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    Goodchilds ( part of the Newton Fallowell group) are an 'award winning agent' based in Wellington, Shropshire. BEST AGENT GUIDE WINNERS 2023 SALES & LETTINGS. Part of a network of 40 + branches,We can also help with Mortgages and Conveyancing. 5* Google Customer Ratings and NFOPP Qualified Staff.
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    Residential Sales
    The market is turning and although tougher than in 2022 we are still achiveing sales at record rates.

    Since opening our doors in January 2011, The Award Winning, Goodchild's Telford has seen huge success and growth from a cold start up to a thriving estate agency and lettings business. Having just won awards for both Sales and Lettings from the 'BEST ESTATE AGENTS GUIDE 2023' its safe to say that by choosing Goodchilds to sell or rent your property you are in safe hands.

    Goodchilds are part of the Newton Fallowell Group and our offices space from the East to West Midlands.

    In a very competitive market place the branch prides itself in turning difficult property sales where other agents have faltered, into results.

    Based in Wellington, Telford, we cover up to as far as Market Drayton in North Telford, to Broseley and Ironbridge in South Telford.

    Our close-knit team pride themselves on their commitment to take on any property sales or lettings challenge to get the best possible results for their customers.You only have to read our reviews to see that every client matters!

    Rather than seeing ourselves as estate agents, we prefer the term property consultants we they don't just sell houses, but guide the customer right through the sales process from start to finish.

    Over the past couple of years on average we have achieved 99.41% of asking price & 91.57% of sales go through first time. This isn't just by luck. Our care and due diligence process mean that when choosing Goodchilds to sell your property, you are instructing a team with experience and the know how to ensure a sale.

    What makes us different from the other agents in the area...

    When we value your property we use a range of different techniques to give you an honest and accurate valuation of your property. We never over value to get instruction to sell your property. We like to build trust with our clients from the outset.

    We work on a completely No Sale No Fee Basis. Unlike other agents we do not charge for professional standard photography, brochures and floor plans. We only feel we should be paid for selling your property if we get the job done.

    We are part of a large network of branches with access to large banks of potential purchasers. The shared network is crucial in also helping people move from area to area.

    # Video tours included as standard on our listings
    # Free professional photography and floorplans
    # A tailored advertising campaign on social media
    # Advertising across all major property portals
    # Accompanied viewings / Professional Viewings
    # Access to our 40 branch plus network of appliances
    # An agent with brilliant reviews and feedback
    # A personal sales negotiator
    # A personal sales chaser to ensure your sale goes through the legal process.

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    Residential Lettings
    Residential lettings is a tough old game for Landlords at the moment so why not pop in for a review on your rental property or portfolio. We can see where we can save you money!

    Goodchilds formed in 1994 was originally formed to break the mould when it came to Residential Lettings. The former group director fed up of seeing the same old service levels set up create a company that offered a better deal to landlords than competitors. Growing to a 12 branch network with over 2000 managed rental properties, the group was aquired by Newton Fallowell in 2017. Now one of the most well known groups across the Midlands we strive to keep on creating the best possible outcomes for all Landlords and Tenants we serve.

    As a Goodchilds landlord you will benefit from the following,..

    A free tenant find on every managed property you bring to us for full management. This can save you in excess of the first months rent from the outset saving you money in comparison to our competitiors. 

    An agent that is Audited yearly meaning that you can rest assured that we are compliant in all aspects of our work including client money protection, gas, electrical and legionella certificates, financials and government prescibed documents.

    Rent Guarantee Protection:- We can offer rent guarantee protection with eviction services included free of charge to give you peace of mind with your property.

    We take a guarantor as standard for every property to make sure that you have maximum protection no matter what the tenants situation. 

    For your free rental valuation please call us on 01952 701019.
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Where homes are valued !
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    Are you looking to sell your property ?
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    If you are looking to sell your property, we would love to hear from you!

    Every property has a story, and every set of customers come with a different set of reasons for selling. Whatever your reason for selling, we have the expertise to help.

