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Dve Mogili, Ruse, Bulgaria

Mowlem Bulgaria, Ruse







1,238 sq ft

115 sq m

Key features

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Fruit Trees
  • Shower room
  • Outbuildings
  • Parking Space
  • Yard of 1025sq.m.
  • Nice Views
  • Summer kitchen
  • Top Location


Price: £28,750
Now 10% Off for Cash Buy Purchase

Pay monthly plan: £700 Deposit (deducted from the property price) + Min. £530 monthly instalments until the property is paid off


A massive 2-storey house, with 3 bedrooms, a shower room, an additional housing unit, and a spacious garden!

Property area: 1025sq.m.

Great location - only 27 miles away from the City of Ruse, 24 miles away from the Town of Byala, 20 miles away from the Town of Popovo and very close to the municipal centre Town of Dve Mogili - 15 miles.

The village has a town hall, a community centre, a church, a kindergarten, a health service, a post station, a petrol station, shops and pubs.

The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

- The "St. Marina" Monastery (7 miles);

- The The Archeological Reserve Medieval Town of Cherven - is situated on a high hill in the canyon of the Cherni Lom River at the Village of Cherven and only 7 miles away from the Village of Katselovo;

- The "Orlova Chuka" Cave (17 miles);

- House-museum "Filip Totyu" in the Town of Dve Mogili (15 miles);

- Koprivets Monastery (26 miles).


Property address

32 Treti Mart Str.

Village of Katselovo - District of Ruse

Post Code: 7160

The Y House with its unique name, inspired by its y-junction location, spacious garden with grape vines and fruit trees, lots of living and storage space, high ceilings and a layout providing endless possibilities is a fascinating property just waiting for you to discover it and make it your new countryside home. Wonder why the Y House is worth your attention? Here's why:

The property is situated on a main street in the village of Katselovo with a food shop and a children's playground right across the house, as well as another food shop and a bar 30 meters away from the house. The village is well-maintained, it has a town hall, a community centre, a church, a kindergarten, a health service, a post station, a petrol station, shops and pubs, as well as a fishing lake. Katselovo has a great location - only a 30-minute drive away from the city of Ruse, which is the biggest Bulgarian city on the Danube River and a popular tourist centre, so when you start missing urban life and its attractive amenities Ruse is only 27 miles away. The village is also in close proximity to a number of natural and historic sites providing you the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature and rich culture of the region. Among those sites are the majestic Rusenski Lom Nature Park, the stunning Orlova Chuka cave, the Medieval Fortified Town of Cherven dating back to the 12th century, the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo (a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE), the Rock Monastery St. Dimitar Basarabovski and the St. Marina Monastery in the village of Karan Varbovka. Also, only 11 miles from Katselovo in the village of Nisovo there is a wine cellar specialising in the production of white, rose and red quality, with two tasting rooms. There you go - we have planned your weekend for you!

And now back to the Y House: The property is located at a y-junction and there is only 1 neighbour border, there are 2 entrances and a gated driveway.

On the ground floor of the house, you will find a screened entrance hall leading you to a spacious L-shaped lounge area with an airy feel and lots of natural light, which you can convert into the ultimate gathering space for family and friends. Through the lounge area, you enter a basement with shelves which is ideal for storage space. There is also an outside entrance to the basement.

On the first floor of the house, you will find a corridor, three bedrooms - all of which with preserved furniture and an additional room that you can transform into a playroom, an office, a closet space, etc.

Attached to the main house there is a smaller building which you can use as a summer kitchen/storage area.

The property also features an additional housing unit with a wood panelling interior, consisting of a kitchen, an adjacent room which you can use as a dining room or an additional bedroom, and a shower room.

There are outbuildings on the property that you could convert and use as lounge areas, workshops, additional storage spaces, etc.

In the spacious garden, offering pretty views of the neighbouring cliffs there are some fruit trees and a small vineyard, as well as vine trellis in front of the house.

There is water and electricity connected to the property.

The property has a gated driveway and there is also a parking space for you to park your vehicle on the street.

The roof is in good condition, as shown in the photos.


The village of Katselovo is located in the eastern part of the Danube plain, in the Municipality of Dve Mogili, District of Ruse. It is about 27 miles south-southeast of the City of Ruse, 24 miles east-northeast of the Town of Byala, 20 miles northwest of the Town of Popovo and 15 miles east-southeast of the municipal center Town of Dve Mogili. Nearby are the villages of Gorsko Ablanovo, Karan Varbovka, Ostritsa, Svalenik, Cherven, Garchinovo, Tserovets and others. Katselovo is located north of the Cherni Lom River, and in the southwestern part of the village - nearby to the fishponds on the right bank of the river.

