appointment'. We provide this service free and with no obligation.

    Every property is different, so in assessing rental value we take account of accommodation, condition, location and current demand. Most importantly we will draw on our database of similar properties nearby and the rental values achieved. During the valuation appointment we will advise you about any action you can take to maximise rental income, and over any safety and other legislation relevant.

    Furnished or Unfurnished?

    One of the first decisions to be made is whether to let your property furnished or unfurnished.

    About 90% of prospective tenants locally are looking for unfurnished accommodation so this is how we generally advise you to let your property. The advantages of letting unfurnished are:

    · Greater demand

    · Lower turnover of tenants

    · Generally more mature tenants

    · Less wear and tear

    · Lower maintenance and repair costs

    Unfurnished Lettings

    Unfurnished lettings generally include the following: -

    · Carpets or laminate flooring

    · Curtains

    · Light fittings

    · Built in kitchen appliances, (freestanding kitchen appliances optional). If you leave washing machines and tumble dryers the responsibility to repair lies with the landlord if they break down.

    · Smaller wall mounted items such as mirrors in the bathroom and cloakroom, toilet roll holders and towel rails. If these are not left, tenants tend to fix and remove their own leaving unsightly drill holes in the process.

    Furnished lettings

    You may for personal reasons choose to let you property furnished. If so you need to be aware of the following:

    · All soft furnishings i.e. beds and upholstered chairs and sofas must comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations Act 1988 (see page 11). Any furniture manufactured before 1988 will generally not comply.

    · All bed linen, towels and ornaments should ideally be removed.

    · If an electrical appliance such as a television, toaster, or washing machine breaks down, it is your responsibility to repair or replace it.


    First impressions count! If your property is presented well, it will not only achieve a higher rent but will also attract a better tenant. It is important to ensure that the property is cleaned, that redecoration is carried out and carpets professionally cleaned where necessary, windows cleaned inside and out and the garden well tended. Peter Large Lettings can advise you on the level and type of furnishings, fittings, and appliances required and where redecoration or other improvements are required.

    Decoration and carpets

    When redecorating, choose neutral colours such as magnolia or cream. Emulsion paint the walls rather than wallpaper as it is a lot cheaper, quicker and easier to redecorate when necessary. Carpets and curtains should ideally be neutral or muted colours and be able to stand wear and tear.


    Garden maintenance is normally the tenant's responsibility and most tenants are happy to maintain a small or medium sized garden. However, if your property has a large garden, we recommend that you employ a gardener to look after it during the tenancy with the cost of this being reflected in the rent.

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    Effective marketing

    As soon as Peter Large Lettings receives your instruction to proceed, our lettings team will commence the process of finding a suitable tenant. Prospective tenants that are registered on our extensive database will be contact by SMS message, email and telephone. A description and photograph of the property will be distributed to prospective tenants and added to our property list and website. A selection of properties is displayed in the local press to ensure continual enquiry. Peter Large Lettings will continue this active line of promotion until a suitable tenant has been secured.

    Peter Large Lettings invest heavily in press and Internet advertising in order to generate constant enquiries from potential tenants. Our own website Peterlarge.com received over 1000 hits per month alone, whilst our advertising partner, Rightmove.co.uk is still the UK's largest property portal website, by a significant margin.

    Our high profile, strong reputation and innovative marketing generates considerably more enquiry than most other local letting agents. All this works towards getting your property let as quickly as possible.

    Internet marketing

    The Internet has become an essential tool in the marketing of rental properties. Over 75% of people moving home use the Internet to search for property. Available 24 hours day, prospective tenants can view homes that are currently available from wherever they are in the world. Because property lists can be updated daily and application forms can be downloaded, the whole letting process is accelerated. Our Internet advertising generates hundreds of enquiries daily from individuals, companies and relocation agents.

    Capturing the company and medical movers

    Statistics show that one in every five house moves in the UK is as a result of job relocation. Peter Large Lettings have built up an excellent relationship with many substantial local companies and the local NHS Trust. These high profile companies continuously use Peter Large Lettings for our exacting standards and the extensive range of quality accommodation available, which saves both the employer and employee valuable time in their home search. Tenants on a company move are quite simply some of the best around. They are highly motivated professional people usually with the resources and backing of the company at their disposal.

    Selecting the right tenant

    A significant proportion of applicants are unsuitable as tenants either because of their financial situation, their age, or their inability to look after a property carefully. The success or failure of a letting agent rests on their ability to make the correct judgment of an applicant. A percentage of all new applications are from existing or former Peter Large Lettings tenants. This allows us to consider 'track record' in the selection process.

    There is always an element of risk with letting, but an experienced agent will know when to refuse an applicant. The most appropriate type of tenant will also depend on the type of property and your own specific circumstances and requirements. Peter Large Lettings will discuss your particular needs in detail and strive to find the most suitable tenants.

