WARNING: Wild Pokemon Infesting Houses Everywhere!

Pokemon have been spotted everywhere from your gym to your toilet – so we’re here to educate and inform with 9 confirmed sightings of the critters in action.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have witnessed the craze of Pokemon Go sweeping across the world over the past two weeks, with seemingly everyone from toddlers to grandmas going crazy for the little guys.

But just to keep things *serious* we wanted to lay down a few ground rules and words of advice for what to do if you happen to spot a wild pokemon in your property. The first step? Don’t panic!

If you spot a Pokemon on the toilet, it’s best to let the little dude finish his business before disturbing it…

You’re not even safe from the creatures in your bedroom. In the shocking picture below one man was confronted in his room by a rather aggressive looking Charmander…

My life is on hold XD #pokemongo #pokemon #charmander

A post shared by Markus Söderman (@romuruotsalainen) on

While household pests are nothing new, when they’re as brazen as this Zubat is the world needs to sit up and take note…


One Krabby was spotted making a nest in someone’s bad and brandishing it’s claws angrily. You wouldn’t want to go too near those pincers!


It’s been noted that household pets are surprisingly bad at chasing off wild Pokemon. It’s almost as if they don’t understand what’s happening…


In one unbelievable scenario a mean-looking Raticate actually had the nerve to climb all over this chap’s nan. Hopefully she didn’t mind TOO much…

Bloody Pokemon climbing on my Nan! #PokemonGo

A post shared by Callum Thompson (@callumt_93) on

Gastly’s have been reported causing havoc during people’s workouts. Wrong gym, mate!

People are being warned that if a Pokemon gets particularly attached to them it may well follow them to work from now on…

And finally – though this is only rumour for now – it’s believed that the rare Pokemon Mew is out there somewhere. Please report it immediately if you see one!

So there you have it, folks. Stay safe (and happy Pokemon hunting!).

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