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    Onwards & Upwards brings you a refreshingly attentive, proactive and hassle-free approach to buying, selling, letting or renting property in Morley, Churwell, Gildersome, Drighlington, Tingley, East Ardsley and West Ardsley.

    We track the local market so closely that we know exactly what's selling, where, and for how much - which makes our valuations realistic and reliable for both buyers and sellers.

    We've put a huge amount of effort into building a really personal, rewarding service for our customers. And we're so determined to stand head and shoulders above our competitors that we've created ways to add real value to every purchase or sale of every house or flat on our books.

    Discover the difference for yourself.

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Selling your property in Morley,Leeds or Wakefield
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    Sell your house or apartment with Onwards & Upwards and experience a totally different approach.

    Here are 10 great reasons to sell your home through us

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     1. We're confident your house or flat will sell

    We use sophisticated technology to track every property sale in your postcode - so we can tell you what's selling, where, how quickly, what the average sale price is, and how many viewings it usually takes.

    We will advise you about your property's saleability and how to improve its 'kerb appeal' for a faster, higher-value sale. And not only do we work hard to attract buyers, we also pre-qualify them so you only deal with serious enquiries.

    Plus, we're open longer: 8:30am to 8pm on weekdays, 9am to 5pm Saturday.

    2. We earn less if we sell your house for less

    Most estate agents would rather you sold your house sooner, for less, than waiting for a higher offer. That's because the incremental commission is smaller for them, and they want to move onto the next full sale. We, on the other hand, reduce our selling fee (on a sliding scale) if you sell your house for less than the full asking price. That means we're incentivised to close the best deal for you! You get the maximum price for your house or we get less....it's simple.

    3. We won't tie you in or play games

    The vast majority of estate agents will tie you in for up to 6 months with a contract that will punish you if you sell your house in some other way (so you could pay two lots of commission). You can leave us at any time for any reason; all we ask is 2 weeks' notice.

    Unlike many estate agents, we won't overvalue your house just to get your business, and we don't send our friends and relatives to 'view' your house so it looks like you're getting more viewings.

    4. We'll create a marketing plan just for you

    We'll find out all the essential information about your home-what changes have you made? What do you love about it? What have you noticed about living here? This helps to build an understanding of why your home is special and why it's priced the way it is.We'll help you improve your 'kerb appeal' (should you move those bins? What about that dead hanging basket? How about a lick of paint on the front door?) We'll produce an accurate valuation with our 8-page property reportWe'll produce great sales literature, including photos taken using a high-quality camera with a wide-angle lens and a tripod (and our staff are trained in how to get the best shots of a property). We even use a compass to work out what time of day to get shots which put your home in the best light.We'll build a list of action points for you and for us, and help to ensure they're all completed on timeWe'll ensure we have all your contact details and the best ways and times to get in touchWe'll schedule review meetings to ensure everything is progressing and there's no problem with communicationWe'll take a flexible, creative approach to marketing your home-which could include an open-house event or featuring in a local leaflet-drop.
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    5. We'll create a sales pack just for you

    When you register your home with us we'll create a sales pack which can be shown to prospective buyers during viewings. We'll cover everything from the council tax band to local schools (right down to copies of Ofsted reports) and amenities like leisure facilities and supermarkets. Not only is this helpful but it builds a sense of local community.

     6. Our recommended expert could help you prepare your home

    We can put you in touch with an expert in preparing homes for sale. She has a string of successful sales behind her-all of which happened in under a month! She's got selling houses down to such a fine art; she's even published a book about it.

    7. All of our viewings are accompanied

    This means it's less awkward for you to show people round, and we can provide the viewer's feedback to you without delay. Plus, according to Prime Location, you're twice as likely to get an offer from a potential buyer on accompanied viewings.

     8. FREE help with de-cluttering when you move

    We support St Jude's Furniture Store (registered charity number 1053992) who will collect any unwanted items when you move for FREE - furniture, toys, bedding... whatever you would normally take to a charity shop or ask the council to take away. That means no van hire, no collection charge, no time off work, no moving things you don't want, no landfill, no trips to the charity shop. And it's all for a good cause: St Jude's will repair, sell or recycle your items.

