It's the perennial question asked again and again by both house hunters and those looking to sell their homes: is now the right time to buy or sell?
Studying fluctuations in house prices may seem daunting, but Rightmove's House Price Index can help make things clearer.
Not only do we publish a monthly report to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the property markets, but historical data going back ten years is available on our website too.

The causes of fluctuations in house prices

Getting to grips with some of the reasons why fluctuations in house prices occur can be extremely beneficial to buyers and sellers hoping to strike while the property market is firmly in their favour. House prices in your area can be driven up by a number of factors, including:

  • Supply being low
  • Demand being high
  • The availability of cheap credit
  • Lax mortgage lending
  • Rising wages
  • Falling unemployment

Meanwhile, house prices have historically fallen in areas with:
  • An increased supply
  • A decreased demand
  • Low rental charges
  • High unemployment
  • Low economic growth
  • Reduced availability of affordable mortgages

Researching house prices with Rightmove

The Rightmove website is the UKs #1 property website and, as such, advertises around 90% of all residential properties for sale via estate agents in the UK.
With access to such a large sample of the latest property asking prices, the Rightmove House Price Index is in a unique position to inform buyers and sellers on the current state of the property market, as well as to indicate the direction of future trends.
Each monthly edition of the Rightmove index details the average asking prices for all the regions in England and Wales, as well as the monthly and annual changes in these areas. Rightmove director Miles Shipside provides an insightful and easy-to-digest commentary on what the latest figures can mean for you.

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