    Our experience in our field means that we can tailor-make a selling plan for you, achieving an agreeable price, setting a reasonable fee structure and work to a timescale that fits your requirements.

    Our offer to all customers...

    • Our in house valuer will assess your property for market offering advice on price, recommended remedial work and a marketing plan to get your property sold.
    • Your property will be marketed & sold by people who live & work in Telford.
    • We will take professional quality photographs of your property for market, create a floor plan and capture a video tour to create vibrant marketing to attract purchasers.
    • We will list your home across the widest range of selling platforms available(including Rightmove, Zoopla, the local media and the Goodchilds and Newton Fallowell network.
    • We will build a comprehensive marketing plan for social media and apply a budget to help get your property in front of your target audience.
    • We will accompany all viewings if required in order to ensure your property gets the right offer in a timely manner.
    • We will help you with purchasing another property where appropriate.
    • We will monitor the performance of your property across these platforms to ensure that the listings remain fresh & relevant
    • We will ensure that all calls regarding your property are tracked & we will follow-up on any enquiries that come out of hours.
    • We will get honest buyer feedback and make sure that even if negative you are given advice.
    • We fully qualify purchasers before sending them to view your property to ensure time wasters and tyre kickers are excluded.
    • Once an sale is agreed, our designated sales progressor will chase your sale through to exchange of contracts.
    Our Results For Sellers
    This year so far we have a chieved an average of 105% of the asking price

    How Can We Add Value?
    Goodchilds l can add value to your property in a number of ways. Here are a few:
    • Excellent marketing to build competition and in turn, get you a better price.
    • An attentive agent who wants to do viewings to achieve the best results.
    • Not just a computer, we talk, listen and make sure things are dealt with properly rather than relying on computer-based booking systems. 
    • A person to talk to at whichever point your sale is at.
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    The thing about Downsizing is that it is often overlooked by estate agents. We know it can be an emotional time and that quite often a family home is being sold. A home where you have raised your children and spent some of the happiest times in your life. A home where you have so many memories. A home you don't want to move out of.

    The main reason for selling is usually that the house is now too big for just the two of you and there is quite often equity tied up in it. Equity that could be better spent seeing the world or spending precious time with the Grandchildren. The family home can start to feel like a shackle and so it is a very confusing time with very mixed emotions.

    We will make sure that we work closely with you to find out your timescales, whether you are needing help finding a new home and we can work out a plan that best fits these requirements.

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    A Growing Family
    A growing family can be a joyous thing. As parents, your attentions turn to bearing & raising children & wanting to do your best for them.

    This can bring with it a lot of responsibility. Moving with a young family can offer unique stresses & strains: your children might feel worried, you might need help finding good schools, you might be moving away from your support network.

    Our team are sensitive to the needs of growing families &, throughout the moving process, will be trying our best to make the process as easy as possible & to minimise time taken & stress levels.

    Common Customer Objectives

    There are many reasons why people with growing families move & we take our time to familiarise ourselves with your needs & expectations. The most common reasons for them moving are:
    • Moving to be with families - sometimes families are started away from a support network (grandparents & wider family) & it can be nice for people to move closer to home. We recognise this as well as the keenness to move and can advise on the best selling strategy in order to help you get what you want
    • Moving to be in school catchment areas - in order to do the best for our children, we might want to move closer to good schools. There might be a timescale that we need to work to here & we aim to take this into consideration.
    Each of these objectives comes with its own set of expectations. Furthermore, some people with growing families have time to wait, others do not. We intend to demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever constraints you may have into strengths during the selling & negotiating process.

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    Selling For The First Time
    First time sellers often have it tough. They may have been through the hassle of buying a house & the stress that it entails but they won't have yet experienced the other side as well: chains, viewings, costs of sale etc.

    For many first-time sellers, the stresses of moving house will be far enough from their mind that they'll have forgotten some of the difficulties they experienced when they bought their first home. This time around, however, these problems can be doubled with buying & selling to be taken care of without the correct advice & guidance.