     9. We take on board your motivations

    We don't just take a property on-we also take on your needs and concerns. We'll ask you about how urgent your sale is, how flexible you can be, what your worries might be, where you're going next, and more. This enables us to be much more proactive, flexible and creative on your behalf.

    10. We don't just wait for the phone to ring

    We're particularly proactive when it comes to promoting your property and looking for buyers. We won't give all our trade secrets away, but we leaflet every home in the local area several times a year, we advertise, we run an efficient website, we keep our ear to the ground, and we talk to other agents.

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Buying a property in Morley, Leeds or Wakefield?
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    If you're looking to buy a house or flat in Morley, East Ardsley, Gildersome, Tingley, Drighlington, West Ardsley or Churwell  Onwards & Upwards offers a refreshingly different experience.

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    1. We're open longer

    7 days a week, you can call into see us between 8.30am - 5.30pm Mon to Wed, 9.30am - 5.30pm Thu, 8.30am - 5.30pm Fri, 9 - 4pm Sat and 11 - 2 Sunday BUT REMEMBER you can Telephone us right up until 6.30pm Mon - Thu.

    2. We're picky about our properties

    If a vendor approaches us with a property for which they want an unrealistic price, we won't take it on - simple as that.

     We also specialise, which means we know Morley, Churwell, Gildersome, Drighlington, Tingley, East Ardsley and West Ardsley really well. We're interested in moving houses, not having them stuck on our books.

    3. Our properties are realistically priced

    We don't believe in over-pricing just to attract vendors, or in slashing prices later for a quick sale. If we did that, you'd have no idea what our properties are really worth.

    Instead, we use technology to track the market in the area where you're looking to buy: this tells us what's selling, where, how quickly, and what the prices are. It also helps us to value properties very accurately.

    4. We won't ignore you

    A lot of estate agents aren't proactive when dealing with buyers. We'll keep checking back with you to see what you're thinking and whether your 'wants' list has changed.

    In fact, we're so proactive that we'll search the whole market for you, including properties listed with other agents. Why? Because we know that if we help you now, you'll tell your friends, colleagues and family about us, and you'll give us a call the next time you move

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    5. FREE help with de-cluttering when you move

    We support St Jude's Furniture Store (registered charity number 1053992), who will collect any unwanted items when you move for FREE - furniture, toys, bedding... whatever you would normally take to a charity shop or ask the council to take away.

     That means no van hire, no collection charge, no time off work, no moving things you don't want, no landfill, no trips to the charity shop. And it's all for a good cause: St Jude's will repair, sell or recycle your items.

    6. We listen carefully

    We don't see potential buyers as just a way to meet our vendors' needs, or to shift properties - we also take your needs and concerns very much into consideration.

    We'll ask you how quickly you want to move, how flexible you can be, what your worries might be, where you want to live, what your wish-list is, and more.

    7. We're nice people to deal with

    It helps when your estate agent is professional, helpful and reliable - and we're all of these. We're easy to talk to, we return calls just as soon as we can, and we'll work very hard on your behalf. And you'll only deal with one named person - not the usual three or four!

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    And if you're not sure about buying, we are also a lettings agency for properties across Morley, Churwell, Gildersome, Drighlington, Tingley, East Ardsley and West Ardsley.

    Contact us today for a no-obligation chat and appreciate the difference for yourself

