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#OurDifference at Tortoise Property
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    To protect yourself, your investment and your tenants is a responsibility we take very seriously here at Tortoise Property. When entering into a professional partnership with our clients we aim to give you the best chance of attaining your investment objectives whilst offering a comprehensive and transparent property management service simultaneously.

    "Tortoise provided me with a comprehensive property management service over a four year period, offering a friendly, transparent and consistent relationship.
    When I decided to sell my property I immediately engaged with Tortoise to undertake the action. They actively advertised my property, were proactive with local sale opportunities and provided timely updates on progress. The sale on my property was agreed, exchanged and completed within five weeks. I would highly recommend Tortoise Property for their professional and friendly approach." -
    Tracey Matthews - Testimonial

    6 Week marketing plan

    Our six week marketing plan has been carefully structured to achieve a swift high rental value using our extensive online tools including: Premium and Featured listings on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location listings as well as very our own purpose built website and finally our social media channels. We do this to maximise the number of potential tenants using a mobile phone, tablet or computer that view your property to let.

    Professional photography and HD property Tours

    The way your property is marketed is important. We employ professional photographers to stage, video and photograph your home to make it stand out when we launch and invest in featured and premium listings.

    Our HD property tours is yet another prime example of how we at Tortoise go the extra mile. HD Property Tours are a proven way to maximise the interest of your home to let to professional tenants.

    Comprehensive referencing

    We use one of the most advanced referencing services available, helping our landlords reduce the risk of rental loss income from tenants that fail to pay on time or even at all. We believe in safeguarding your investment to the best standard.

    Right to rent checks

    At Tortoise it is our belief that all landlords and agents should apply right to rent checks in a fair, justifiable and consistent manner, regardless as to whether they believe the prospective tenant to be British, settled or a person with limited permission to be in the UK. Surprisingly, this is not the case and here at Tortoise we aim to make a positive change in the industry by ensuring right to rent checks are upheld on every property in our portfolio in order to protect our landlords.

    Safe Agent and client money protection

    The Property Ombudsman scheme provides a clear framework for administering, securing and returning deposits and full complaints procedures for any disputes. Tortoise has been a member of the TPO for a number of years, choosing to join the scheme prior to the Government's decision in 2014 to make membership mandatory within our industry. Tortoise joined NALS (National Approved Letting Scheme) in 2014 as the professional structure and management of our business matched the stringent requirements of the membership of the scheme. To remain accredited members of this scheme we have to provide evidence annually that we protect our clients through our Public Indemnity Insurance, our Client Money Protection Scheme Membership and our Audited Client Money Accounts. The SAFE AGENT stamp of approval is a nationally recognised endorsement of our professional practices. This approval confirms our membership of the DPS, NALS and the TPO. These memberships have to be active to receive the SAFE AGENT stamp of approval.

    Rental and legal guarantee

    Here at Tortoise we understand the importance of protecting your rental investment. Most rent defaults are due to an inability to pay when circumstances change, rather than a refusal. However, rental income still needs to be paid. In partnership with Tortoise you can rest easy knowing that you're protected making it that much smoother process for letting your property.

    Web chat and 24/7 call service

    We understand that managing a property is sometimes difficult and complex. Circumstances can change unexpectedly and you may not have all the answers you desperately need. We find prospective tenants work shifts, weekend and evenings. Therefore, the ability for prospective tenants to book viewings 7 days a week is both an advantage to us and to you as landlord. Here at tortoise, we work from a fully serviced office that is open six days a week but Our Difference is that we are also contactable 24/7, 365 days a year. We have real people available to talk to you if you call us outside of our office opening hours - not robots or recordings from us, we promise! We also offer a 24hour instant web chat facility, meaning that we can chat to you at any hour of the day, should you need it.

    'I have rented a flat from Tortoise Property for 13 months. Absolutely, the most professional service I have received. Sorry for late review but you guys absolutely deserve 5 Stars! Help solve problems quickly and always willing to help'. - Qiancheng Ma - Testimonial

    Fixflo Maintenance Reporting

    Here at Tortoise we have developed a multilingual online maintenance report that simplifies the process of keeping a property looking its best. Tenants are able to use the site to help them identify the problem in a range of languages that we can then understand and produce a sensible timeframe in which the logged issue will be dealt with. Fixflo repair creates faster fixes, easy tracking and clearer communication.

