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Make sure you start off with as much money as possible

Relocating abroad is a big decision and you need to plan your finances carefully. Make sure you avoid losing money on your international currency payments when relocating your assets or moving abroad.

Smart Currency Exchange is a currency specialist who can offer bank-beating exchange rates, helping you to save yourself a considerable amount of money when transferring money overseas.

There are a number of pitfalls and extra costs associated with emigrating. Avoid even more additional costs on your international payments with guidance from Smart Currency Exchange.

Benefits of using Smart when emigrating:

  • Friendly, free guidance on currency markets to help you make transactions at the right time - helping you avoid losing money.
  • Bank-beating exchange rates and direct access to experienced traders - for both lump sums as well as regular smaller payments such as pensions and bills.
  • Payments in any direction, either transferring from the UK overseas, or from overseas back to the UK.
  • Smart Currency Exchange have more than 10 years' experience in helping people to successfully emigrate to destinations all over the world, saving both time and money in the process.

Exchange rate comparison with popular high street banks:

Exchange rate comparison
Based on an exchange rate comparison on 10/12/2013

For more information call Smart Currency Exchange on freephone 0808 163 0102, or from outside of the UK: +44 20 7898 0541.

Case study of a client using Smart Currency when emigrating

Ms. Hawkins was emigrating to New Zealand.

She contacted Smart Currency in advance to discuss how she could make sure she got the best deal and avoid risk when transferring her savings.

She was aware that the New Zealand Dollar had strengthened over the eighteen months prior to her move and that the rate at that time was poor. She didn't need all the money at once so she thought, having talked things through with her currency specialist, to take it over in stages.

Ms. Hawkins left instructions that if the rate hit 2.60 (it was 2.43 at the time), 87,500 was to be exchanged into New Zealand Dollars. This in fact happened within two months and she got an additional NZD 14,875 for her Sterling. This paid for the flights and all of her emigration costs.

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