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    As landlord, property is probably your biggest financial asset, so if you're thinking about renting it out you'll want to know it's in safe hands. Most of all, you'll want peace of mind, a regular income and a personal service. Whether you're letting out a house, a flat or a mix of properties, and whether you're new to letting or an experienced landlord with a large portfolio, Onwards & Upwards will provide a reliable, professional and proactive service.
    • WE ARE EXPERTS IN LETTING LAW - Letting out rental property is a very specialist area, and heavily regulated by law. That's why you need a lettings agent who knows the law for both landlords and tenants-so you'll be happy to hear that our highly experienced lettings manager holds a degree in Law & Marketing and is an experienced property investor and landlord
    • FREE CONSULTATION - If you're looking for a letting agent but would like to meet before you decide, we offer a no-obligation consultation of your rental property. Simply call us to set up a date and time!
    • WE WILL WORK HARD TO FIND YOU THE RIGHT TENANT - You'll find us very proactive when it comes to finding you just the right tenant. We advertise on all the major property portals, in the local press, and also have a list of 'hot' tenants (that's our term for tenants who want to move quickly, meaning less time empty for you!)
    • WE VET PROSPECTIVE TENANTS CAREFULLY - You'll want to be sure that anyone living in your property will treat it well and pay their rent regularly and on time. We thoroughly vet all prospective tenants by:
    • conducting a credit check
    • obtaining written references from prior and current landlords
    • obtaining employment references
    • viewing their current bank statement and passport
    • WE WILL PRESENT YOUR PROPERTY IN THE BEST LIGHT - We'll work hard to present your property attractively to prospective tenants, including producing superb photos with a high-quality camera and a wide-angle lens. And when we say 'best light', that's exactly what we mean: we use a compass to work out the best time of day to photograph your house or apartment. We'll describe your property fully, highlighting all its best features so that prospective tenants can imagine themselves living there.
    • WE'LL OBTAIN THE BEST MARKET RENT FOR YOU - We know the local market inside out, so we know what sort of rent different properties will fetch. We are experts at achieving a balance between the needs of the landlord and the tenants, so our landlords' properties attract the right tenants as quickly as possible.
    • CHOOSE A SIMPLE TENANT FIND OR FULLY MANAGED SERVICE - We'll provide the level of service you need, whether you just want us to find you a suitable tenant or you want us to fully manage a property (managing communications with your tenants, handling repairs, etc) or even looking after a full property portfolio on your behalf. Whatever you need, we'll provide an excellent service.
    • WE UNDERSTAND BECAUSE WE ARE ALSO LANDLORDS - Our lettings manager has 10 years' personal experience in building and managing her own property portfolio. Her considerable experience in this sector proves an invaluable support to our staff, landlords and tenants.
    • WE ARE ACCREDITED AND FULLY ACCOUNTABLE - The only way to be sure your lettings agent is fully accountable is to know they're fully accredited with the relevant professional bodies. Onwards & Upwards is a member of:ARLA (Association of Residential Lettings) http://www.arla.co.uk/NALS (National Approved Letting Scheme) http://www.nalscheme.co.uk/frameset.htmThe Property Ombudsman http://www.tpos.co.uk/Our membership means that we use best practice and a responsible accounting system, and that your money is protected in law and insured. You also have a next step should you ever need to progress a complaint.
    • WE OFFER FREE SEMINARS - Are you interested in investing in property, but unsure where to start? Our monthly seminars will provide you will all the answers:Where should I invest?What yield should I expect?What will be my return on investment?Is there sufficient tenant demand?How do I manage a refurbishment?


    Contact Onwards & Upwards today for a no-obligation chat or a free, no-obligation consultation.

    Call 0113 253 8573

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    What our clients say...
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      Our testimonials are from REAL people in YOUR area...

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      thank you for selling my property
      'To all the staff at Onwards & Upwards, thank you for selling my property on Ryedale Way, Tingley, also to Paul, Thanks, Mrs Parrack' 24.09.2013
    • Seller Testimonial

      no hesitation in recommending all of them
      If you want to sell your house then we suggest you use Onwards and Upwards - we cannot praise them enough. From our initial dealings with Paul, Jill and Janine, there has been nothing but enthusiasm and professionalism right up to our move day. I have no hesitation in recommending all of them - thanks to all of the team. Helen and Nick - Morley

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      thank you for all your help
      To Jill and all at Onwards & Upwards, thank you for all your help with our purchase - not least in enabling the searched to be purchased, saving up to 2 weeks, from Mark and Val Basden and Ella Hutchinson
    • Buyer Testimonial

      fantastic service and communication

      From start to finish - an utter pleasure, fantastic service and communication. This was my first home move, and it couldnt have been any easier. Amazing team, and I love my new home!! Thankyou Onwards and Upwards!

      Ms K Sowery, Morley, 11 June 2013

    • Buyer Testimonial

      we couldnt have done it without your help
      Dear Paul, we finally made it to our new home this week. We havent forgotten everything you did for us, all those painful viewings and we were too fussy!!! So thank you ... we couldnt have done it without your help. You are welcome to drop in anytime for a cuppa. All the best, Sukky, Herbie and Jai (04.06.2013 Morley)
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