    We are here to offer first time sellers every help & assistance in making this process as rewarding as possible.
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    Selling for a loved one.
    Buying & selling your own house can be stressful enough but selling the house of a loved one can involve all of the same difficulties without the rewards for you of a new house at the end of it.

    Many of the people selling the properties of loved ones have a strong obligation to that loved one or to their memory in order to do the best that they can by them. Where loved ones are elderly or infirm, those selling have the worries of ensuring their loved ones are getting the right care and attention: time spent visiting hospitals or care homes can sap much of the free time needed for selling a house. Where loved ones have passed away, sometimes their property can be a long way away & it can be difficult to find a trusted agent to handle the process on your behalf.

    Unless you are the surviving spouse of inherited property, receiving an inherited property can be a very long and complicated process. The executor of the estate and the courts can take months to divide the deceased assets. This is often a stressful process for all beneficiaries who are dealing with the loss but also the fact that they may need to sell the inherited property for financial reasons.

    Common Customer Objectives

    There are many reasons why people choose to sell the property of a loved one & we take our time to familiarise ourselves with your needs & expectations. The most common reasons are:
    • The loved one has become unwell suddenly - sudden changes may bring upon sudden costs: the cost of healthcare or social care, for example. These costs can lace a huge burden on the loved one & their family that can often only be accommodated by the sale of their property. Time may be of the essence.
    • The loved one is no longer able to cope - gradual changes can bring their own stresses. Sometimes the loved one may feel that they are able to cope and they are reluctant to sell, putting stress on the family & complicating the issue of sale. The important thing is to ensure that the loved one is happy and well cared-for
    • The loved one has passed away - the passing of a loved one brings sadness and uncharted territory. Waiting for probate to be granted can delay the disposal of a property, pressurising sales and sometimes the loved one's property will be in a different area to you, causing logistical issues and time pressures that you may not have a great deal of experience in dealing with
    Each of these objectives comes with its own set of expectations. Furthermore, some people have time to wait, others do not. We intend to demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever constraints you may have into strengths during the selling & negotiating process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is probate?

    Probate is a legal document. Receipt of probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person's property under a will."
    Probate can often take from 6 - 12 months and a decision is then made as to how the deceased assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries

    What happens if I'm under time pressure to sell?

    We recognise that there may be a number of factors pushing you towards a quick sale (bills to pay for the loved one, the costs associated with the administering of the estate of a deceased relative) but we would recommend that you talk to us first to see how we will be able to meet your needs. In an ideal world, you will be able to achieve your asking price in the right timeframe. It is currently a seller's market and the time taken to sell properties is relatively short.

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    Selling to re-locate
    Relocation can bring its own particular brand of problems. For those who have relocated & have an unsold property to deal with, it can be difficult to find trusted agents or partners to keep things moving on their behalf.

    For most relocators, it is important not to have their home hanging around on the market, either because they need to buy a house or because they have already moved & it is important for them to sell as quickly as possible.

    We are here to offer relocators every help & assistance in making this process as rewarding as possible & in ensuring that they get what they want out of the process in a timescale that suits them.

    Common Customer Objectives

    There are many reasons why people choose to downsize & we take our time to familiarise ourselves with your needs & expectations. The most common reasons for selling for the first time are:
    • Moving because of work - there are a couple of main objectives here: sellers are either trying to make a good impression with a new employer & want to be able to be focused on their new opportunity or they have moved with an existing employer & need to ensure that they are up-to-speed as quickly as possible
    • Moving to be closer to family - one of the main objectives for those looking to relocate is to be closer to family. The majority of these sellers are typically older than those moving because of work & they often value finding a trusted seller who they can delegate the management of the sale of their property to
    • Moving abroad - moving abroad for a new life holds infinite possibilities. There are also difficulties with arranging purchases & sales across oceans. In addition, there may be limited time before the move abroad that some sellers might have in order to make their dream of a new life work
    • Starting a new life - some people choose to relocate in order to start a new life (perhaps after the end of a relationship or after a difficult personal time). With this new start comes great optimism & it's important that the sale doesn't hold back the rest of their life
    Each of these objectives comes with its own set of expectations, priorities & problems. We intend to demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever constraints you may have into strengths during the selling & negotiating process.
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Struggling to find the right property?
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    In a sellers market it can often be difficult to find the right property. With a housing crisis and shortages of stock, maybe you need a helping hand? If so then our buying service may be just for you. We can help find you an off the market deal, filter through our database and look for houses which may not have come to market where a seller may be convinced with an offer.

