Mobile Site

The Rightmove mobile website

Everything you love about Rightmove on your smartphone. A site designed and optimised to provide the best experience in your mobile browser.

What you'll love about the mobile site:

  • Nothing to install, just access the site through the web browser on your phone
  • All of the features that you love, designed for mobile
  • Search for properties near your current location with one click
  • See all the properties advertised on Rightmove from your smartphone
  • Easy access to all property info you need; photos, floorplans, location on a map and Street View
  • When you are emailed about a new property on the market, check out it out straight away on your phone
  • Contact agents quickly and easily, via phone and email
  • Share properties you find via email, facebook or twitter
  • Save your favourite properties and searches and access them across all Rightmove platforms: the website, mobile site and apps


Which handsets is the mobile site compatible with?

All smartphone handsets. This includes iPhones, Android, Windows and Blackberry. (The mobile site is not compatible with non-smartphone WAP devices however)

Does it cost anything to use the mobile site?

We don't charge you anything to look at content but you'll need to check with your network provider for their charges (generally, it costs only a few pence to look at a simple webpage). Do remember that using data services whilst abroad can be more expensive.

Why can't I get Rightmove's mobile site on my phone?

You may not have a data connection or coverage in your area. Contact your network provider for information.

How up-to-date is the property information on the mobile site?

It's the very latest information - the same as you'll find on the main website you would see on a PC or laptop.

None of these FAQ's help me with my problem, how can I get some help?

Email us at, and we'll get in touch to help solve your problem

Rightmove Mobile platforms

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