    Scheduled and emergency maintenance

    We have a broad network of both local and national contractors that enable us to maintain all problems that may occur with a normal family home. We build lasting professional relationships with our maintenance contractors so we understand their skills meaning that the right contractor is chosen for each and every reported maintenance job. We have weekly scheduled works helping us to maintain our responsibilities as your representative and have access to 24/7 emergency work services that helps your tenants in the most difficult of circumstances.

    'I was with Tortoise property for 5 years and I cannot fault them. They were always very helpful and I would use them again!!' - Lauren Patterson - Testimonial 

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    Full Property management service 

    Our property management service is comprehensive, follows our regulators code of conduct and has been designed to build professional, yet personal relationships between landlords and tenants and ourselves.

    'An excellent service, they kept me informed every step of the way, I would highly recommend the' - Stu Dancelifts

    Here's what our fully managed service offers you:

    1. Our national advertising listings with Rightmove, Find a Property, Prime Location and Zoopla means that your property gets maximum exposure, so that you have a great property to let to professional tenants in no time.

    2. Accompanied viewings to your property allow us to make far assessment of potential tenants.

    3. We also handle all the paperwork in our Let set-up, from processing the application forms to the signing of the contracts and providing professional reference reports.

    4. We oversee the beginning and end of each our tenancies with our accompanied check-ins and checkouts, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    5. Rent is collected monthly, and the deposit is protected by the deposit protection service.

    6. A digital inventory video is also provided so that when it comes to getting your property back, you can be confident that you will have a clear record of how your property was delivered to the tenant(s), and therefore how it should be returned.

    7. Periodic visits to your property ensure that it is being well looked after

    8. And if you ever have a problem with your property our 24-hour maintenance call-outs will always be on hand to help. You'll also have access to insurance policies that cover your building and contents and loss of income.

    9. And with access to our 24/7 online accounts, invoices and maintenance reports, you can get the information you need wherever and whenever.

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    Our Tenant Find only service

    If you are an experienced landlord and prefer to manage your property yourself but need help finding the right calibre of tenant (while being provided with a framework that meets the current regulatory requirements) then this is the service for you.

    Our tenant find only service enables landlords to work in partnership with us during the busiest and most time consuming element of the letting process. The advantage of the service is that a landlord benefits from our day-to-day experience. New regulations and additional legal requirements are added continually to our framework so that each new let starts with the professional standards expected by today's tenants and local authorities.

    Here's what our tenant find only service offers you:

    1. National advertising listings with Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime location ensures that your property gets the best market exposure.

    2. Accompanied viewings to your property to allow us to make fair assessment of potential tenants, whilst our digital signature software means that the agreements can be signed wherever you are based.

    'I have rented through Tortoise and I have to say the process was seamless from start to finish. Everything is done electronically so when you are busy at work there are no unnecessary trips to the office to sign documents. I would highly recommend as Mike and Helen are friendly, helpful and professional.' - Louise Cambridge - Testimonial

    3. Our comprehensive tenant references and complete credit checks make sure that your property is in safe hands.

    4. A digital inventory video is also provided so that you can be confident that you have a clear record of how your property should be returned.

    5. We also oversee the beginning of the tenancy with our accompanied check-ins and can also conduct checkouts to ensure that such an important event is professionally serviced.

    What's Next?

    Give us a ring today for more information and to talk to one of our property managers that will talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.tortoiseproperty.co.uk to find out more and to make use of our free online valuation tool. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Welcome to our managed service at Tortoise

    Our tenancy agreement is extremely comprehensive but at the same time, easy to understand so that you know exactly what we expect of you and accordingly, what you can expect from us. The vast majority of our tenants have been with us for years outlining our commitment to excellent service.

    I rented with Tortoise Property for just over 2 years and I can honestly say that they were best letting agents I have used. Mike and his crew were very friendly and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending them and I'd certainly use them again should the need arise. - Steve Lockey - Testimonial

    Renting with Tortoise

    The majority of our landlords choose to offer our professional tenants a full management. This means that you receive access to property manager's contractors and professional help for the same rental as charged by a private landlord.

    What's included with a full management service?

    1. Our national advertising listings on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location means that you can view the properties available online at your own convenience, and book an accompanied viewing to see if the property is right for you.

