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Our favourite beach huts for sale right now

One of the things we most love doing here at Rightmove HQ is finding out what types of property are catching the country’s attention.

Obviously castles, mega-mansions, and multimillionaire pads are always top favourites among property daydreamers. But as it turns out we have a lot of time for small and quirky, too.

We’ve recently noticed that interest in beach huts has gone through the roof. Since 2019, the average price of a beach hut has increased by more than 51% – going from about £25,000 to almost £40,000.

It appears these colourful huts by the sea have become as much a part of British summer as ice-cream, barbecues, and drizzly weather.

Here are some of our favourites listed on Rightmove right now:

Old Hunstanton, Norfolk

This quintessential hut on Old Hunstanton Beach has just been redecorated in the style of an old farmhouse, and we think it’s pretty cool.

Hunstanton, or ‘Hunston’ as it is known locally, is a classic Victorian resort, famous for its striped cliffs and magnificent sunsets – it is the only West-facing seaside on the East coast.

Take a closer look at the property below:

And nearby is another little hut which is pretty much exactly the same shape and size as the previous one, but decorated differently. It’s got more of a natural, rustic feel to it:

Take a closer look at the property below:

Felixstowe, Suffolk

This beachside ‘chalet’ in Felixstowe not only has uninterrupted views to the sea, but is also right next to lush, green spa gardens.

Felixstowe is a top seaside destination because it’s a place that has it all: attractions, parks, events, and of course, beautiful beaches.

Take a closer look at the property below:

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

Literally on the seafront, right by the pier and with spectacular views, we found this lovely hut.

It’s fairly new, and looks to be in excellent condition. It’s also just a few hundred yards away from fresh water supply, public toilets, and the town centre, so once you’re settled in there’s no need to go anywhere else all day.

Maybe we’re biased, but we love the hut’s teal colour, which we use a lot here at Rightmove!

Take a closer look at the property below:

Huts are selling like hotcakes these days – of all the ones put on Rightmove this year, 90% are already under offer or sold subject to contract.

Charlie Papworth, who specialises in selling beach huts in Felixstowe with Diamond Mills, told us, “A year ago we had about 15 people register their interest in buying a hut with us. Today, we have about 100.”

“Some people might not fully grasp what makes these little huts so special, and might think they’re not much more than sheds by the seaside. But those who’ve experienced them know that they’re so much more than that – it’s about lifestyle and building memories; they take the seaside experience to a whole new level.”

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