    If you are struggling to find somewhere to buy, let us help.
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Additional Services
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    Property Lettings and Management
    When Goodchilds was formed in 1994, it was mainly focused on lettings and property management. This has led to a wealth of experience across our offices. We manage a large portfolio from our Telford office and are always on hand to help landlords maximise their income by offering cost effective solutions for property management. If you have a property you wish to rent out, please feel free to pop into out office in Wellington for a coffee and chat about your property.
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    No Let No Fee
    We work on a completely no let, no fee basis. We only ever earn once you are you earning. Does your agent offer the same ?
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    Competitive set up costs.
    At Goodchilds as landlords, we understand that every penny matters. That's why our tenant find costs are amongst the most competitive in the area. 
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    Rent Guarantee
    We are able to offer a comprehensive range of rent guarantee scheme to our landlords. Furthermore the first six months when we first let your property are absolutely free of charge. We are so confident in the quality of tenant we put in your property that, we personally back the first six months. Is your current agent that confident ?
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The Goodchilds Team
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    At Goodchilds we aim to source and train the best staff in the industry and offer continued compliance training, industry standards training and professional memberships to our staff. Our staff have to operate in the 'Goodchilds Way' showing high levels of commitment, drive and enthusiasm, whilst being professional and providing results. All of our staff go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the best possible service. See our google reviews for more information !

  • Team Member

    Nick Labocha ( Managing Director / Valuer)
    Meet Nick Labocha - the Managing Director of Goodchilds Estate Agents & Lettings' office located in Wellington, Telford. Nick has worked in estate agency for nearly 14 years throughout the Telford Area. Having single handily opened the Telford Office in 2010, it's safe to say that he has built a thriving business based on exceptional customer service and honest advice. You only have to read our reviews to see his commitment to getting the best possible outcomes for the clients he represents. Having opened the office following a very difficult recession in 2008, Nick managed to grow the business into what it is today showing true grit and determination to help people sell during tough economic conditions. Over the past few years post pandemic, Nick and his team have continued to sell and rent properties seeing a huge up-surge in business. Now that the economy is a little more challenging, Nick feels best placed with his knowledge and experience to help people who are finding it tougher to sell. Nicks experience includes but is not limited to dealing with national house builders, land transactions, residential property sales, residential lettings, property management and part exchange. You may have noticed nick giving some of his advice of BBC's Homes Under the Hammer where he has appeared on numerous occasions. 

     Outside of the office Nick is a keen Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and season ticket holder. He spends time with his partner and two children outside of work and he's also played the guitar for over 15 years.
  • Team Member

    Lorraine Upton ( Administrator / Mortgages )
    Lorraine has been with the business almost as long as it's been incorporated and is a reliable pair of hands . Lorraine's main duties are the day-to-day accounting administration and sales progression. Lorraine brings a wealth of management experience and insight into the sales process with the added benefit of being a fully qualified mortgage advisor with the Mortgage Advice Bureau. Lorraine's combined skillset makes her perfect for seeing property sales through to completion and she boasts one of the lowest fall through rates in comparison to our local competitors. If you would like to contact Lorraine about a mortgage please contact us on 01952 701019. 

