Standing at the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus has a vibrant history, a perfect climate and the warmest welcome in the Mediterranean. It has been a British playground for many years offering the perfect combination of relaxation, water sports and exciting exploration along its beautiful coastline.

Whilst the Southern part of Cyprus is most commonly considered first, Northern Cyprus too, has its share of rich archaeological sites and medieval castles and like the rest of the island, enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue unpolluted seas, the beauty of an unspoiled landscape and un-crowded beaches.

Along the Northern coast stretch the pine-clad Kyrenia Mountains, sloping gently to the warm and tranquil waters of the Mediterranean. There are many good restaurants in the area, and picturesque Kyrenia Harbour is the place to be in the evening. northern-cyprusFamagusta in the east is famed for its endless sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It will come as no surprise that according to legend this island was given to Cleopatra by Julius Caesar as a token of his love! Add friendly, hospitable people, wonderfully varied cuisine and you have the perfect recipe for a truly idyllic holiday. Whether you are a lover of nature, an archaeologist, a keen walker, a water sportsman or simply a sun-worshipper this little island could be the ideal spot for you.

Northern Cyprus is clearly a popular destination for both UK holiday makers and overseas home buyers alike, but the history and political situation of the region means buyers should be aware of potential risks.
Cyprus was originally a British colony with a mix of Turkish and Greek roots which gained independence in 1960. A long period of political tension and disagreement between the majority Greeks and minority Turks followed, culminating in Greece supporting a coup d’état in 1974. Turkey felt compelled to send in military forces to support and protect the resident Turkish-Cypriots and occupied the Northern 1/3rd of the island. Ever since then, the territory of Northern Cyprus has been disputed, with only Turkey recognising it as an independent state and Greece supporting the Southern 2/3rds. The United Nations are attempting to bring a negotiated resolution to reunite the island.

Mustafa Sener, a property lawyer in Kyrenia says; “Given the delicate political situation, newcomers to the market in northern Cyprus should be aware of the type of title deed they buy. If the island were reunified, Greek Cypriots who owned property in Northern Cyprus before fleeing South might come forward to seek compensation.” Sener advises buyers to “seek a property with a Turkish title deed, which indicates ownership by a Turkish Cypriot before 1974. This title is internationally recognized and carries no risk to the buyer.”

As with any overseas purchase you should never put down deposits or sign contracts without conducting full searches and due diligence with an expert in that market to avoid future complications. Act with the same common sense you would in purchasing a property in the UK and you will be fine, just like Isabel and Derek May who purchased in Northern Cyprus recently;

After researching from afar the North Cyprus Property Market and were hoping to secure a 2 bedroom apartment at a cost we could afford (Big Ask). This was no mean task as we did not want to be part of the “Madding Crowd” so to speak, we wanted to find an apartment which had a quiet situation but offered luxury, comfort and a modern feel to it. When we finally made our visit to North Cyprus the development we were shown, we knew intuitively this was for us.”