    2. Accompanied viewings also give us the opportunity to make fair assessment of potential tenants and hopefully establish the foundations of a strong relationship.

    3. Our application process is all carried out online, meaning this can be completed instantly without the inconvenience of having to attend another appointment.

    4. Once completed, our online signature system allows you to view your tenancy agreement for your new home and allows all parties to sign the agreement from different locations, saving time and increasing convenience.

    5. We then oversee the beginning of our tenancies with our accompanied check-ins, to ensure that you are happy with your new home.

    6. Rent is collected monthly. The deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Service, for which you will receive a unique deposit ID.

    7. A digital inventory video is also provided so that there is a clear record of the condition of the whole property as given to you at the check in. This record will set the requirements of how the property should be cared for and returned to the possession of Tortoise.

    8. We undertake Periodic visits to make sure your home is safe, that any minor works are identified and to discuss your on-going circumstances. All our periodic visits are carried out with you present.

    9. And if you ever have a problem with your home, our 24-hour maintenance call-outs will always be on hand to help.

    - You'll also have access to contents insurance policies that cover your belongings.

    'Fantastic service and always reliable. I can't recommend them highly enough. After having been with letting agents who have ripped us off, it's a refreshing change to be with one with honest values. The team are so friendly and you can tell that they genuinely care and want to help. There are no hidden fees; everything is clear and upfront, no nasty surprises whenever the tenancy renewal comes around. They're a brilliant company all round; I wouldn't look anywhere else for a property.' - Rhi Bell - Testimonial

    Our Fees

    We work hard to keep the moving costs manageable while also working in partnership with landlords to make sure that additional costs during the tenancy are not passed onto tenants. Our Administration Fee for tenants looking to move into a HMO (House of Multiple Occupants) is £100 + VAT (£120 inc VAT) this includes the following: Inventory (£50 + VAT RRP), Referencing (£25 + VAT RRP) and Administration (£25 + VAT RRP). Our Administration Fee for tenants looking to move into a residential property for up to two tenants is £300 + VAT (£360 inc VAT) this includes the Referencing (£50 + VAT RRP), Closing inventory (£175 + VAT RRP), Post Tenancy Reference (£25 + VAT), Administration Charge during tenancy for renewals and tenant support (£50 + VAT). For additional tenants of the age of 18 or above there is an additional charge of £100 + VAT per person (£120 inc VAT) for the additional reference (£25 + VAT) and application process which includes the post tenancy Inventory (£25 + VAT), Copy of opening Inventory (£25 + VAT) and administration costs (£25 + VAT). These fees include all references, the administrative time to support the application, the inventory on checkout of the property and renewals of contract and post tenancy references. Meaning that, throughout your time as a tenant of Tortoise Property, you will only ever pay one Administration fee.
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    Let Only Service

    Some Landlords will retain management of the property, meaning that they will arrange maintenance works, contractors and professionals for you, whilst we structure a professional set up for the tenancy.

    What's included in our let only service?

    1. Our national advertising listings with Rightmove, Prime location and Zoopla allows you to browse our properties at your leisure and book an accompanied viewing of your potential new home.

    2. Accompanied viewings also allow us to make a fair assessment of potential tenants. The next part of the process is all online. This includes the signing of the tenancy agreement and the professional referencing process.

    3. In addition, our digital signature software means that the agreements can be securely signed wherever you are.

    4. A digital inventory video is also included so that you have a clear record of how your home was delivered to you and the condition in which it should be given back at the conclusion of the tenancy.

    5. We attend all check ins at the beginning of the tenancy to answer any questions you have and make sure you settle into your new home.

    6. If the landlord has chosen to use our checkout service, we will contact you to arrange a pre-checkout to enable you to prepare the property for the end of the tenancy.

    7. At the checkout you will receive a final digital inventory, confirming how the property was delivered back to the landlord.

    - This will give both parties an objective record of the condition of the property to facilitate the deposit release.

    Our Fees

    As part of our application process, our One - Service, One - Fee administration charge of £250.00 + VAT* for two adults in a single property covers: Referencing from the previous landlord and employer, Tenancy agreement, Digital opening and closing inventories, Periodic property visits and Post tenancy references. This fee is payable on application of a property and is in addition to the Rent and Deposit that is payable at the start of the tenancy. Please contact our office for full details of the fees payable before you make any decision about this property or before you decide to view this property. We can provide you with an explanation of how these fees are calculated. *An additional charge of £50.00 + VAT is payable if a Guarantor is required and / or any additional adults (over 18) are applying for the property.

