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Search for property in New Zealand with - the best place to search for New Zealand property and part of, the UK's number one property website. New Zealand is a naturally very beautiful country with a great climate and a population of only 4 million living in a land area much larger than the UK. Should you decide to live permanently in your property in New Zealand you'd benefit from strong health and education systems and a lifestyle second to none. With the strength of the British pound, those purchasing property in New Zealand can generally purchase a New Zealand property vastly superior to what they previously owned in the UK; there is also no stamp duty or capital gains tax!

For around �100,000 you can buy a large three bedroom family house in New Zealand on a 600sqm plot of land in any one of the country's regional centres. Quality property in Auckland, homes in Wellington and property in Christchurch can be more expensive as they are in key buying areas, although very good homes in these cities can be found for just �200,000. UK citizens travelling to New Zealand do not need a visa for entry and many Brits purchase property in New Zealand to spend a few months a year enjoying their second home there. Buying a home in New Zealand is one of the more simple processes due to the lack of restrictions for UK residents and the variety of visas for prospective migrants on offer. The New Zealand government is actively seeking migrants and over 30% of those who started a new life in their New Zealand property in 2006 were from the UK. The lack of people, beautiful open countryside, un-crowded beaches and good quality health and education systems along with a low crime rate combine to make property in New Zealand a very attractive option. With over seven mainstream airlines now flying to New Zealand, flying over to your property in New Zealand is now easier than ever!

Property in Canterbury

Houses in Canterbury or apartments in Christchurch, the capital city of Canterbury, are perfect for those that could not choose between the coast and the mountains; because property in Canterbury is surrounded by a patchwork of panoramic scenic views. Whether you want the ocean, the mountains or pastureland, property in Canterbury can cater to most tastes and preferences with the highest part of the region being the highest in all New Zealand! Great care has been taken to preserve Canterbury's colonial heritage in the regions two main cities, Christchurch and Timaru. Therefore, much of the property in Christchurch and the property in Timaru often reflect this preservation and some beautiful character properties can be found.

Property in Auckland

Property in Auckland allows you to live in an urban city environment whilst still being within half an hour of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and island retreats. Invest in apartments in Auckland and surround yourself with Polynesian culture, outstanding food, wine and shopping and all under a warm sun! A combination of harbours, islands, culture and a modern city environment has ranked Auckland amongst the best in the world in terms of quality of life. So, in owning a property in Auckland you can be confident that you have a little piece of paradise to escape to a few times a year, or even move to permanently!

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