The population in the village is approximately 587 people.

The village has a town hall, a community centre, a church, a kindergarten, a health service, a post station, a petrol station, shops and pubs.

Tourism and landmarks:

- Only 1 mile west of the village, in a park area, there is a monument of the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 in the area of Katselovo and the Village of Gorsko Ablanovo;

- The "St. Marina" Monastery - only 7 miles away from Katselovo. It was founded in the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and is located in a beautiful area and pine forest near the village of Karan Varbovka, therefore it is also called the Karanvarbovski Monastery. This is the most famous monastery with a ayzmo (sacred spring) in Eastern Bulgaria, which is dedicated to St. Marina. St. Marina Monastery is a place that has preserved legends of the past and people's belief in good. The current church of monastery was built in 1890. In its centre is the holy spring (ayzmo) which is shaped as a well, with stone steps, fenced with iron railing. Here is the only mineral spring in Rousse District. Most people gather at the monastery on July 17, the Feast of St. Marina. Every year in June in the area of the monastery there is a folklore festival "Living Water";

- The Archeological Reserve Medieval Town of Cherven- is situated on a high hill in the canyon of the Cherni Lom River at the Village of Cherven and only 7 miles away from the Village of Katselovo. Ruins of big Byzantine fortresses from the VI century are preserved. The small settlement left continued its development and during the period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom it transmuted into big town of Cherven, one of the leading military, administrative, economic, religious and cultural centers in the country;

- The "Orlova Chuka" Cave-only 1 mile north of the village of Pepelina and 17 miels away from Katselovo, in the rocky gorge of the Cherni Lom River. It is one of the most interesting caves in Bulgaria. Since 1963 it has been declared a natural landmark, and since 1978 it has been an archaeological monument of culture of national importance.


Municipality of Dve Mogili is located in Northern Bulgaria and is one of the constituent municipalities of District of Ruse.

The settlement network of the municipality covers 12 villages: the villages of Baniska, Batishnitsa, Bazovets, Karan Varbovka, Katselovo, Mogilino, Ostritsa, Chilnov, Pomen, Pepelina, Shirokovo and the administrative center - Dve Mogili. It is located 20 miles south of Ruse.

A transport scheme with good efficiency and coordination with rail transport operates in the municipality. Through the bus station, all bus lines connecting the district city are coordinated, and through the railway station - the directions Ruse-Gorna Oryahovitsa and Ruse-Sofia.

On the territory of Municipality of Dve Mogili there are 2 municipal schools, 1 public school, 2 kindergartens, 11 local community centers and 12 churches.

The population in the municipality is about 9 382 inhabitants.

The main landmarks in the municipality are:

- "Orlova Chuka" Cave - 6 miles east of the town of Dve Mogili and only 1 mile north of the village of Pepelina in the rocky gorge of the Cherni Lom River. It is one of the most interesting caves in Bulgaria. Since 1963 it has been declared a natural landmark, and since 1978 it has been an archaeological monument of culture of national importance. The cave is formed in limestone deposited at the bottom of the former Sarmatian Sea. Cave galleries were shaped much later as a result of the karst processes that took place through the Quaternary. The found skeletons of bears, spearheads, flint scrapers, a tower, pieces of clay vessels from the Eneolithic Age, say that the cave was inhabited by man. There is a total length of the cave galleries - more than 8 438 miles. These figures make the cave second in length in Bulgaria after the Duhlata Cave. The cave is inhabited by about 10,000 batts. Near the Orlova Chuka cave there is a hut. The area is dotted with coniferous groves and beautiful meadows. It offers excellent conditions for rock climbing, orientation, green school, archery, horseback riding, interesting eco paths, BBQ conditions and more. There is a bar and a terrace with 70 seats next door;

- House Philip Totyu Museum in Dve Mogili - dedicated to the prominent figure of the Bulgarian National Liberation Movement. In the house in Dve Mogili, Philip Totyu spent the last years of his life after returning to Bulgaria after six years in a Romanian prison. In a separate room is an exhibition of personal belongings of Philip Totyu: clock, cane, rifle, cheetah flag and photographs and documents about his life and activity. In the other 3 rooms was restored the interior of an old Balkan house with original items from the time when the voivoda lived;

- In all the settlements of the municipality there are monuments related to the historical memory of the people and the perpetuation of the fighters' heroism for freedom and independence;

- Cherven Fortress - Cherven is one of the most significant Bulgarian cities of the Second Bulgarian State. It is located near the village of Cherven. Cherven is an archaeological site with a significant contribution to the study of medieval Bulgarian culture. Completely preserved is a three-story fortress tower from the 14th century;

- Monastery of "St. Marina" - located only 1 mile southwest of the village of Karan Varbovka. The road is asphalted and passes through the village itself. The monastery was founded in the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, but at the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule it was destroyed to the ground. Nowadays, the monastery is virgin and operating all year-round. To overnight it's possible, but food is not available.