    What's next?

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our property news. To see our latest available properties or to book a valuation visit www.tortoiseproperty.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you!

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Meet the Tortoise Team
  • Introduction


    The beauty of Tortoise Property is that we understand every client's individual needs and circumstances and tailor our approach accordingly. We ourselves are part of the community, and trust that we have built a team that believes 'something better' is available in estate agency by offering you a partnership that doesn't just reflect a property transaction, but understands the importance of finding a home, selling a home or investing in property.

    "They say selling your home can be very stressful, not with this team, there was never a time you could not get in touch with these guys. You will be in safe hands all the way from start to finish." - Maxine Ambrose - Testimonial
  • Team Member

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    Mike Matthews
    Mike started Tortoise in 2007 when the housing market was in recession. Drawing on his career in financial services with Pearl Assurance and Countrywide, his consultancy work with Haarts and his qualifications in lettings & property management, financial planning he was able to direct the company to where it is today. In addition to managing Tortoise, mike also owns his own portfolio of properties and has been landlord since 2000. His passion and breadth of knowledge for the industry provides every client with relevant and insightful advice from the challenges facing the market today.
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    Chris Plummer
    Chris joined Tortoise in January 2015. Chris' role as our relationship manager ensures that constant communication is maintained between all our buyers and vendors. Chris regularly provides clients with extensive knowledge of the sale and purchasing process, having worked within both the mortgage and residential sales industries. As a qualified practising mortgage broker, Chris is incredibly experienced in the complete cycle of property sales enabling him to provide rare alternative insights to maximise your experience here at Tortoise.
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    Helen Bliszczak
    Helen joined Tortoise in 2009 and is pivotal in the management of our lettings portfolio. From ensuring our landlord's properties are let to the right tenants with the help of referencing and insurances to organising safety checks for everything from gas to Legionnaires. Helen simultaneously, schedules maintenance work, accompanies viewings and organises inventories alongside offering insightful interior design outlooks on our properties.
  • Team Member

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    Roger Tarrier
    Roger joined us in January 2018. With many years of experience within operational planning, scheduling and customer service roles, Roger's responsibilities are many and his ability to consistently deliver outstanding customer service is unparalleled. As a property manager Roger works closely with Landlords, Tenants and tradesman. Communication and organisation is essential for Roger in arranging viewings of properties to let, check ins of new tenants, check outs of existing tenants, compiling inventory's, inspections, arranging maintenance works and dealing with customer enquiries.
  • Team Member

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    Donovan Bell
    Donovan joined Tortoise in 2014 with ten years of IT sector experience. During this period, Donovan worked as an account manager at a digital agency working for clients such as the BBC, Grand Designs and Ideal Home Show gaining valuable experience and expertise in digital marketing, which is supported and implemented here at Tortoise. Donovan is responsible for the technical development of our website and the management of our online presence. He is responsible for the maintenance of our marketing channels and will ensure that your property is seen by thousands of potential buyers and tenants.
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    Testimonials from Landlords

    • Landlord Testimonial

      Ron - Landlord
      I found Tortoise to provide a stress free service with friendly staff always on hand. Simply excellent. The letting process was very easy and the staff were readily available to answer any questions I had about the process. 

      Tortoise presented themselves, and their terms professionally and everything was explained to me fully and was also in literature provided. 
      The staff I met are very approachable and friendly and have been very supportive.
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Gary - Landlord
      In my experience with Tortoise, I found them to be very professional and delivered consistently good communication The best part is that Tortoise gave me full peace of mind regarding any of the tenancy process. 

      Tortoise explained their terms fully and still offered great flexibility. You certainly get what you pay for with Tortoise,the charges are very fair and upfront.
    • Landlord Testimonial

      Mrs Kelly - Landlord
      One of the best bits with Tortoise has got to be that there is always someone to talk to. I can always be sure that no matter how small any problem that I might have, there is always someone on hand to help. 
      The staff at Tortoise made sure that I was connected with everything to do with my property and that everyone was incredibly helpful. 

      With Tortoise their services were great value for money. The took all the headaches out of letting a property.
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