     Out of work Lorraine enjoys going to open mic nights and spending time with her partner Nigel.
  • Team Member

    Ben Boden (Sales / Lettings Negotiator)
    Ben Joined the team in 2022 having worked out of area with another estate agent for two years. Ben loves matching people to the right property and is often seen out and about on viewings across our sales stock. Bens personal highlights to date have been selling the most expensive property from our portfolio and selling numerous properties during a difficult market within a few days of instruction. Ben is also able to provide our customers with quotations for conveyancing. 

     When Ben isn't at work, he can often be found following the football and in particular Liverpool FC. Please call after 12pm on a Monday if Liverpool have lost over the weekend as it takes us a few hours to perk him up !
  • Team Member

    Chris Davis ( Property Manager)
    Chris joined the team back in 2022 but has worked with the Goodchilds group since 2007. Chris brings a wealth of experience from his 24 years in the industry and manages the day to day running of our lettings portfolio. This includes property management, property maintenance, preparing move ins for tenants and inspections. It's a tough role and Chris relishes the task keeping our clients happy and providing speedy outcomes with repairs, moving in tenants in quick succession and ensuring compliance of the portfolio. 

    Outside of work Chris is a budding musician playing bass for the rock band 'Dawn after dark' and is a huge music fan in general. He often changes the radio station to Classic Rock in the office without us noticing!
  • Team Member

    Rhiannon Ralphs ( Lettings Administrator
    Rhiannon is our newest team member having joined the company this year to help manage our growing rental portfolio. Rhiannon assists with the day to day running of the lettings portfolio, dealing with enquiries and assisting with administration where needed. Rhiannon is also responsible for creating lettings files to audit standard. 

     Outside of work Rhiannon (Nicks Partner) enjoys spending time with their two children and dog (Luna).
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    Out Reviews
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      Our pride is in our service. 
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      At Goodchilds we don't just sell houses. We help people to move from one place to another giving a great service whilst reducing the headaches associated with sales transactions. We thrive off the feedback from our customers and use it on the office to boost staff and the office profile. 60% of our work comes directly from referrals and google reviews. See some of our reviews below or search for Goodchilds Telford on google to see more. 

    Testimonials from Sellers

    • Seller Testimonial

      extremely approachable and friendly, 
      have spent the last 7 years having a working relationship with Goodchilds Telford, both as a landlord and as a seller. It all started when I was thinking of selling my house and Nick came to chat to me about it. He was head and shoulders above the other agents I saw as he listened to my situation and came up with a solution to, not only solve a short term problem, but also to set out an alternative plan for the future. Much more than just an agent after a sale! So I set off on a plan of buying a new house and renting out both my partner's house and my house. During the rental period, Nick and Connor have been, not only professional in their work but extremely approachable and friendly, with a common sense, can-do attitude to helping. An efficient tenant search found me a great tenant who was no trouble at all and, whenever any issues did arise, they were dealt with in a balanced and constructive manner. This year the time came for me to sell my property to help fund my retirement and again, Goodchilds were amazing with the way they dealt with the whole process from start to finish, obtaining me an excellent price for my property and a quick sale. Throughout the process they were there with advice where needed. I have just come off the phone from Nick and Connor to thank them personally and it feels like an end of an era. They almost feel like part of the family. I have no hesitation in recommending Goodchilds Telford for any lettings or sales purposes and am proud to say that, in my opinion, they are top of the pile. Thanks again guys!!
    • Seller Testimonial

      Totally professional and "up-front"
      We have actually used Goodchilds for nearly 7 years overall, for our old rented property and recently for the sale of our home. Nick Labocha is first class. Totally professional - an "up-front". We had a particularly stressful sale process with an incompetent solicitor and problems with the Land Registry Office. Without Nick's input, smoothing the way at every hurdle, we would have lost the sale. He is A1, nothing is too much trouble for him. And we would thoroughly recommend Goodchilds.
    • Seller Testimonial

      The team are a great help, highly recommended !
      Fantastic bunch, I used Lorraine for my mortgage and she was brilliant. Nick and the team are a great help. Highly recommended !
    • Seller Testimonial

