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Help needed!

Felicity, local neighbour in Kidderminster

“We need more community based projects! We desperately could do with a local drop in centre and an exchange day whereby one person can swap with another for something they need. How about a ‘I can do list’ in the library where people can swap a skill such as decorating, gardening, plumbing, cooking class etc. or learn a language in exchange for helping out with something else? It works in other towns why not here? Can anyone help?” Read more…

Ask advice?

Couple moving to Bristol

“We are planning on moving to Bristol in March and wondering if anyone could recommend the best places to live. We are in our mid-twenties and want to live a little out if the city so it’s quiet but still be close enough to get into the centre easily by car or bus. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)” Add answer…

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dogLocal messages!

Dog walker in Hay on Wye

“I love the area round Hay on Wye. Firstly, must warn you that if you choose to walk in neighbouring fields it is best to keep dog on lead; if he (dog) starts to chase farm animals the farmer has the right to shoot him. Best places are the Warren, which you can access beside the river Wye at the bridge and walk along a lovely woodland path, which is safe to let your dog loose. The top of Begwyns Bluff has some beautiful walks plus brilliant views of the Black mountains, but be careful, local sheep & horses wander freely. The big park in the centre of Hereford is a nice place to let your dog socialise with other dogs (park by the swimming pool) and be safe off leash.” Read more…

What do people REALLY think?

Sarah, local neighbour in Leighton Buzzard

“I disagree completely! Leighton is a lovely place, take that chip of your shoulder and actually explore the place! The high street has decent shops, a big market and lovely cafes. The cafes have acoustic music afternoons, there are pubs with open-mic nights and quiz nights, nice restaurants (great curries!). There are great independent shops in the town too. There are plenty of medical facilities, decent schools (lower, middle and upper). Good transport links to MK, London, anywhere really! I’d say it’s a safe town; of course you get the odd drunken fight, like you get anywhere, but overall it’s safe. I’ve even left my car unlocked with the keys in the ignition all night, and it was fine in the morning! There is some lovely scenery – the canal (which has an annual canal festival of music and arts), Waterside Park, lots of parks with great kids’ playgrounds, lovely old buildings and lots of history. Don’t let this guy put you off Leighton!” Read more…

Get involved?

Guarav Lohiya, local neighbour in Leeds

“We need parks and more green spaces around Brewary Wharf and Clarence dock area. The Clarence Dock and Brewary Wharf areas are located very close to the city centre and provide easy access to Costco supermarket, Crown Point shopping centre and has a Tesco Express store right at their footsteps. However, the one missing jewel in the crown is lack of park-spaces and green areas, where children can play or young men can have a good game of footie / cricket etc. Also, there are no tennis / badminton courts in close vicinity. This lack of park space makes families with young kids reluctant to move into these absolutely wonderful areas. Now, given the fact that Tetley’s Breweries is going to move its big factory from this area, it will provide a huge tract of land located centrally to both these developments and it is a very good opportunity to develop a nice park and garden area where people can enjoy the fresh air in the mornings and evenings and children can play. Is there any way that we can make this a petition or formal request and send it to the Mayor / City Council planning department?  I think there are hundreds of families / young professionals living around in these buildings and they would really love a bit of green.” Read more…

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