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Selling Property

Use a currency specialist to transfer money for your overseas property

If you need to repatriate funds because you're selling an overseas holiday home or returning to live in the UK, Smart Currency Exchange has solutions to help you make the most of your money.

Don't forget, as a vendor your selling power can fluctuate with exchange rates too. For example, someone wanting to achieve a certain amount of pounds from the sale of a home in France could accept a lower offer (in euros) if the euro were to strengthen enough against the pound.

It might be you need to transfer funds because you are selling up and moving from one foreign country to another, for example from France to Switzerland, or Italy to the USA - again, Smart Currency Exchange can assist with your transfer requirements.

Smart Currency Exchange could save you money when selling an overseas home or returning to live in the UK by:

  • Offering you an on-the-spot exchange rate - up to 4% better than the banks - when you repatriate your money
  • Letting you fix a competitive exchange rate today for repatriating funds at any time within a year
  • Letting you transfer your currency back into pounds only once your preferred exchange rate is available

To find out more, contact Smart Currency Exchange or download our free currency guide

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