      Whether you want to buy or rent look these guys up
      Can't recommend these guys enough Nick and the team are great and are always on hand when you need them. Whether your wanting to rent or buy please look these guys up ¿¿
    • Seller Testimonial

      I would highly recommend Goodchilds.
      Nick and his team couldn't of been more helpful. Nick himself went out of his way to make sure the house was ready for our arrival as we had been in Spain. I would highly recommend GoodchildsMr A Millward
    • Seller Testimonial

      Very helpful, 100% would recommend.
      -Fantastic customer service and very helpful 100% would recommend. Will be using again in the future!
      Billy Sutter
    • Seller Testimonial

      We cant thank them enough
      Nick and his team worked hard for our family to move into our new home for Christmas. We cant thank them enough and would highly recommend their service, Lee Corbett
    • Seller Testimonial

      Dedicated and committed to the end
      Very helpful, with initial enquiry. Dedicated and committed to the end. Professional throughout. Definitely would recommend Goodchilds Wellington
    • Seller Testimonial

      Fantastic service from these guys.
      Fantastic service from these guys, very quick & professional & the property is beautiful!
      Julie Smitherman
    • Seller Testimonial

      Excellent service from day one. 
      Excellent service from day one. Nick sold my house within two days. Sadly time wasters let us down, but he sold it again immediately. He kept me up to date, and his negotiation skills are excellent. His advice was valued and appreciated. If you want a stress feel transaction then goodchilds can help. Nick gave me full confidence throughout what could have been, a stressful time. I would recommend goodchilds services to anyone, thank you Lisa.
    • Seller Testimonial

      Nick and the team has provided a great service
      We have moved into our new home. Nick and the team has provided a great service to us and showed professionalism. Nick was always punctual and we noticed that he always arrives early but wait in the car so that he wasn't late for our meetings. Fees were reasonable too. I would highly recommended them!
      Anne Chew
    • Seller Testimonial

      They found us buyers very quickly each time
      We have had the pleasure in selling 3 properties with Nick at Goodchilds in Wellington Telford.Each time the marketing has been spot on along with the rate of sale, they found us buyers very quickly each time.The team they have for setting up the Conveyencing are top notch and they found us a very good solicitor who did everything online at reasonable rates.I can't recommend this team of estate agents highly enough. Top notch
    • Seller Testimonial

      They kept us informed all the way.
      Many thanks to Nick and the team at Goodchilds Telford for selling our home. When Nick came out to value our property, he gave us some valuable advice and guidance on getting the house ready for marketing. Although lockdown caused issues with the solicitors, they kept us informed every step of the way. We believe we couldn't have had a better team to work with. Would definitely recommend them.
      Diane Reck
    • Seller Testimonial

      We have no hesitation in recommending nick 
      We have been with Goodchilds for seven years and we have no hesitation in recommending Nick and his team at Goodchilds (Wellington, Telford) for any prospective landlords looking for a reliable letting agent. Having experience of other local agents' shortcomings simply serves to highlight Goodchilds exemplary approach in managing your rental. Good attention to detail and excellent communication means we can be assured our tenants are being looked after as well as our properties.
      Tim Edwards
    • Seller Testimonial

      Having one person as direct contact was invaluable
      We just sold our house through Goodchilds, Nick was a pleasure to work with, and having one person as a direct contact throughout the process was invaluable. The house was sold in around a month, sooner than we expected, and Nick helped to smooth the process out and communicate between us and our buyer throughout. Thanks again for your help.
      Mike Dawe
    • Seller Testimonial

      kindness and efficiency.
      I'd like to give a shout-out to Ben Boden in particular for his kindness and efficiency. He arranged a viewing really quickly, and got back to us within 48 hours to offer us the rental! Chris was fab too. This is the 4th estate agents I've dealt with, and they are by far the best. I'd recommend them all day long! :-)
    • Seller Testimonial

      the service was  brilliant, sold in 2 days
      Thank you Nick and your team, the service was absolutely brilliant, we sold our house in 2 days , if we ever wanted an estate agent again we would not hesitate to get in touch with you
    • Seller Testimonial

      advertised so well it  for asking price
      We just sold our house with Goodchilds and have also now rented with them while we search for a new house to buy. Can't fault them on anything. Our house was advertised so well that it sold on the first viewing for full asking price. The rental process was very straightforward and we really love the house. Nick and the team are friendly, always helpful and easy to get in touch with. Would highly recommend.

