Step inside the most incredible castles for sale

Who’s never dreamt of living in their own castle?

Now that we know this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! will be filmed in one, all those fairy tales and stories are coming right back.

As it happens, this week there is a fabulous selection of unbelievably grand castles listed for sale on Rightmove.

So, sit back and take a look at some of these fascinating properties. Some are quirky, some have a dark history behind them, but all are amazing. Enjoy!

A grand Scottish castle with rumours of being haunted

Earlshall Castle was built in the mid-1500’s by Sir William Bruce, a member of the historic Lowlands Scottish clan Bruce.

Sir Bruce was a survivor of the famous Battle of Flodden, the largest battle in the history of Britain between the kingdoms of England and Scotland, and where James IV King of Scots lost his life.

A number of high calibre guests were hosted in this extraordinary courtyard castle, including Mary Queen of Scots and James VI of Scotland (who later became James I of England).

One of the most notorious Barons of Earlshall was Sir Andrew the “Bloody Bruce”, who earned his name by hacking off the hands and head of one of his enemies. It is said that his ghost haunts the castle, and that his footsteps can be heard from time to time going up and down the spiral stairs.

After several generations of the Bruce family, the castle was sold on but eventually became derelict.

It was in the late 1800’s that it was restored by none less than the renowned architect and designer Sir Robert Lorimer, considered by most as the greatest architect Scotland has ever produced.

The stunning walled garden designed by Lorimer is still there, and is truly something to behold.

Take a closer look at the property below:

Rare moated castle in Staffordshire

There are very few castles in Britain that are still surrounded by their original moats, and this beauty is one of them.

Caverswall Castle dates back as far as the 13th century. It was originally a manor house owned by the noble Caverswall family, who were given what’s known as a license to crenellate – a permission granted, usually by a king, to fortify a property.

The resulting moat and curtain walls are striking.

Over the hundreds of years it fell into ruins, until the estate was acquired by a local wool merchant who went on to rebuild the existing mansion over what was left of the original building. He kept the old castle walls as they were.

The main entrance to the castle is accessed by a beautifully carved sandstone bridge, which would have replaced the original drawbridge.

Take a closer look at the property below:

A majestic Castle straight out of a fairy tale

The history behind Devizes Castle is incredibly rich. There’s been a castle on the site since the days of William the Conqueror in the 11th century.

It is perhaps the most famous of today’s selection, and this national treasure in Wiltshire might also be our favourite.

Every corner of this grand palace is stunning. The outside is just as you’d imagine a castle in Sleeping Beauty would look like, standing gloriously amongst the tall trees and greenery.

And the detail on the inside is almost too much to grasp. The ornate ceilings, detailed stone archways, and floor-to-ceiling carved marble fireplaces are just a few of the features that caught our attention.

It was burnt down and re-built in during the reign of King Henry I, and from that point onwards became a popular residence for the Monarchy. King John was a regular at the castle, followed by Henry III and Edward I.

It remained in the hands of the Crown until the 1600’s, and was the residence of the Queens of England, including Henry VIII’s wives.

It was largely destroyed during the 17th century civil war between the king and Parliament. Nearly two hundred years later, it was brought to its present state of glory by the celebrated architect H.E. Goodridge – the same guy who designed the ‘Beckford’s Tower’ near Bath.

This property is listed for sale with Savills.

Take a closer look at the property below:

Grand Castle in Durham in outstanding condition

The grounds where this impressive building stand were once owned by Robert the Bruce, though most of the original medieval castle he would have owned is no longer there.

Appropriately known as The Castle, the property as we know it was built in the old village of Castle Eden, which is referenced in historical literature dating back as far as the 9th century.

The estate was purchased by a bank merchant in the 1700’s, and went on to build this majestic manor house over the existing ruins.

One thing that sets this one aside from the rest is the condition it’s in. Because it’s undergone extensive refurbishment recently, it looks and feels bright and fresh.

Surrounded by 14 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens and woodlands, there’s plenty of space for any aspiring king, queen, knight, or lady to reign as they please.

Take a closer look at the property below:

Gothic-style Victorian castle in Leicestershire

In castle terms, Wartnaby Castle is relatively new. It was built in the mid-1800’s and has undergone several refurbishments since, so it’s actually pretty suitable for a modern-day family, in case you have £2.65 million and fancy a change.

Imposing reception halls, carved marble fireplaces, high ceilings, and grand staircases are some of the features that make this a remarkable place.

The nine large bedrooms and seven reception rooms should be plenty of space for the average British family. And we think the heated indoor swimming pool complex with a bar area is a significant selling point too!

And the 25 acres of grounds surrounding the castle are spectacular. The route on the long driveway leading to the palace looks gorgeous, as it passes by the landscaped gardens and water fountain.

Take a closer look at the property below:

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