    References and Financial Checks

    When a tenant has been found we employ stringent referencing procedures, which gives us an understanding of their personal and financial circumstances. When it comes to tenant selection we cannot guarantee to always get it right, but out of many hundreds of lettings that we deal with every year, our problem cases are few and far between.

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    The following information is intended only as a guide for landlords and should in no way constitute a detailed interpretation of the complete regulations. Whilst the regulations might appear onerous they are designed not only in the interest of fair play, but to ensure the safety of the property and tenants

    Tenancy Deposit Regulations

    From 6 April 2007 landlords are required to participate in a tenancy deposit scheme whereby the tenants deposit is held in either an insurance-based or custodial scheme. Full compliance is included in both our Full Management and Premier Management Plus Service.

    Gas Safety (Installation and Use)

    These cover all gas appliances, flues, meters and associated pipe works and require landlords to get an inspection carried out by a 'Gas Safe' registered engineer to check any gas installations. Once the plumber is satisfied that the installations are safe, he will supply a Gas Safety Certificate, a copy of which must be held by the managing agent ad given to the tenant before they move in. This certificate must be renewed once a year.

    Peter Large Lettings will normally arrange the inspection and diarise the annual renewal. Breach of this regulation can result in heavy fines or even imprisonment so tenants are not allowed to occupy a property without a certificate.

    Landlords are also responsible for ensuring that either the operating instructions are shown on the appliance or that an instruction booklet is supplied.

    Energy Performance Certificates

    As of the 1st October 2008, Energy Performance Certificates were introduced into the lettings market. The implications of this are that all residential rental properties will require a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at the point of new tenancy. The EPC will have a life of 10-years (currently). Peter Large Lettings are fully credited Energy Assessors therefore certificates can be issued soon after we receive your instruction avoiding any unnecessary delay in marketing your property.

    The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994

    These regulations apply to all persons who let accommodation, which contains electrical equipment. The electrical installation at a property and any electrical appliances should be safe.

    A landlord must be able to demonstrate that electrical appliances have been checked and are safe before the property is let. Should any piece of electrical equipment have a fault, which results in injury or fatality, the landlord could be prosecuted. Therefore Peter Large Lettings recommend annual checks of all electrical wiring and appliances by a NICEIC approved electrician.

    The landlord is also responsible for ensuring that either the operating instructions are shown on the appliance or that an instruction booklet is supplied.

    Peter Large Lettings hold full details about all Regulations and landlords are advised to seek further guidance from us. Failure to comply with these Regulations may constitute a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

    Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (Amended 1989 & 1993)

    This act covers all upholstery and upholstered furniture supplied by the landlord in a rented property, including; beds, footstools, pillows, headboards, mattresses, sofa beds, futons etc. Furniture manufactured since 1950 cannot be supplied to a tenant unless it has been professionally re-upholstered with conforming materials. Compliant furniture will always carry a label indicating that it complies.

    Smoke Detectors

    All new homes (built after June 1992) must be fitted with mains operated smoke detectors. There are no specific regulations governing older buildings. However, Peter Large Lettings strongly recommend that at least one smoke alarm be fitted to each floor of your property.

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    UK Resident landlords

    If you are a landlord resident in the UK, your net income from your investment property is subject to income tax. The level of tax depends on your other income. If you are already a higher rate taxpayer, tax will be payable at the higher rate. The normal method of reporting your taxable income to the Inland Revenue is by a Self-Assessment Tax Return.

    The following deductions can be made from your rental income to arrive at the net income, which is subject to tax: -

    · Interest on mortgage (subject to conditions)

    · Property repairs

    · Letting and management commission

    · Building insurance

    · Ground rent

    · Service charge

    Non UK resident Landlords

    The Non-Resident Landlords (NRL) scheme is for taxing the UK rental income of persons whose "usual place of abode" is outside the UK. If you are treated as a non-resident landlord you still have to pay UK income tax on rental income from UK property.

    Unless the landlord can provide Peter Large Lettings with an exemption certificate from the Inland Revenue, we are obliged by law to deduct basic rate tax from rents received and account to the Inland Review on a quarterly basis. Exemption certificates are required by any person named on the tenancy agreement, when living overseas.

    Landlords are responsible for obtaining their own exemption certificate and the appropriate forms should be submitted as early as possible as they take several weeks to process. The majority of landlords apply for and are granted an exemption certificate.

    Details on taxation are correct at the time of printing. Further information for non-resident landlords and exemption application forms are available at Peter Large Lettings or the Inland Revenue at Centre for Non-Residents, St. Johns House, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside. L69 9BB. UK

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    The first step in safeguarding your future tenancy is to find a property to rent through a respectable letting agent.   Thats us!

    Securing a property to rent

    Having found a suitable property to rent, what happens next? To begin you will need to put down an application and reference fee in order to state your intention to rent the property. We will then start the administration process by requesting references from you.


