Our users will visit Rightmove multiple times per month, so seeing the same photos and description each time can result in declining interest from them. Keeping your listing fresh is a great way of encouraging a steady flow of enquiries.

Follow our guide below to find out how to keep your property looking great and attract new interest.


Sign in to Rightmove


  1. First, sign in to your Rightmove account:

    • Go to www.rightmove.co.uk
    • Scroll down o the bottom of the page
    • Click on Rightmove Plus, under the small sub-section ‘Professional’


    • Log into the account by using your email address and password with you have created previously
  2. On the ‘Shortcuts’ page, click on ‘Property list’:


  3. Edit your advert by clicking on the property image or property reference:

  4. Select the tab ‘Basic information’

Revise your summary description

  • Scroll to the bottom of ‘Basic Information’ and you will see ‘Summary Description’. Update this by changing some of the information ensuring you are also CAPITALISING keywords to attract the user’s attention.
  • Once you have completed, click on “Save and Continue”:

Enter additional details

Ensure you have between 6-10 “key features”.

  • Whereas each field can take up to 200 characters, try to be concise and use only keywords in this area. This is because our Keyword sort system will pick-up on those terms and prioritise your property on the search result page. Examples of keywords are: Swimming pool, sea view, fireplace, rural.

Changing your description

  • Update your “Full Description” and try to add some headings to give the advert a new look. If you would like to bold, italic or underline these headings please click here to see our HTML guide.
  • Click on “Save and Continue” once completed.

Reorder and add images

  • Rotate your images around by dragging and dropping them to the new location. Always try to display a different main image than your previous one as this will help your advert to look fresh!
  • Whenever possible, take some new photographs of the property and load them into your advert.
  • We would recommend displaying between 7-30 images on site.
  • If you haven’t already done so, add captions to each of your images. This will help potential buyers to get a better understanding of all rooms and features in your property.
  • When you are happy with the updates you have done, click on ‘Save’ under the ‘Save and finish’ box on the right.