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Getting a taste for a property in Turkey?

Turkey enjoyed a surprise surge in tourism this summer, after its currency collapsed and foreign holidaymakers flooded there to benefit from the cheaper prices. The [...]

Why big isn’t always better!

Not everyone needs lots of living space, with singletons and childless couples often prioritising location, style and convenience over square footage. We outline the key [...]

‘Mamma Mia!’ movie puts secret corner of Croatia in the spotlight!

Greek island Skopelos (main photo) was thrust into the limelight when the first Mamma Mia! blockbuster was filmed there, so could the same happen to Croatia, [...]

Some like it hot – really hot!

Have you been suffering or revelling in the sweltering heat these past weeks? Of course, there are many places in Europe where extreme summer temperatures [...]

Why overseas golf homes score above par!

Spain and Portugal are two of the most popular places to own a home next to a fairway. We look at the benefits of buying [...]

Where to buy for that ‘riding high’ feeling!

The world’s most famous cycle race is taking place this month as riders battle it out in the Tour de France. So here’s a timely [...]