Top Tips for Million Pound Plus House Removals

millionAs the number of property millionaires in the UK escalates, so does the challenge of achieving that perfect removal!

Having successfully secured an expensive and substantial property it is vital to give serious consideration to the actual removal itself, to ensure both a stress free experience and the successful move of all your precious and valuable possessions to your new property.

Choosing the Right Removal Company

A professional moving company is a must and a good starting point is The British Association of removers  , but further to this whilst most moving companies are more than capable of moving standard household items, if you own expensive furniture, antiques, paintings and other valuable items then it is advisable to employ a moving company with specific expertise

in this area and to ask them for evidence of their experience. A recent TV program ‘ Million Pound Movers’  showed just how much expertise is required when moving valuable heirlooms and artefacts. Personal recommendation from friends and families are also useful as are reviews.

 The Home Visit 

This is crucial to the success of the move, not only to assess if you think they are the right company for you but is also the opportunity to discuss in detail not just the normal household effects but also the valuable Items you will be moving, it is essential to give accurate values for all expensive items for insurance purposes as the overall total may warrant an additional premium.


Experienced companies will be able to offer advice on the best way to move difficult and valuable items and what specialist packing materials may be required. It may be that certain items require bespoke crates made to measure in order to ensure their safety. At Doree Bonners we have our own in house crate making facility, so check what facilities the company you are seeing have. You may also want to ask about the training and expertise of the removal operatives – are they CRB checked, do they for example photograph all valuable items before and after moving them? –  Remember not all companies have the same standards.

Most companies will offer a full packing service and if you take the removal companies insurance policy then decide to pack some effects yourself then you will not be covered for any damages on these items.

Small valuable Items beware

You should also be advised that small items such as important documents, jewellery and small items of sentimental value you should move yourselves or to take these to the bank for safe storage whilst the move is taking place.  At Doree Bonner we give all our customers a “Personal Box” especially for those small items of value that Removal Companies are not allowed to insure and you transport yourself.

Most people tend to get two to three quotes these days, but make sure when looking at the quotes that each offers the same service and materials. Beware of seemingly cheaper quotes that also suggest that a move will be done in a shorter time scale. Large moves with high net worth items take time to do properly and professionally.

Remember as with most things in life you get what you pay for and cutting corners on your removal could cost you a lot more in the long run.



 Doree Bonner InternationalWritten by Geoff Watson Managing Director Doree Bonner International

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