Ruse is the biggest Bulgarian river port on the Danube River, serving an important part of the international trade of the country. Danube Bridge, also known as the Ruse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge, which until 14 June 2013 the only one in the shared Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Danube, crosses the river here.

The city is known for its 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture, which attracts many tourists, and for which it is often called the "Little Vienna". There are over 260 buildings, monuments of culture and dozens of sites with the "European Cultural Heritage" sign, which were built as a result of the enterprising and European spirit of the people of Ruse, who at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century attracted prominent European architects and builders for the construction of an urban architectural environment that is one-of-a-kind in Bulgaria.

Ruse occupies a significant place in the Bulgarian national history and has a rich cultural-historical heritage - a potential needed for the development of cultural tourism. As a settlement, Ruse has a very rich, millennial history.

Ruse is home to many museums, telling about the legacy of the long historical existence of the city and the region: Regional History Museum - Ruse with open-air expositions - Sexaginta Prista and the Medieval City of Cherven, Pantheon of the National Revival Heroes, Museum of Urban Life, House-Museum "Baba Tonka" and House-Museum "Zahari Stoyanov", Ecomuseum with aquarium, etc.

There are a variety of attractive recreation areas on the territory of Ruse Municipality. Forest Park "Lipnik" near the village of Nikolovo is a popular place for rest and recreation on weekends among the locals. There is a lake and facilities for fishing, boating, outdoor sports and picnicking. 20 km from Ruse is situated "Rusenski Lom" Nature Park.

Along the Danube runs one of the 15 bicycle corridors that connect bicycle tourism enthusiasts in Europe - EuroVelo 6.

The Nature around the city of Ruse

** Natural Park "Rusenski Lom" - The Rusenski Lom River Valley, along with its tributaries Beli (White), Malki (Little) and Cherni (Black) Lom represents a unique world in itself in which the amazing nature is entwined into out remote past history. Part of the valley was proclaimed a Natural Park. The park is located at about 20 km to the south-west from Ruse. It was created in 1970 with the purpose of preserving the canyons of the three rivers, their flora, fauna and historical landmarks. The rivers have created incredibly beautiful gorges into the limestone rock foundation. It is genuine joy for the eyes and real paradise for rock climbers.

** Natural landmark "Orlova Chuka" Cave - located on the left shore of the Cherni Lom river. It's the 2nd longest cave in Bulgaria (13 438 m in length), representing a complex labyrinth of interweaving galleries, tunnels, abysses, big and small halls.

** Lipnik Forest Park: the park is a big site for recreation, sports, tourism, sunbathing and all other kinds of entertainment, situated at the distance of 12 km east of Ruse. There are country houses, restaurants, artificial lakes, a hotel, a zoo corner, a sports base and a camping site. Its serenity and fresh air attract citizens & foreigners. This is a wonderful place for fishing, water sports, walking and just enjoying the day.

The villages in the region are capturing the tourists with the picturesque nature, the rock landscape and the breath-taking views and the plenty of opportunities for hiking, riding and biking experiences. The surrounding area offers different ways to spend your free time and to enjoy the beauty of the region.

The closest ski resort to Ruse is in "Uzana", the geographic center of Bulgaria, located at about 28 miles from Veliko Tarnovo. There are several hotels in the resort which provide tourism opportunities and good conditions for relaxation among the quiet and calm atmosphere of the mountain throughout the year. The surrounding sites of Uzana are suitable for spaleology and rock climbing. There are possibilities for cultural tourism in the region. In the nearby open-air "Ethnographic Museum Etara" people can learn more about Bulgarian crafts. The "Sokolski Monastery" is situated a few miles away from Uzana.

***Notary deal: The fees for the Notary transfer (deal) are not included in the property price, and they must be paid by the buyer at the end, once the property price is fully paid and prior to the notary deal. They are: 500£ (Notary & Legal Fees) + 5% of the property price (Governmental Fees).

Dve Mogili, Ruse, Bulgaria


Distances are straight line measurements
  • Varna(International)
    91.4 miles
  • Burgas(International)
    99.7 miles

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