    In order to prove to your new prospective landlord that you are a suitable tenant you will be referred to Van Mildert, an independent tenant referencing company who will, with your permission, carry out the relevant searches to include credit check, employment & landlord references (if applicable). In the event that the information found highlights any potential risk to the landlord, you may be asked to provide a suitable guarantor. The guarantor will be contractually liable, both financially and legally, should you fail to pay your rent or cause any damages to the property during the tenancy.


    The final event in securing your new property is the deposit. The deposit is usually equal to one months rent plus £100 and acts as a safety net for the landlord to guard against replacing or repairing any damages caused during the tenancy by the tenant. Since 6th April 2007 your landlord or agent must place your deposit in a government-backed scheme within 30 days of receiving it. This is to ensure you will get your deposit back if you meet the terms of your tenancy.

    Tenancy restrictions

    Landlords may decide that they wish to set certain restrictions to the tenancy. An example of some of the restrictions that may be set could be:





    Housing benefit tenants

    Tenancy Agreement

    The tenancy is a contract between you and the landlord and specifies certain rights to you and your landlord. As the tenant you have the right to live in the property for the agreed term and the landlords right to collect a rent for the property. We use the most common form of tenancy, Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). The most important aspect of this agreement is that the landlord has the right to regain possession of the property at the end of the tenancy.

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The Lettings team at Rhyl

  • Team Member

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     Mike Hughes   Lettings Manager
    I joined the company in 2003 as an office Junior and now hold the position of Area Letting Manager responsible for Residential and Commercial lettings and property management in the North Wales area. Being a member of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents I have a great knowledge of the industry and Landlord and Tenant law. I strive to always give 110% to our clients and customers and enjoy working on the front line. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, playing football and following Liverpool FC and keeping fit.
  • Team Member

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     Jamie Johnston -  Property Management
    "I'm Jamie Johnston. With 6 years' experience in the Lettings industry I head the Property Management Department at Peter Large. I have completed the NFOPP Level 3 Award in Residential Letting & Property Management, I thoroughly enjoy my job and have wide experience in all aspects of lettings. Diplomacy is one of my greatest strengths and, if you have a problem, I'll sort it! My spare time is spent with my family, partner & young daughter and I enjoy a Cuban cigar when I've got half an hour to myself."
  • Team Member

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    Ciara Mullins - Lettings Negotiator
    I joined the team in May 2016 and have previously worked in family services for over 6 years. I thoroughly enjoy my new position and I love coming into the office each day. I am passionate about helping customers and always provide a service with a smile. Outside of work I enjoy staying healthy and keeping fit by attending gym classes each evening.
  • Team Member

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    Lucy Prime - Property Management Co-Ordinator
    "Hello, my name is Lucy and I am a member of the Management department at Peter Large Lettings. The part of my job that I like most is helping people feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Out of work hours I enjoy looking after my two dogs and spending time with family and friends. I also have a great passion for travelling and exploring different cultures around the world."
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    Testimonials from Landlords

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Peter Large Lettings offer the best service 
      Peter Large lettings manage 2 properties for me in North Wales. As I live a significant distance from the properties it is essential that the houses are professionally managed by a diligent and cooperative agent and in this regard I could not recommend Peter Large Lettings more highly. The team are courteous and efficient and will often go the extra mile to ensure that each tenancy runs as smoothly as possible. They have also been prompt and effective in resolving maintenance and accounting issues. I have used other agents in the area but in my opinion, Peter Large Lettings offer the best service at reasonable rates. 
       Mark Preston
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Quick to respond to any of my questions / concerns
      Have found the management team at Peter Large, especially Jamie very helpful. They were clear and thorough in what entailed in the management service in the initial meetings and gave regular feed back/up dates on the property and its tenants. When problems arose they were quick to respond to any of my questions/ concerns and dealt with them all accordingly and professionally. I would recommend Peter Large as a property management service & was happy with the work they have done for me over the last number of years. 
      Regards Anwen
    • Landlord Testimonial

       such conscientious and helpful individuals
      "I am delighted to commend the services of Peter Large Lettings/Management. I say this with a degree of confidence as they have been looking after our two flats in Prestatyn for 10 years now. Over this period, I have constantly received courteous and professional service and it is a pleasure to be dealing with such conscientious and helpful individuals. Charles Hurst, August, 2016"
    • Landlord Testimonial

      I would definitely recommend
       "Jamie and the whole team at Peter Large have been very helpful through the whole process. As a first time landlord I had many questions, but Jamie was always patient and understanding, and was very quick to get on top of the paperwork from day one, helping the whole process run much more smoothly than I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend Jamie and the Peter Large team, they are thoroughly professional."
      Mr Andrew Jones
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Fast and efficient service!
      "Received a fast and efficient service from Peter Large Estate Agents. We would recommend their services to everyone."
      Mr & Mrs DJ Jones
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Excellent and very professional
      We both agree that the service provided by your representative Ciara was excellent and very professional.
      Looking forward to being a tenant with this Estate Agents
      Mr & Mrs Green
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