    Testimonials from Buyers

    • Buyer Testimonial

      We would like to say how well we have been treated by Nick and Zoe of the Goodchild's Telford Office.In the first instance we were renting a flat via Goodchild's, and both Nick and Zoe made the procedure easy and were veryfriendly and have been helpful throughout the tenancy.In the second instance we were in the market to purchase a house.Zoe sent through four options along with a list of Pros for each.They were able to get a viewing promptly for us and then proceeded to assist with the negotiations and the processof purchase.The level of service we have received from them both, over the past year, has been professional, prompt , friendly and we would highly recommend them to yourselves as a credit to your business.We feel that Zoe has gone out of her way to expedite our purchase and to assist with questions we have had.regardsDebbie, Geoff and Dan Gully
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    The content on this Microsite has been uploaded by Goodchilds, Telford. Rightmove Group Limited makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the content, any queries should be sent directly to Goodchilds, Telford. Where properties are displayed on a page, this comprises a property advertisement. Rightmove Group Limited who operate the website Rightmove.co.uk makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the advertisement or any linked or associated information, and Rightmove has no control over the content. These property advertisements do not constitute property particulars. The information is provided and maintained by Goodchilds, Telford. Please contact the agent directly to obtain any information which may be available under the terms of The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 or the Home Report if in relation to a residential property in Scotland and if you have any query over the content.

    *Guide Price: An indication of a seller's minimum expectation at auction and given as a “Guide Price” or a range of “Guide Prices”. This is not necessarily the figure a property will sell for and is subject to change prior to the auction.

    Reserve Price: Each auction property will be subject to a “Reserve Price” below which the property cannot be sold at auction. Normally the “Reserve Price” will be set within the range of “Guide Prices” or no more than 10% above a single “Guide Price.”

    Auction Fees: The purchase of this property may include associated fees not listed here, as it is to be sold via auction. To find out more about the fees associated with this property please call Goodchilds, Telford on +441952701019.

    Our sales service

    Properties to rent

    Properties to rent View all properties to rent from Goodchilds, Telford
    Goodchilds, Telfordbranch details

    Goodchilds ( part of the Newton Fallowell group) are an 'award winning agent' based in Wellington, Shropshire. Part of a network of 40 + branches, we specialise in Residential Property Sales, Residential Lettings and Property Management. We can also help with Mortgages and Conveyancing. 5* Google Customer Rating and NFOPP Qualified Staff.

    Residential Sales

    We offer a comprehensive residential sales service from Marketing through to Legal Completion. Challenge us to sell your property in 30 days. If we fail we will give you 150 discount off our sales fee.


    Residential Lettings

    Challenge us to find you a tenant in 9 Days ! Our experienced lettings team work hard to find the best quality tenant in the quickest possible time. We aim to keep void periods to a minimum so as your income and return on investment the best it can be.

    As a Goodchilds landlord you will benefit from the following,..

    A Completely No Let No Fee Service:- We only ever earn as you earn money. Why should you pay huge amounts to agents if they haven't in return found you a qualified tenant?

    No Set Up Fees:- We never charge set up fee's to our landlords, nor do we charge for finding tenants. We only ever earn once you are earning money !

    No Re-Let Fees:- When your tenants leave the property we charge nothing for finding you a new tenant. Again saving you money when you are not earning. This is a particularly popular option amongst landlords who have high turnover properties.

    6 Month Rent Guarantee Free Of Charge:- We are so confident in the tenants we find, that we are prepared to back the first 6 Months of rent ourselves. Is your agent that confident with the tenants they find ?

    For your free rental valuation please call us on 01952 701019.

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